After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 819

Chapter 819: Will you work for me?

Robb walked up to the Maya refugees and carefully examined the group. It was evident that there were no strong men among them, most likely because they had been slaughtered from the beginning. In the structure of the Maya tribe, strong men were equivalent to Eagle Warriors, and when the People of Norma conquered the tribe, they inevitably killed all the Eagle Warriors. The sorcerers were also killed, leaving only the elderly, women, and children behind.

Furthermore, these weak and malnourished individuals were clearly mistreated by the People of Norma, who never provided them with enough food or warmth, enslaving them to the point of death. The people of Norma had no qualms about making them engage in strenuous labor such as mining, construction, road-building, and transporting goods.

However, Robb couldn’t bring himself to do the same. He didn’t have such a dark heart.

So, what could these people do?

Physical labor was out of the question, so they would have to engage in lighter tasks. However, the mining town was in disrepair, and the main job vacancies were in mining, construction, and road-building, all of which required heavy physical labor. There were no light tasks available. How could this be resolved?

Robb furrowed his brow. It was inconvenient, but as a fundamentally kind person, he couldn’t bear to see the elderly, weak, and vulnerable suffer. He had no choice but to tackle this issue head-on.

Well, let’s just say a few things and think on the go.

Robb addressed the refugees, “Ahem! Listen carefully, your home has been destroyed by the People of Norma. It’s impossible for you to return now. Even if you manage to go back and live in the ruins, there is still a risk of being captured by the people of Norma again. Therefore, for the time being, you can only stay here with me.”

Before the translator could speak, the refugees nodded in agreement, and someone even spoke in broken English, “Yes, you are right. Please, sir, take us in.”

Robb was surprised to find that some of these individuals understood what he was saying, and some could speak broken English. It seemed that after years of colonization by the Kingdom of Norma, they had managed to grasp the basics of the English language.

Robb couldn’t help but feel delighted. Just a moment ago, he didn’t know how to make use of these people, but now he did! He only had one translator at his disposal, the young merchant, and his translation duties were overwhelming. He not only had to facilitate communication between Robb and the tribal chief but also interact with Suofa, the Eagle Warriors, draw maps, and handle any communication needed with the workers and supervisors at the mining site.

The poor translator was utterly exhausted!

And now, among this large group of refugees, there were at least dozens of potential translators to choose from.

He couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Now, I’m asking those among you who understand the language of white people, who can speak it, or at least can communicate with white people in their daily lives, to step forward.”

Upon hearing this, the refugees stirred slightly, seemingly a bit fearful, but in the end, about thirty people stepped forward. Among them was a young woman with brown skin, who looked fairly attractive with nice facial features, though she was too thin, with her bones sticking out. It was unclear how long she had been hungry. She spoke to Robb in broken English, saying, “Sir, what do you want us to do?”

“You speak English very well,” Robb exclaimed. “What did you do before?”

The woman whispered, “I used to work as a domestic helper for the white masters in the southern colonies.”

No wonder, just like housemaids, they frequently needed to communicate with their employers, so they quickly learned the language.

Robb addressed the group of thirty-plus people, “From now on, you will work as translators for us. Various professions will require a few translators… you will all be useful.”

As soon as he said these words, a look of terror appeared on the faces of all the Maya refugees, and even the few accompanying Eagle Warriors raised their spears…

Robb quickly grasped the situation; these people thought he wanted to enslave them just like the people of Norma.

“Stay calm,” he hurriedly said. “The work I’m referring to is not the same as what the People of Norma forced you to do.”

The young woman asked cautiously, “What does it mean, then?”

Robb signaled to a Gada warrior, who was working for him, and said, “Tell these people about your salary and benefits.”

The Gada warrior proudly walked over and smiled at the refugees. “I work for Godfather. My responsibilities include leading the map-making team, being a guide, and a sentry! Let me tell you, every month I receive a hundred kilograms of potatoes, two kilograms of sugar, and a large roll of cloth as my wages. Hahaha.”

The refugees didn’t understand what sugar was, but they knew what potatoes were. Potatoes were a crop they had in their region, so they were well aware of how much a hundred kilograms meant. Several people’s faces revealed expressions of jealousy and envy. As for cloth, that was even more impressive. The Maya people had a relatively low level of textile production and could only produce low-quality linen, but even low-quality linen was highly valuable here.

In front of them, this Eagle Warrior was getting a hundred kilograms of potatoes and a large roll of cloth as his wages for one month of work. That was truly remarkable. As for the two kilograms of sugar, no one paid much attention to it.

The group of people’s eyes turned red…

Several people even burst into tears. They had worked for the people of Norma, not only without any payment but also enduring beatings every day. They couldn’t eat enough, and their clothes were inadequate. If the white masters were even slightly unhappy, they would randomly beat and kill people, leaving them in constant fear. Now, hearing about the treatment they could receive here, it felt like the difference between heaven and earth.

Robb said, “Don’t get too excited. The high salary for this Eagle Warrior is because he is doing a high-risk job. The work of being a translator for me will be much easier and less dangerous, so the payment will be lower.”

Upon hearing this, the expressions of the thirty-plus people dimmed again. In primitive tribes, it was common knowledge that warriors with combat abilities received high income because the productive structure of primitive society determined that warriors held the highest status. During hunting, warriors took the best parts of the prey, leaving only the worst parts for non-combatants.

It was normal for non-combatants to go hungry…

However, just as their faces had turned gloomy, they heard Robb say, “Okay, here’s the deal. The two kilograms of white sugar will be removed from your compensation. You will only receive potatoes and cloth.”

Everyone exclaimed, “Huh?”

What an unexpected surprise!

This is what they call it!

The thirty-plus refugees who had reserved to become translators erupted into cheers, uttering various strange words that Robb couldn’t understand. They didn’t know if they were thanking some strange deity or ancestor, but it was a chaotic expression of gratitude. Many people even bowed down to Robb.

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