After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 817

Chapter 817: What kind of sword is this?

Just as he shouted, “I declare war,” his soldiers hadn’t even taken a step forward when Elsie yelled, “Oh no, the Gran people have declared war on us. We must defend our homeland and retaliate!”

As soon as the words “retaliate” were spoken, an archer on the city wall drew his blackwood longbow and shot an arrow towards the Iron Horse Knights.

The Iron Horse Knights were standing beyond the range of bows and magic, so they felt no pressure from this arrow. They thought that halfway through its flight, it would lose its momentum and fall weakly to the ground.

However, this arrow exceeded everyone’s expectations. It actually sliced through the air and landed in the middle of the Iron Horse Knights. The range left everyone dumbfounded.

As it turned out, this bow was made of blackwood, a high-level wood that Robb had only found after arriving in the new continent. It was a material one level higher than boxwood and was a level 70 item in the game “Dark Blade.” Moreover, the bow had a powerful random enchantment of “+20% range,” a very rare attribute.

Such equipment that defied common sense and appeared out of nowhere could only exist in the game. Suddenly, with an arrow shot like this, the people of the Kingdom of Norma had no way to defend themselves.

The arrow flew into the enemy ranks and exploded with a “boom”!

It turned out that this arrow was no ordinary arrow but a special hunter skill called “Exploding Arrow.”

After the loud explosion, the Iron Horse Knights were thrown into chaos. The soldiers closest to the exploding arrow were knocked to the ground, and the formation became a mess.

The people of the Kingdom of Norma were completely bewildered!

Amidst the chaos, Elsie was heard holding a sound-amplifying magical device and shouting loudly, “The people of the Kingdom of Norma have gone insane and declared war on our Westwind City! Warriors, pick up your weapons and defend our homeland!”

The mithril-armored knight was fuming with anger. This guy was simply a thug. He couldn’t believe that moments ago, he had seen him with handsome features and a smile, thinking he was a good person.

Little did he know, at this moment, Robb was also amused. “This guy is really wicked, but I like it.”

Meanwhile, the young girl had already rushed forward, taking the lead. Robb had initially planned to intervene, but after some thought, he decided against it. The Westwind warriors were no longer the same as when he first arrived. It was fine to let them handle it themselves.

He beckoned the few girls beside him and said, “Come, have a seat and enjoy the show.”

The Westwind warriors charged out of the town, heading towards the Iron Horse Knights.

The Iron Horse Knights were fearless. This legion is one of the main forces of the Kingdom of Norma, well-equipped with everyone wearing full-body steel armor. Even the Commander is equipped with a set of mithril gear. With such a level of armament, they fear nothing and can dominate the world. As for these Gran dogs before their eyes, they are nothing…

Wait! Something’s not right!

Why is every one of these Gran dogs wearing mithril gear too? Damn it!

This terrifying discovery nearly made the warriors of the Iron Horse Knights cry on the spot. How could hundreds of them be wearing this? Are they just common soldiers or generals?

Little did they know, all the mithril mined from this mithril mine was meant for equipping common soldiers, not arming the generals. The generals under Robb’s command all use gear made of Arcanite or Saronite. Who would care about mithril anymore?

Advanced mining techniques determine the level of armament.

Once Robb discovered any kind of ore vein, he immediately utilized advanced mining and smelting methods for mass production. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Norma still relied on manual labor for mining, manual transportation, and dispersed smelting, employing primitive methods. That’s why mithril seems extremely precious to them.

The soldiers from both sides clashed, with a dull thud echoing as they charged. The soldiers of the Iron Horse Knights fell to the ground, while the Westwind warriors only stumbled, not being struck down by the enemy.

The mithril-armored knight cursed under his breath, “Damn it!”

He shouted, “Wild Charge!” and crashed into a Westwind warrior. Both were equipped with mithril gear, but the knight’s strength was clearly superior to that of the Westwind warrior. With one collision, the Westwind warrior was sent flying.

The knight turned around and swung his mithril shield, knocking down a Westwind warrior with a loud thud. He roared, “What’s the use of good equipment? It’s still just a bunch of ragtag!”

As soon as the words fell, he suddenly heard a murmuring whisper, “The power permeating the air, surge forth! Gather in my hands and transform into a piercing lightning! Peerless Inari Thrust!”

“Huh? Who’s the idiot spouting this ridiculously long and nonsensical attack? Are they having a mental breakdown?” Before the knight could finish his sentence, a piercing lightning bolt came flying through the air. The young girl, along with her sword, turned into lightning and crackled right in front of him.

The knight was taken aback, “Damn it!”

He blocked in front with his mithril shield on his left hand. With a dull thud, the lightning collided with the shield. To his horror, the mithril shield, made of mithril, developed a terrifying crack. The knight shouted in alarm and quickly leaned to the side. Just then, the shield snapped in two from the middle, and the young girl broke free from it. Luckily, the knight reacted quickly enough to dodge, or else that sword would have sliced him and the shield in half.

“What the hell? What kind of sword is this woman using?”

The young girl didn’t pursue the advantage but struck a cool pose. “Holy Sword Arcanite Cutter!”

Robb, from a distance, muttered, “Hey, that sword is only called Arcanite Cutter. Don’t just add the ‘holy sword’ prefix on your own.”

The young girl hummed, “How could I possibly use a weapon without adding the words ‘holy sword’?”

Robb: “…”

Seizing the opportunity while the young girl was showing off, the knight quickly picked up the cracked mithril shield from the ground and turned to run. As he ran, he yelled, “Something’s not right, retreat quickly!”

However, it wasn’t as simple as just retreating.

Just as the Iron Horse Knights were about to turn around and flee, a large wave of poisonous arrows suddenly shot out from the surrounding jungle. It turned out to be the Eagle Warriors of the Gada Tribe and polar tribe, making their move.

Although most of the Eagle Warriors from both tribes were in their own villages, a small portion of them worked in the mining town, doing tasks like transporting ores, assisting with map drawing, and acting as scouts to earn money for their families. They loved this place because the pay was good, the work was light, and they could learn new knowledge. It was only natural for them to help in the fight here.

The Iron Horse Knights were chased by the Westwind warriors from behind and harassed by the Eagle Warriors on both sides. It was truly a bitter situation.

The mithril-armored knight cursed inwardly, “Damn it, which tribe do these Eagle Warriors belong to? Why are they willing to help the Gran dogs? Could it be that the Gran dogs and our attitude towards the natives are different?”


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