After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 818

Chapter 818: We live well here

The members of the Iron Horse Knights fled, and the Westwind Warriors didn’t chase them much. Instead, the Eagle Warriors chased them from afar, continuously shooting arrows at the members of the Iron Horse Knights, harassing them, and causing them great distress.

However, as they were fleeing, they suddenly realized that the Westwind Warriors had stopped chasing them. Only a group of natives was still pursuing them. So the Iron Horse Knights turned around and countercharged, driving the Eagle Warriors into a frenzy in the jungle.

The Eagle Warriors had no choice but to abandon the pursuit and return to the mining town.

The mining town returned to tranquility, and the next issue was how to accommodate the large group of refugees.

The soldiers brought by the knight numbered around twenty or thirty, not many. They could be easily accommodated in a few miners’ dormitories. As for the over two hundred Maya refugees they brought, they could be settled even more easily. These refugees had only experienced a few years of slavery and had very low demands for living conditions. As long as they had a place to sleep without getting wet from the rain and enough food to avoid starvation, and as long as they weren’t beaten, they would feel very content.

Elsie brought a few of his subordinates to prepare accommodations and meals for these people.

The knights and their soldiers were quite conscientious. They knew their identities were sensitive, so they voluntarily followed behind Elsie, keeping themselves within his line of sight to avoid being regarded with suspicion or distrust.

As they walked with Elsie for a few steps, they immediately noticed that the urban planning of the mining town was truly impressive. The streets were wide, and the houses were neatly arranged in rows.

At this point, the colonial settlement of the Kingdom of Norma had only been developed for four to five years. Most of the houses in their colonies were made of wood, occasionally with some made of stone, and they were relatively rudimentary. But the houses in the mining town before them were almost all made of bricks, with lime and cement applied to the exterior walls, giving them a neat and beautiful appearance.

“Your living environment here is unexpectedly good,” the knight couldn’t help but ask in astonishment. “How did you transport so many bricks and cement across the sea? How many transport ships were used?”

Elsie couldn’t help but laugh, “No ships were used. We have strategic-level transmission gates that directly transport things.”

The knight was taken aback, “Strategic-level transmission gates are usually only used during wartime when it’s deemed necessary. And you’re casually using them like this?”

Elsie chuckled and didn’t explain.

Although the knight had heard some stories about Westwind City, he didn’t know much. He was truly bewildered by Elsie’s laughter and couldn’t discern its meaning.

He followed Elsie to the front of a row of miners’ dormitories, and Elsie asked the dormitory administrator, “How many vacant rooms are still available here?”

The administrator replied, “The last row of dormitories over there is currently all vacant.”

As it turns out, the mining town had built many dormitories in anticipation of future expansion, but they couldn’t utilize all of them. Many were left empty.

Elsie led the group of knights to the row of empty dormitories and said with a smile, “You can stay in these dormitories for now. Each knight will have a room to themselves, while the other soldiers will share rooms with four people. Let’s settle in temporarily, and we can gradually adjust our arrangements for food, clothing, and shelter in the future.”

The knight glanced at the row of dormitories, all made of bricks and cement. He thought to himself, [This is supposed to be temporary accommodation for me? It’s already better than the house I lived in back in the original colony.] Not to mention, according to what Elsie implied, they would arrange even better accommodations for him in the future?

He felt pleasantly surprised, while his soldiers, seeing these “high-end” dormitories, were completely dumbfounded. They used to live in small wooden huts in the colony, and now, after becoming refugees, their living standards had unexpectedly improved.

While they were still in a daze, a group of Maya people approached from the side. These Maya people were from the Gada tribe, the first Maya tribe that Robb arrived in contact with when he came to this new continent. Therefore, these people had been working in the mining town for quite some time.

Working here for a long time also meant they were prosperous.

They were all dressed in cotton clothes similar to those worn by the Gran people. If it weren’t for their brown skin, the knight wouldn’t even believe they were Maya people.

Each of these Maya people carried a tinplate lunchbox filled with food. The lunchboxes were packed with potatoes, bread, vegetables, and even a few slices of bacon. The meals looked really good.

The knight was momentarily stunned, while his soldiers wore embarrassed expressions on their faces. It turned out that they didn’t eat as well as these Maya people even in their previous colony.

They couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at Elsie, their faces showing a questioning look.

Elsie smiled and said, “These are the workers in our mine. Their job is to mine the ore deep inside the mine and then transport it using small minecarts. Because the work deep underground requires a lot of physical strength, carries risks, and lacks exposure to sunlight, we provide them with high wages and benefits to ensure they eat well.”

The knight: “…”

His soldiers: “…”

Elsie wondered, “Huh? What’s wrong with you? Do you think we’re being too good to the Maya people? How strange! Weren’t you full of sympathy for the Maya people, which is why you helped them escape from the colony? Seeing that the Maya people are living well here, you should feel relieved, shouldn’t you?”

The knight forced a very reluctant smile and said, “Yes, I’m very relieved.”

Meanwhile, his soldiers all complained together, “They’re living a better life than us. We need their sympathy now. Give me some bacon to eat! Ahhh!”

While Elsie was dealing with the poor Norma refugees…

At the entrance of the town, over two hundred Maya refugees who had just arrived were anxiously looking at the new city.

After being tormented by white people for several years, apart from the knight, they were wary of other white people and looked at the Westwind soldiers with cautious eyes, afraid that they would treat them the same way as the Norma people.

At this moment, a brave warrior from the Gada tribe approached them and asked, “Which tribe are you from?”

An elderly person emerged from the refugees and whispered, “We’re from the Yayahta tribe in the south.”

“Oh, I know the Yayahta tribe,” the brave warrior said. “It seems your tribe isn’t very large, with just over five hundred people in total.”

“We used to have over five hundred people,” the old man sighed. “Now there are only a little over two hundred of us left. The rest have all died, either killed by the Norma people or exhausted in the colony.”

The brave warrior was shocked.

“How… how are you living here?” the old man asked cautiously. “How is life here?”

The brave warrior patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, we’re living well here. You’ll see soon. Look, that person called Godfather is coming over. Once he speaks, I guarantee you’ll feel relieved.”


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