After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 879

Chapter 879: Our Equipment is Still Good

The lava Giant’s fist struck Gorda’s shield, causing the physical damage to rebound and shattering its own fist instead.

It couldn’t help but feel a bit perplexed!

Chris and the others beside him were also equally perplexed.

At this moment, Gorda suddenly leaped up, executing a “Heroic Leap,” springing to the same height as the lava giant’s chest. With his shield raised, he unleashed a “Shield Slam.”


A muffled sound echoed as Gorda’s shield struck the lava giant’s chest. The rocks on the giant’s chest immediately shattered, countless small stone fragments scattered in the air. The molten core hidden within its chest and abdomen was unexpectedly exposed by this shield strike.

Jike, standing in the distance, drew his bow, nocked an arrow, and swiftly shot, hitting the molten core right in the center.

The lava giant’s movement immediately froze. After several seconds, the pulsating of the molten core ceased, and the giant lost its life. Its body, composed of rocks, could no longer hold together and collapsed into a pile of rubble with a crashing sound.

Chris: “…”

The assassin, hunter, priest, and fire magician behind him all wore bewildered expressions as they looked at Gorda and Jike in disbelief.

“What just happened?” Chris looked at Gorda, saying, “The skills you used just now were quite basic, typical warrior skills. They shouldn’t have had such significant power.”

The hunter also turned to Jike and said, “While the molten core is the most vulnerable part of the lava giant, it’s still a piece of rock. Shooting a stone with an arrow, especially without any special skills, should result in poor effectiveness. How did a single arrow do the trick?”

Gorda and Jike both chuckled and shrugged, saying, “It’s because of our superior equipment.”

Jike was dressed in the appearance of a “Hunter’s Garb,” which somewhat resembled that of normal hunters. However, Gorda wore a set of “Villager Attire” that appeared as if he wasn’t wearing any equipment at all. Chris couldn’t help but cast a skeptical glance at him, asking, “You say your equipment is good? How is this rough linen attire sufficient?”

Gorda explained, “This is a costume meant for humor. Under this attire, I’m actually wearing armor.”

Chris: “This can’t be true! How can you wear armor under this fabric?”

Gorda chuckled, saying, “This ‘Villager Attire’ was made for me by Godfather. According to him, it’s called a cosmetic outfit that changes your appearance when you put it on… So, it conceals my armor.”

With that, he casually removed the Villager Attire…

A complete set of Titan-grade steel armor, coupled with top-tier gemstone accessories, suddenly appeared in front of Chris.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Chris didn’t recognize Titansteel, a metal that was still quite unfamiliar to most people in this world. However, Gorda’s gem necklace and the two rings he wore instantly dazzled Chris’s eyes. The jewelry, crafted by a Grandmaster jeweler, emitted a brilliant red light, indicating powerful enchantments.

After just a few glances at those accessories, Chris felt like he was sitting atop a lemon mountain, his eyes slightly reddening due to the sourness. Damn it, he had roamed the martial world for decades, taken numerous risks, fought countless monsters, and completed many quests to finally acquire a good set of equipment. But now, facing this guy… how could he be so well-equipped?

Truly, people couldn’t be compared!

Gorda explained, “Uh, anyway, it’s because our equipment is pretty good, so even though our skills are low-level, they still pack quite a punch.”

Chris now understood. He had underestimated these adventurers in front of him. He turned his gaze to Xuelu, who was dressed as a tavern waitress, and asked, “So, this outfit you’re wearing is also a cosmetic item? What are you really wearing underneath?”

Xuelu giggled and removed her cosmetic outfit, revealing a robe made of Mooncloth.

“Oh!” The female fire magician couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is a spell robe made from the unique Mooncloth of the Elven race.”

Xuelu explained, “Yes, there are three Elven settlements in Westwind City, so it’s relatively easy for us to obtain Mooncloth.”

The female fire magician also found herself on the lemon mountain…

Chris then looked at Robb, who had just walked over, and glanced at his T-shirt and jeans. He inquired, “So, you’re saying that under this peculiar outfit, you’re also wearing a set of equipment?”

“Well, yes!” Robb nodded. “The equipment I have on is quite intricate.”

Chris said, “Alright then, let’s see what you have.”

Robb removed his cosmetic outfit, revealing a set of Titansteel armor underneath…

However, in addition to the armor, he was also carrying numerous weapons. He had a two-handed greatsword slung across his back, a staff of life, both of which were quite long, extending well beyond his shoulders. He also had a Titansteel shield that resembled a pot lid, a crossbow and a quiver hung from his left waist, two one-handed swords sheathed and hanging from his right waist, several daggers and throwing knives attached to his belt across his chest.

With so many weapons hanging on him, he looked like a traveling weapons store.

Chris felt dizzy for a moment. “Why do you carry so many weapons?”

“For use, of course!” Robb replied. “Different situations call for different weapons.”

Chris said, “But you’re a priest, aren’t you?”

Robb responded, “I am a priest, but using a staff is quite normal, right?”

Chris nodded.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Robb continued, “Priests occasionally need to charge forward and engage in melee combat, so wearing armor, a shield, and a one-handed sword is also quite normal, right?”

Chris said, “That makes sense.”

Robb continued, “Priests also sometimes need to sneak and backstab, so is it strange to have two daggers as well?”

Chris mechanically nodded and then suddenly realized, “That’s really strange, isn’t it? Don’t tell me you also charge into the frontlines with a two-handed sword to go berserk.”

Robb replied, “I do!”

Chris covered his face with his hand, exclaiming, “What kind of priest are you?”

While he was teasing, Chris had already come to understand that even though the people before him seemed to have basic professions and skills, their equipment was outrageously high-level. Therefore, their combat prowess couldn’t be underestimated.

These individuals could achieve results with basic skills that rivaled or even surpassed advanced skills.

“Alright, it seems I’ve underestimated your strength all this time, and I sincerely apologize for that,” Chris said. “You are much stronger than I had imagined. No wonder you dared to venture deep into the Jinghong Mountain Range to seek the Demon King City. You indeed have the capability.”

Gorda smiled and replied, “You flatter us. We are only relying on our equipment. When you possess such gear, you will undoubtedly surpass us in strength.”

Chris expressed a bit of regret, saying, “However, we have no relationship with Godfather at all. Obtaining this kind of equipment might be quite difficult. I hope that after exposing the collusion between the Church of Light and the monsters through helping Godfather, we might have the chance to get to know him.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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