After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 826

Chapter 826: My name is White Deer

Norma’s great exploration of the west has begun!

Of course, we can only call it great exploration, not great development.

They have no intention of developing the west; they are merely acting as bandits.

Every day, informants from the colonies send various pieces of information to the Fugitive Knight. Among them are reports of a western tribe destroyed by the Northerners, with all the warriors killed and the common people enslaved. Or perhaps a tribe forced to leave their homeland and seek refuge in the deep mountains and forests, hiding from the Northerners…

Such news brings tears to the eyes of the “kind and righteous” Fugitive Knight, and even Little Yi and the two light Sisters can’t help but feel sorrowful.

However, the people of Westwind City have limited capabilities. They cannot rescue these people from all over the Maya continent like a firefighting team. They can only do their best to accommodate some Maya refugees.

For every Maya person Westwind City takes in, they must provide them with a job. At this stage, Robb cannot magically create countless job positions. It is impossible to save the millions of Maya people on this continent, and everyone knows this very well.

The Maya people themselves are quite resourceful. The Gada and Polar tribes, the first two tribes to have contact with Westwind City, have started to emulate the city. They have cleared large areas of land and begun mass cultivation of crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes, which are native to the Maya continent. They already knew how to grow these crops, and now they just need to adopt the more advanced large-scale cultivation concepts from Westwind City to succeed.

The wealthier chiefs have started to establish their own plantations. The chief of the Gada tribe even used most of his cocoa beans to trade with Robb for a dozen or so weaving machines. He has built a weaving factory and entered the business of weaving and selling cloth.

The indigenous people of the Maya continent were still using very primitive hand-weaving techniques, but after the chief’s son learned knowledge at the technical school in Westwind City and returned to tell his father that weaving with weaving machines was the way to go, the father and son started this endeavor.

This can be considered as being at the forefront of the times and quite remarkable.

There are many other similar influences that cannot be listed one by one. In summary, under the leadership of Westwind City, the Maya people, much like the people of Westwind Town in the past, have embarked on a rapid path of growth following Robb.

The pouring rain continued to wash through the jungle relentlessly.

Robb sat under the eaves of the chapel, with Lillian behind him, giving him a shoulder massage.

In his hands are several sheepskin maps, which he looked at with great interest.

These maps were sent by the Fugitive Knight’s friend from the southern colonies.

The maps were drawn by the Northerners’ exploration team, with their colonies and several supply points built in the deep western regions as the center. They were created for exploration in all directions, mostly covering areas that Robb has not yet explored.

Robb tapped the map with his hand and smiled, saying, “Great, now I have something to do again.”

Without needing his instructions, Elsie went to find twenty Eagle Warriors to serve as guides and scouts. These Eagle Warriors are highly effective as scouts in the jungles of the Maya continent, just like the elves on the Fengmo Continent.

Before long, an exploration team going west was formed.

Robb, Suofa, Elsie, and Kante, along with ten Westwind Warriors and twenty Eagle Warriors, set off. The most interesting part was that the beautiful translator, surprisingly, dressed in a colorful feathered outfit, carrying a small leather shield in her left hand and a spear in her right, was intending to join them.

Robb couldn’t help but be amazed. “Hey, what are you coming along for?”

The translator replied, “I’m coming along as the translator!”

Robb shrugged. “It’s very dangerous. Many of the Eagle Warriors can understand me now. For such a risky mission, you shouldn’t get involved.”

The translator tapped her left hand’s small shield with the spear in her right hand confidently and said, “Godfather, although you are great, you still lack understanding of us Maya people. Do you really think Eagle Warriors are only male?”

“Uh, of course, they’re male. Otherwise, why are they called ‘Eagle Warriors’ and not ‘Eagleesses’?”

Robb made a sarcastic comment, leaving the translator speechless for a moment. After a few seconds, she awkwardly said, “Okay, we women can’t be Eagle Warriors, but people in the tribe generally refer to us as Amazonian female warriors.”

“Wow?” Robb was greatly surprised. “Is that true? The first time I saw you, you were skin and bones, almost dying. Now suddenly you’re telling me you’re a female warrior? Don’t tell me someone, with brass knuckles on, forced the author to change the story?”

The female warrior said awkwardly, “It’s not a change in the story! It’s because our tribe was defeated, and I was captured and starved for a long time, which made me look like that. Recently, I’ve been able to eat well and take care of my body, so I’ve regained my strength.”

Well, Robb decided not to make any more sarcastic comments and just asked, “Since we’re using the ‘change in the story’ method, you must be an extraordinary person. Now, I have to ask, what’s your name?”

The female warrior said, “My Maya name is ■●△☆▼■◇, which translates to ‘White Deer.’ You can call me White Deer.”

Robb turned his head and whispered to Suofa, “Was the previous editor’s name White Deer?”

Suofa nodded subtly, afraid of being seen by others.

Robb said, “Now the ‘change in the story’ is confirmed. Well, let her come along.”

Everyone prepared to set off…

At this moment, the relentless pouring rain continued without mercy, but no one suggested waiting for the rain to stop before proceeding. In the Maya jungle, once the rain starts, it doesn’t stop. If they were to wait for the rain to stop, they might as well forget about setting off.

The accompanying Maya people didn’t need any shelter from the rain. They felt no pressure being soaked, while the Westwind Warriors all wore raincoats. Even Suofa wrapped herself in a black raincoat, giving her a somewhat assassin-like aura.

Only Robb was unhappy about wearing that thing. It was heavy and stuffy. He casually cast a water bubble spell, and a peculiar water bubble enveloped him in the middle. When the rain hit the bubble, it gently bounced off, keeping Robb completely dry inside. Moreover, when he spoke to people outside, the water bubble didn’t interfere because water has excellent sound transmission properties.

The strange bubble fascinated the Maya people. Several Eagle Warriors approached to take a closer look, and even White Deer widened her eyes, saying, “Can I poke it with my spear?”

“Go ahead! Don’t worry, even if you burst it, I won’t blame you.”

White Deer poked the bubble with the tip of her spear but found that it couldn’t penetrate it. The water bubble actually had a protective shield, leaving her amazed. “The white people’s sorcery is incredible.”


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