After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 885

Chapter 885: Stop Talking Nonsense, Let’s Get to It!

The Demon King stood up, his black cape swaying behind him, and a vast surge of magic emanated from his body. He was ready to go out and see for himself. The Demon King’s Castle stood beneath the towering Jagged Peaks, enduring for over a thousand years. No human had ever managed to reach this place, let alone penetrate its walls. It was an utterly incomprehensible level of audacity.

He truly had to go out and see which lunatic was acting so arrogantly.

However, as soon as he stood up, he sensed that something was amiss. The flow of the air? Refraction of the light? The scent of humans? A murderous aura?

It seemed like a little bit of everything!

The Demon King abruptly turned around, his black cape billowing, and he kicked backward.


A would-be assassin who had just stealthily moved behind him, yet to launch his surprise attack, was struck in the chest by this kick. His stealth was undone as he materialized from within the folds of his black robe. The force of the kick was tremendous, sending the assassin hurtling backward to crash against the wall behind the throne. Dust showered down as the impact shook the wall.

The assassin coughed up a mouthful of blood, staining his masked cloth crimson.

At the same time, the Demon King swiftly spun around and delivered a kick toward another empty space. There stood Suofa, who had just stealthily entered. Upon witnessing the other assassin being kicked away, she refrained from making any hasty moves. She wasn’t an adventurer assassin, but a military one. Her comrade’s failed assassination attempt didn’t necessarily mean she was discovered. She could still wait for an opportunity to complete the mission her companion hadn’t.

Regrettably, she was also discovered.

The Demon King’s kick was lightning-fast. While the assassin was indeed a member of the agile and nimble profession, it didn’t mean they could match the Demon King’s speed. Suofa barely managed to raise her arms, crossing them in front of her to shield herself. The Demon King’s foot struck her crossed arms with a resounding impact.


Suofa was sent flying backward by the force of the blow, her arms tingling numbly.

Fortunately, she was wearing the “Polar Fur Set” that Robb provided her, an extremely high-defense equipment. Most of the force from the kick was absorbed by the set, allowing Suofa to fly backward. She flipped in mid-air, and when she landed, her feet managed to find a solid foothold. Taking advantage of her momentum, she executed a small jump backward and smoothly disappeared into stealth once again.

The Demon King burst into hearty laughter. “The first assassin was rather clumsy, but this second one is quite capable, hahaha. Are there any others? Those lurking outside the door, you can come in now.”

The grand doors swung open, and Chris, Gorda, Jike, Xuelu, as well as the Hunter, the Priest, and the Fire Magician girl, filed in, standing before the Demon King.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The Demon King’s gaze swept over the group before him, a hint of disdain in his eyes. “I knew it couldn’t be just one person. How could a single individual with a mining pick possibly breach the walls? It’s more likely that you worked together to create a hole in the wall and then had a teammate distract my subordinates outside while others sneaked in, right? Humans just love playing these meaningless little tricks.”

Xuelu, who had known Robb for a long time, began to adopt his speaking style at times like this. She said with a mix of sarcasm, “Wow! You guessed it right.”

Although her “Wow” was only one-tenth as cheeky as Robb’s, it infuriated the Demon King. Annoyed, he retorted, “Human woman, you will pay the price for your sarcasm.”

Gorda raised his sword and shield with one hand. “I think there’s no need for more chitchat. Let’s get straight to it. What do you all think?”

Chris nodded. “We can take our time to gather evidence later. If we can defeat the Demon King, that alone will be enough to write our names into legend.”

Everyone’s blood was boiling with excitement, except for one person – the severely injured assassin. He raised a hand by the corner of the wall. “Hey… Is no one going to acknowledge me?”

The priest finally remembered him and quickly cast a “Healing Spell.” The assassin got back up with a swish, then promptly disappeared once again into stealth.

“What an interesting team of humans,” the Demon King laughed heartily. “It’s been over a hundred years since I last battled human adventurers. It’s a good opportunity to stretch my muscles.”

After saying this, the Demon King suddenly disappeared with a swish, leaving behind a swirling patch of red and black particles where he had stood. The group was slightly startled before quickly realizing that it was a transmission spell. Demons were proficient in various forms of magic, and higher-level demons like the Abyssal Demons and Abyssal Archdemons could effortlessly teleport. Their magic prowess was on par with that of high-level archmages.

Chris reacted swiftly. He turned and dashed toward Xuelu, who was at the back of the group.

Just as he turned around, the Demon King appeared behind Xuelu. He swung his massive palm and brought it down forcefully on the crown of her head. Chris instantly switched to his Berserk Stance and roared, “Intercept!”

In an instant, he transformed into a streak of red light, covering several meters in a split second. He wedged himself between Xuelu and the Demon King, raising his mithril shield upwards. He also switched back to his “Defensive Stance,” and with a resounding crash, he successfully blocked the Demon King’s palm strike.

The Demon King exclaimed, “Oh? Swift stance changes, an experienced veteran warrior!”

Chris sneered, “Otherwise, how would I have the guts to come here?”

The Demon King laughed heartily. “But that red-haired female magician seems rather clueless.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Xuelu blushed as she heard those words. Indeed, in that split second earlier, if it weren’t for Chris’s quick reaction, she might have taken a slap to the head. Although she was well-equipped, her gear leaned towards offense, and her defensive capabilities were not outstanding. A single slap could potentially have slapped her to her death and left her waiting for Godfather’s resurrection.

She, along with Gorda and Jike, were classic examples of having great equipment but lacking corresponding combat experience.

The Demon King launched a kick, Chris held his shield steady, and with a resounding clash, he was pushed back several steps from the impact.

Meanwhile, the Hunter’s five throwing knives had already reached the Demon King. With a casual wave of his hand, the Demon King deflected all five knives. However, at that moment, Jike, who was a bit slow to react, drew his bow and fired an arrow.

Just like before, the Demon King casually swatted…

“Plunk!” The arrow shot by Jike lodged into the Demon King’s forearm, piercing the flesh and injuring the Demon King.

“Huh?” The Demon King was surprised. “What’s this?!”

He had thought that a casual swat would easily deflect any throwing knives or arrows, but he hadn’t expected this human’s arrow to be so powerful, resisting his swat and even managing to wound him.


The Fire Magician’s magic was unleashed – a fireball the size of a washbasin. It looked incredibly fierce as it hurtled towards the Demon King’s face. However, with a kick, the Demon King sent the fireball soaring upwards. It struck the ceiling with a deafening explosion, sending a wave of heat through the room, making everyone feel as though they had been briefly roasted.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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