After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Rapid Freeze

Upon hearing Chris’s words, Gorda, Jike, Xuelu, and Suofa   all had peculiar expressions on their faces. They couldn’t help glancing at Robb, who shrugged. He had admitted being Godfather, but if others didn’t believe it, there was nothing more to be done. Let’s not dwell on this matter.

“Let’s go, the Demon King’s Castle is right in front of us,”

Everyone refocused on the main point and returned to the immediate issue at hand.

Passing through the spacious cavern, the Demon King’s Castle grew closer with each step. Chris and his group became increasingly cautious.

By the side of the moat formed by molten lava, the river was quite wide, at least a hundred yards across.

Chris and Gorda exchanged a look and realized that their “Heroic Leap” probably wouldn’t make it across. The acrobatics of the hunter were even less viable, not to mention the magician’s Blink, which had a disappointingly limited range and couldn’t span such a wide expanse of lava.

The group cast a glance towards the Demon King’s Castle on the other side of the river. Chris murmured, “This is bad. The castle is surrounded by molten lava. It seems we can only enter through the drawbridge of the castle gate. However, the location of the castle gate is bound to be guarded by monsters. It might be quite challenging to slip in unnoticed.”

Xuelu suggested, “We could fight our way in!”

Chris and his team all shook their heads in unison. “Miss Xuelu, that’s not possible! Despite your excellent equipment, it’s impossible to forcefully break through a large group of demons.”

Xuelu insisted, “It’s possible! It’s possible!”

Robb lightly poked her from behind. “You promised not to intervene and let me handle things. Following you, I wonder if you can get in without my help?”

Xuelu: “…”

Well, Xuelu had no choice but to hold back her suggestions.

Chris gazed at the lava moat, lost in thought. “How can we get across?”

Both teams began racking their brains for ideas.

In fact, for Robb, this was quite simple. He could use Flight Magic and easily fly over. However, this adventure primarily belonged to Xuelu, so it was better to let her figure it out on her own.

He watched Xuelu closely, observing how she dealt with challenges. After a while, Xuelu suddenly slapped her forehead. Robb thought she had come up with a solution, but to his surprise, she immediately looked clueless and turned to him, saying, “Help me figure out how to cross the river.”

Robb: “Hey! You just said you wouldn’t need my help.”

Xuelu responded, “You don’t have to help me deal with monsters, but assisting me with this small issue is okay, right?”

Robb: “These ‘small issues’ are still part of the adventure.”

Xuelu: “No, no, Number I think these troublesome matters can be excluded from the adventure. As long as the adventure has the most exciting and thrilling parts, that’s enough.”

Robb couldn’t help but laugh and cry at her reasoning. This woman…

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Complaints aside, help was still needed. The simplest approach, of course, would be to use Flight Magic to carry these people across the river. However, Flight Magic required a high level and might be intimidating, so it was better not to use it recklessly.

After thinking for a moment, Robb addressed everyone, “Follow me, everyone.”

He took the lead and walked towards the lava river. Others didn’t know his intention, but seeing his confident demeanor, they naturally followed.

The group reached the riverside and watched the rolling lava before them. Just getting closer to it radiated intense heat, causing sweat to form on everyone’s foreheads.

Robb said, “I plan to walk across the surface of the river. Stay close to me and walk fast. If you lag behind, it might be too late.”

“What? You want to walk on this?” Chris exclaimed in surprise. “How is that even possible?”

“You’ll see in a moment,” Robb replied, then stepped into the lava river.

This single step nearly made Chris and his group cry out in alarm, but they remembered that they were right beneath the walls of the Demon King’s Castle. Making too much noise could attract demons, so they hastily suppressed their exclamations.

Robb declared, “I’m going to walk over the river’s surface. You’ll see what I mean. Right after I step down.”

This step took them by surprise, and only upon closer inspection did they realize that the spot where Robb had stepped had solidified into a circle of hardened volcanic rock, about a few dozen centimeters in diameter. He wasn’t standing on the lava; he was standing on a piece of hardened volcanic rock.

“What’s going on?” The hunter was bewildered.

The female fire magician, however, quickly figured it out. “He used an ice-based magic spell, Rapid Freeze. The moment he stepped down, he froze the magma beneath his feet. The loss of heat turned the magma into volcanic rock. That’s why.”

The others: “…”

This revelation was truly astonishing. It must have taken a formidable ice-based magic to freeze a section of the lava river. From the stability of the volcanic rock, it was evident that it had frozen quite deeply. It appeared to be just a few dozen centimeters in diameter, enough for footing, but it was definitely cylindrical in shape, extending all the way to the riverbed.

Robb took another step, freezing a new piece of volcanic rock about the same size as the last. Then he alternated between his feet, creating stepping stones of frozen ground, one after the other. He walked across the lava river step by step, all the way to the wall beneath the castle on the other side.

Chris and his group: “…”

Gorda and his team shrugged and spread their hands in a gesture that said, “We knew this would happen.”

Robb turned back to them and said, “Hurry and follow me. The stepping stones I’ve created will soon melt from the lava’s heat. If you move too slowly, the stepping stones will melt, and you might fall into the lava river…”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

This statement startled everyone, and they quickly followed the stepping stones Robb had created, crossing the river one by one. In no time, the other nine individuals had made their way across the river.

Looking back, it hadn’t been long since they had crossed when the stepping stones had already melted, warped, and sunk into the surrounding molten lava.

Chris looked at Robb seriously and asked, “What level of ice magic was that just now?”

Robb replied, “Rapid Freeze, a pretty basic spell. Isn’t it normal for a priest to know some ice magic? Haven’t you heard of Frost Priests? Actually, my ice magic isn’t very powerful. It’s just that my ring is quite good, so it enhances the spell’s effects. Look, look.”

He took off a blue gemstone ring from his finger and waved it in front of Chris, saying, “This ring enhances ice magic effects. Do you want it? I’ll give it to you!”

Chris wiped his sweat and declined, “No, thanks. I don’t know ice magic.”

Robb then offered the ring to the female fire magician, saying, “How about you?”

The fire magician replied, “I don’t know ice magic either.”

“Well, too bad then,” Robb said, “It’s a pity that such a good ring won’t be of use to you. I guess I’ll just have to use it myself.”

He put the ring back on his finger.

Chris and his group now realized that this guy was no ordinary character; who knew what other surprises he might have in store.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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