After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Diablo

“Damn it, even a Fireball can be kicked?” Gorda wiped his sweat.

Chris shouted, “It’s not that it was kicked away, it’s just that he used a spell similar to a magic mirror to deliberately coordinate the kicking motion. It’s just a facade; don’t be deceived by the Demon King’s actions. This demon is skilled in physical techniques, magic, illusions, and many ancient dark magics. Everyone must be careful.”

The Demon King was somewhat surprised, “Warrior, you truly are an impressive adventurer.”

Just as he finished speaking, Xuelu also took action. A fireball flew towards the Demon King’s face. The fireball wasn’t very large, slightly smaller than a volleyball. It was a standard Fireball spell, average in most cases. However, in the Demon King’s eyes, this magic appeared too elementary.

Among adventurers who could engage with the Demon King, none were anything less than top-tier. A mere wave of his hand would usually conjure a Fireball, a flame blast or something of that sort. This ordinary Fireball seemed inadequate to the Demon King.

Once again, it raised its foot, attempting to “kick away” the fireball, but it was actually employing a “magic reflection,” intending to bounce the fireball back.

However, the Demon King immediately felt something was amiss when it extended its foot.

The “magic reflection” was unexpectedly ineffective against Xuelu’s fireball. It couldn’t deflect it! The opponent’s magic power exceeded the upper limit that its “magic reflection” could repel, resulting in the failure of the deflection.


A loud bang, the Demon King felt its leg engulfed by the force of the Fireball spell. Its skin was instantly scorched black. If it hadn’t possessed strong magic resistance, its leg might have been completely ruined.

In astonishment, it exclaimed, “What kind of Fireball is this?”

“There’s plenty more where that came from to amaze you.” Gorda laughed and charged, “Shield Slam!”


The Demon King got hit, feeling intense pain in his chest. Wasn’t this shield slam too darn painful? What kind of shield slam was this?

It took two steps back, and from behind, two assassins darted out. The Demon King’s back was hit by two daggers, one strike not too painful, but the other caused searing pain.

Enraged, the Demon King slammed both hands on the ground

A wave of black magic surged around, sweeping through the entire hall, making everyone feel a terrifying, chilling aura.

Jike, the Hunter, the assassin, Suofa, and even Xuelu – these five felt an involuntary sense of fear and dread, their bodies shivering as they were overwhelmed by terror. In a panic, they turned and fled.

Only Chris, Gorda, the Priest, and the Fire Magician remained unaffected.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

As it turns out, the move the demon king uses can intimidate those whose mental resilience isn’t strong enough, causing them to flee due to fear and not daring to fight the Demon King again. Warriors are less susceptible to this due to their “Fearless” ability. As for priests and magicians, their mental cultivation is sufficient, granting them strong resistance to mental attacks.

Of course, Xuelu didn’t fit into this category.

The five of them dashed around the room in a panicked frenzy, leaving only four remaining combatants to face an abrupt surge in pressure.

The two warriors stepped forward, before Chris shouted, “Quickly dispel the fear among them.”

The priest in the back promptly began reciting the dispel spell, but the Demon King wasn’t about to grant him the chance to dispel gradually. It shifted its body, suddenly appearing behind the priest. Chris moved to intercept, but the Demon King was already prepared, kicking Chris’ shield with force, causing him to step back a few paces.

Then, with a swift motion, the Demon King slapped the priest across the face.

The priest had to interrupt his incantation and used his shield to block the slap. Simultaneously, he swung his staff towards the Demon King. Behind, the Fire Magician began reciting Fireball, but she knew her Fireball’s damage was slightly lacking, making it challenging to deal substantial harm to the Demon King.

Chris grew anxious and roared, “Think of something quickly! We must dispel the fear, or we’ll be picked off one by one.”

“Aha, I remember now.” Gorda suddenly reached into a pouch, retrieving a peculiar-colored potion. He grabbed Jike, who was darting around the walls, and poured it into his mouth. The potion turned into magical particles in Jike’s mouth, disappearing instantly. Jike immediately regained his senses, standing firmly. “Huh? What happened to me just now?”

“You were hit by a Fear spell!” Gorda said. “Quick, go help our other teammates.”

Jike acknowledged and retrieved a peculiar-colored potion from his pouch.

Chris exclaimed joyfully, “What kind of strange potion is that? Why can it dispel fear?”

“It’s from Godfather, supposedly called Universal Elixir Lv.6. It can dispel various strange abnormal states.”

Chris sweated, “What kind of potion is this?”

The two warriors held back the Demon King together, allowing Jike to use the potion to aid Xuelu. Then Xuelu pulled out a few bottles and saved Suofa, the Hunter, and the assassin. In an instant, everyone’s combat capabilities were fully restored.

Even the Demon King couldn’t help but look baffled. It had seen many adventurers, but this was the first time encountering something like this. What kind of potion could counter its fear? This doesn’t make any sense!

The nine adventurers once again formed a line, facing the Demon King with confident smiles, “We’re well-prepared, so we can win!”

“You’re just seeking your own demise,” the Demon King roared, “In that case, I’ll show you what a real demon is.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

It raised a hand towards the ceiling, its voice dark and ominous as it uttered, “Come forth! Will of the abyssal archdemons — Devil’s Ensnarement!”

Countless powerful magical energies surged from all directions, as if the entire Demon King’s Castle was providing him with strength. The black magic flowed from every statue, every ornament, every wall tile of the castle, converging onto the demon king.

The Demon King’s body suddenly grew taller, his clothing instantly torn apart. Muscles tightened, scales emerged, more horns appeared, its tail elongated, and wicked claws formed. He transformed into a creature that looked even more terrifying and ferocious, a monster only found in historical records.

“It… It’s… Diablo… the Dark Devourer?” Chris jumped in astonishment. “I recognize this form. It’s the Dark Devourer from the historical records. It’s said that an entire nation was wiped out by the Dark Devourer. I can’t believe it; it’s the Demon King’s second form.”

“It seems to have become something quite extraordinary. What should we do now?” the Fire Magician exclaimed.

“No matter how it’s changed its appearance, we just need to defeat it,” Gorda yelled courageously. “Charge!”

Fearlessly, he rushed towards the Dark Devourer.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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