After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 887

Chapter 887: Wow! I’m Standing on a Huge Monster

“Charge!” Fearlessly, Gorda rushed towards the Dark Devourer.

However, with a casual kick, the colossal monster sent Gorda flying backward. Even his Titansteel armor couldn’t fully withstand the force of the attack. Gorda crashed into the wall behind him, leaving a large dent in the wall.

“Be careful!” Chris shouted.

The Dark Devourer slammed a fist into the ground, causing a massive ring of fire to spread outward. Both hunters and assassins leaped to avoid the fiery ring on the ground. However, the two magicians were not skilled at jumping. Chris grabbed the fire magician and tossed her upward, sending her soaring high into the air.

On the other side, the priest grabbed Xuelu, lifting her into the air.

But Chris and the priest didn’t have time to leap and dodge the fire ring. Instead, they raised their shields to block the incoming flames.

“Boom! Boom!”

Both were struck by the fire ring and sent flying. Like Gorda, they crashed into the wall and slid down. Thankfully, they survived, albeit with some injuries. They gritted their teeth and got back up.

“Damn, this thing is powerful!” Gorda exclaimed. “It’s not easy to deal with.”

“We humans are still outnumbering it.”

“We need to find its weak point.”

The group discussed their dire situation.

The Dark Devourer burst into a hearty laughter. “A group of insignificant humans. Do you now realize your own weakness? Hahaha! Do you really think you can defeat me with this small team? Do you truly believe you’re the first group to find the Demon King’s Castle? No! Many adventurers have found their way here, but in the end, they never had the chance to reveal what happened here to the world, because they all perished by my hands.”

He slammed his hand onto the ground again, and the group thought another fiery ring was coming. They tensed up, ready to defend.

Unexpectedly, in that instant, bones suddenly emerged from beneath their feet. Swiftly, they surrounded the group, shooting upwards to merge together, forming cages made of bone. Each person was enclosed in a small bone cage, trapped separately.

“Bone Cages!”

“Break free and escape from this!”

Chris forcefully struck the bone cage with his shield, but it didn’t shatter. These were not ordinary bones; they were formed from the Dark Devourer’s own magical power, far sturdier than regular bones.

Chris muttered a worried curse.

Meanwhile, the two archers managed to shoot arrows from within the bone cages, but the Dark Devourer easily swatted them aside. The fire magician was in the process of casting an incantation for Flame Burst, while Xuelu’s magic could be cast instantly. She pointed her finger at the Dark Devourer and exclaimed, “Fire Wall!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

A wall of fire rose from beneath the feet of the Dark Devourer. However, it effortlessly leaped over the flames and laughed heartily. “Such a feeble Flame Magician dares to attack me? How ridiculous. Although your magic seems to possess inexplicable power, it’s merely raw strength. The way you employ it is so primitive and simple. Dodging your attacks is child’s play.”

Xuelu remained silent.

The Dark Devourer slowly advanced toward the nine individuals imprisoned in bone cages. “Hehehe, which one should I feast on first? This female assassin would probably taste the worst. So dark and unappetizing, surely her meat quality is poor…”

Suofa retorted, “Nonsense! You underestimate the desert’s people. I will make you pay.”

She twisted her twin daggers, and the bone cage before her shattered.

The Dark Devourer hesitated for a moment, but Suofa had already broken free. With her twin daggers, she thrust them simultaneously into the monster’s chest.

In fact, she had always possessed the ability to break free. Her daggers were uniquely enchanted. To better combat magicians, Robb had imbued her daggers with the “Dismantle” prefix, allowing them to disrupt magical barriers and defensive spells.

The bone cage could be considered a type of magical barrier, and Suofa’s daggers were the perfect counter.

However, Suofa intentionally refrained from breaking free. She waited until the Dark Devourer was right in front of her before launching her surprise attack, displaying her true assassin nature.

Both daggers struck the Dark Devourer simultaneously, penetrating deeply. They narrowly missed piercing its heart, causing the monster to jolt in surprise. It kicked Suofa away, letting out a furious roar. It pulled out the two daggers, and black blood spurted forth. However, it possessed knowledge of “Demon Healing,” and it quickly cast two healing spells on itself to halt the bleeding.

Then, with a furious bellow, it declared, “Assassin, you’ve successfully angered me. I will tear you to shreds.”

Its enraged roar resonated, causing the entire Demon King’s Castle to tremble.

A sense of foreboding gripped everyone’s hearts. The Dark Devourer advanced step by step, inching closer to Suofa. Due to the previous kick, Suofa was injured and temporarily unable to rise. Even if she could stand, her daggers were no longer at her disposal.

Anxiety filled the group.

Xuelu extended her hand and pulled out her cellphone, preparing to call Robb for help.

Just at that moment, a loud “boom” echoed from above the Dark Devourer’s head. The ceiling cracked open, revealing a large hole, and a figure descended from the sky, landing directly on top of the Dark Devourer’s head.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The person who fell down was Robb. He didn’t pay much attention to where he was standing. Instead, he looked up at the hole above his head and exclaimed irritably, “What kind of flooring is this? I just stomped my foot lightly, how did it create such a big hole? The floor near the Demon King’s Castle is so fragile. This castle is like a paper tiger.”

As he spoke, many small demons and imps poked their heads out from the hole above and peered downward together.

It turned out that Robb had been fending off a group of demons up there just moments ago. During his cheerful bout of fighting, he casually stomped his foot, only to unexpectedly create a large hole in the ground. He then fell through the hole and landed directly on top of the Dark Devourer’s head. Standing atop the monster’s head, he remarked, “Who built this castle? They should call the construction team from our Westwind City. Our Westwind City’s reinforced concrete is unbelievably sturdy. Unless I seriously stomp, the ground won’t give way.”

After glancing around the room, he curiously asked, “Huh? Why did you all lock yourselves in bone cages?”

Chris sweated and replied, “I could also ask you what you’re doing. Watch your step! You’re standing on a huge creature.”

“What?” Robb looked down and exclaimed, “Wow, I’m standing on a massive monster.”

The Dark Devourer chuckled instead of getting angry. “You’re only noticing me now? You dare to stand on my head and speak lightly? You will pay the price for your arrogance.”

Just as it finished speaking, Robb lifted his foot and stomped down forcefully.


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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