After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 903

Chapter 903: Accept, Then Escape

The Hero King looked at these large iron carriages, with a puzzled expression, “What are these things?”

“They are from the Westwind Knights,” the knight Commander explained, “They call this thing the ‘Land Dominator.'”

“A Knights? Riding these large iron carriages instead of horses?” Hero King was a bit perplexed, “What’s the use of this thing? It’s so slow and yet they call it Land Dominator?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

By now, the assault of the Roaring Demons had been scattered. But Roaring Demons are low-level monsters, intended for sacrificial purposes rather than as the main force of the attack.

The real main force was led by demons at the rear, including Minotaurs, Ironhook Raiders, Void Terrors, and other powerful demons. These individual monsters possessed incredibly formidable combat abilities, and when gathered in an army, their strength was terrifying, not to mention their considerable numbers. Even the two thousand people in Westwind City and the entire knight army of the Kingdom of Norma would find themselves in a bitter battle when faced with these.

In history, the Kingdom of Norma had fought against the demons many times and knew just how difficult they were to deal with.

However, the large iron carriages of Westwind City, which claimed to be Land Dominators, were now directly facing these demons, charging forward directly and head-on!

A long iron pipe extended from the front of the carriages, with a resounding boom, strange missiles flew out of the pipe, trailing white smoke in the air. They flew into the midst of the demon formation, followed by a tremendous explosion. The nearby demons were blasted in all directions.

The Hero King: “…”

These demons were far from being submissive little kittens that wouldn’t retaliate when attacked. After being baptized by the shells, they immediately let out angry roars and charged toward the iron carriages.

After firing a round of shells, the iron carriages seemed temporarily unable to fire again. A few of the fastest demons immediately seized the opportunity to use displacement skills to get to the sides of the iron carriages. They were about to jump onto the carriages when suddenly, small holes on the carriages opened up, and many Arcanite missiles shot out from inside. They streaked toward the nearby monsters, inflicting damage upon them. The approaching demons were immediately struck hard, falling down one after another.

A few demons that had leapt onto the iron carriages used fists, teeth, and even magic on them, but they couldn’t do any damage. They were easily slain by the Westwind Warriors who followed behind the carriages.

The demon army’s assault was finally losing momentum, especially the smarter demons who began to feel outmatched. They wanted to retreat, and once morale collapsed, the battle could no longer continue. The leading demon was forced to order a retreat. Like receding tides, they retreated, leaving behind a sea of corpses along the shore.

This wave of attack had come to an end.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The Hero King’s face grew somber. As his subordinates had said, after the battle, they hardly saw any Westwind Warriors. Instead, there was a mess of magic tools causing havoc for a while. A few soldiers followed behind the large iron carriages to scavenge, and then the battle ended.

How could they continue this battle?

The Hero King muttered, “What about the air force? The demons should have a large number of Harpy Witches and Thunderbirds, right?”

The knight Commander beside him whispered, “The enemy has anti-aircraft artillery. They’re loaded with anti-air magic and have a significant number of short cannons and archers. We don’t see them most of the time because they rarely need to intervene. They only appear when the air force tries to pass through.”

At this point, the knight Commander smirked, “Yesterday, the demon Harpy Witches suffered heavy losses—over a hundred were killed. They were shot down by Westwind Warriors using the anti-aircraft artillery.”

Hearing this news, the Hero King wanted to smirk as well, but when he glanced at the large demons standing nearby, he whispered, “The demons are our temporary allies for now. Let’s not make our amusement too obvious.”

The knight Commander nodded, “Understood.”

The knight Commander continued, “Next, it’s time for the Church of Light to attack the stronghold. To capture this stronghold, we must continually commit our troops, relying on numerical superiority to wear them down.”

The Hero King sighed, “A tragic tactic indeed. That man on the other side hasn’t even entered the battle yet. With only two thousand Westwind Warriors, the battle has turned out like this. Do we really need to continue fighting at the rear?”

The knight Commander sighed, “Well…”

The Hero King cast a glance at the Church of Light troops preparing to fight, whispering, “This army won’t be able to break through. Just wait and see. They’ll soon be in disarray.”

The knight Commander: “???”

At that moment, the Templar Knights of the Church of Light were preparing to relieve the demon army and take turns attacking the position held by the Westwind Warriors. Suddenly, the archbishop took out a crystal ball from his pocket and began speaking to the opposing side. After less than five sentences, his expression changed drastically.

Soon after, the archbishop turned to all the big shots on the observation platform and said, “We have a major crisis in the Church of Light. I need to return to the church immediately. We won’t be able to manage things here for now.”

As soon as he said this, the archbishop of the Church of Darkness immediately became displeased and started scolding him. Several large demons also frowned, looking as if they were about to explode in anger.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

However, at this very moment, a Thunderbird suddenly flew down from the sky. On the back of the Thunderbird sat a Succubus. They landed on the observation platform. The Succubus hurriedly approached several big demons, knelt on one knee, and quickly reported the situation from the Demon King’s city, “Major trouble! His Majesty the Demon King has been killed. A large portion of the city wall in the Demon King’s city has been dug out. The person even boasted that they’ll come back to mine the walls. The city is in chaos now, and all the high-ranking demons who could control the situation have been wiped out. Please return immediately…”

Several major demons: “!”

They immediately panicked, too rushed to even say a word to the humans on the platform. They leaped off the observation platform and signaled the demon army, which had just retreated, to prepare to withdraw.

As the Church of Light prepared to leave and the demon race was also getting ready to retreat, the remaining leaders of the Church of Darkness, the Hero King’s army, and the Desert Kingdom’s rebel forces exchanged puzzled glances.

The archbishop of the Church of Darkness inquired, “What exactly is happening?”

Hero King calmly said, “I know what has happened, but I have no reason to tell you. I believe your Church of Darkness must have spies in the capital. The spies’ information might be delayed, but soon, you’ll also find out.”

As he finished speaking, the archbishop of the Church of Darkness felt a flash in his pocket. He quickly took out a crystal ball from it. Instead of rushing to answer, he looked at the Hero King with a bewildered expression, “The message has really arrived!”

The Hero King sighed, “Answer it, then let’s escape!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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