After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Who wants this gold mine?


The Maya jungle is not a place suitable for humans to stay. Once you’re away from town, life becomes inconvenient. The rain keeps pouring, day and night, making it difficult to find a dry place to spend the night in this broken jungle.

Fortunately, in the world of swords and magic, solving this problem is much easier than in the previous world. Robb only needs to use fire magic to create a dry area and use earth magic to build a house whenever needed.

So, when it’s time to rest at night, Robb would just use a few spells to provide everyone with a relatively safe environment to rest in.

Xuelu’s party, and the exploration teams led by the King of Norma also use this method to solve the problem of resting in the jungle. Otherwise, no one can withstand such a climate.

After walking west for three days, a scout eagle warrior comes back and reports, “We found a supply station of the Norma people, just two miles to the west.”

Robb took out the map and compared it. This is the first supply station marked on the map. There are several more to the west. Kingdom of Norma has already penetrated deep into this continent, which can be considered as laying a foundation for Robb’s exploration westward.

He carefully looked at the sheepskin map in his hand and discovered a big red dot on it, representing his own location. Of course, Elsie and the others cannot see it because they don’t have the privilege to enjoy the game. Only Robb can see the red dot representing himself when looking at the map.

Robb activated the “Mineral Search” skill, and two small yellow dots immediately appeared on the map, indicating the locations of minerals.

One of them is very close to them, right at the location of the supply station that the eagle warrior just reported. They overlap!

Robb can’t help but laugh, “The Norma people found a mine here and built a supply station on top of it as a marker. That’s quite clever. In the future, this supply station can directly become a colonial settlement dedicated to mining.”

Elsie chuckled beside him, “A small supply station, there probably aren’t many soldiers inside. If the mine here is good, we should take it over.”

Robb scolds irritably, “Taking someone else’s things is not right. If it’s truly a valuable mine for me, I would negotiate with the Kingdom of Norma, not directly take it by force. I’m not that kind of person.”

Elsie quipped, “But didn’t we already take a mithril mine from the Norma people?”

Robb shrugs, “That was taken by the Queen, not me. The mine is now in the queen’s hands, and I have nothing to do with it.”

“Well, you call that having nothing to do with it?” The fugitive knight couldn’t help but make an old joke.

However, Elsie had no intention of making any sarcastic comments. Instead, he turned to the fugitive knight and said, “Godfather didn’t dig half a piece of ore from that mine, so it has nothing to do with us.”

Fugitive Knight: “…”

He didn’t know how to retort against such unreasonable words. Well, just ignore him.

The group quietly approached the supply point of the Kingdom of Norma…

As expected, the scale of this supply point was very small, with only a few wooden huts. It looked like there were only a few dozen soldiers stationed there. There was a pit dug in the middle of the floor of one of the huts, and you could faintly see a few pieces of ore thrown by the pit.

From a distance, it wasn’t clear what kind of ore it was. Elsie whispered, “Let’s charge in and drive away their people, then we can study what kind of ore it is.”

Robb shook his head and smiled, “I’ve already seen it. It’s a silver mine, and it’s useless.”

“Silver… a silver mine is useless?” One of the accompanying eagle warriors exclaimed in disbelief. “Godfather, a silver mine is worth fighting for.”

“Worth my foot.” Robb couldn’t be bothered with such a worthless mine. He led the team to continue moving and headed towards another yellow dot on the map. When they arrived, there were no Norma people here. It seemed that the Norma people hadn’t discovered that there was also a mine here. Robb punched the ground casually, and the vein of the mine was exposed. He took a closer look and shook his head, “It’s a gold mine. It’s useless. Let’s not bother with this place.”

“Ha!” The fugitive knight almost spat blood and fell to the ground. “A gold… a gold mine is also useless?”

“Tsk, it’s not my style to make a big fuss here just to dig out a bit of useless gold.” Robb said, “If any of you are interested, you can develop this gold mine in the future. I’m not interested, anyway.”

The fugitive knight was overjoyed, but then he immediately turned to Elsie and asked, “Will you take over this mine?”

Elsie shook her head, “Wealth means nothing to me. I wholeheartedly follow Godfather. Wherever he goes, I go. Where do I find the time to dig for gold? I haven’t done any business other than what Godfather has entrusted to me.”

Fugitive Knight: “…”

Well, this guy doesn’t like the path of commerce. He prefers the path of a warrior! No more questions. He then turned to Kante, “Does the Chengguang family want this mine?”

Kante shook his head, “We are currently deeply engaged in the sugar and snack industry. As Godfather said, greed leads to no good. We just need to excel in the sugar industry. It’s meaningless for us to go overseas and dig a mine. It’s better to establish a plantation and grow cocoa trees, which would be more helpful to our sugar business.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the fugitive knight couldn’t help but rejoice. He pulled a few of the accompanying eagle warriors together and whispered, “I’ll provide the initial capital to purchase mining equipment, and you’ll be responsible for hiring and managing Maya workers. I’ll take 80% of the shares, and you’ll take 20%. Let’s develop this gold mine together, how about it?”

“Great, great!” The eagle warriors nodded eagerly, then asked, “What does ‘shares’ mean?”

Fugitive Knight: “…”

Forget about discussing shares. The fugitive knight said, “I’ll take care of all the preparations, and you can help me with the labor. Your wages will be the same as what Godfather pays you.”

The eagle warriors nodded vigorously. “That’s great, even better.”

Robb overheard their conversation and could only shake his head with a wry smile.

The fugitive knight took out a copy of the map and marked the location of the gold mine on it. He then satisfiedly put it away, thinking to himself, [It seems like I made the right choice to defect from the Kingdom of Norma. Not only have I upheld my inner justice, but I also obtained a gold mine of my own. All the gold extracted from here will belong to me.]

After a brief stop, the group crossed the Kingdom of Norma’s supply point and continued forward.

As they walked, Robb sequentially used his “Herb search” and “Wood search” abilities.

Luck was on their side in finding herbs. They actually found a level 80 herb that could be used to craft intermediate mana potions. Moreover, real-life herbs were different from those in the game. In the game, you would only find one herb, but in the real world, finding one herb meant finding a whole patch because plants reproduce in patches.

Robb had the people with him pick as much as they could, filling several bags.

However, luck wasn’t as good when it came to finding wood. They only found a patch of blackwood, which was abundant near the Gada tribe and wasn’t considered something rare. As they walked, Robb would occasionally chop down trees and casually craft some blackwood bows for the accompanying eagle warriors, ensuring they were well-equipped.

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