After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 904

Chapter 904: How Can I Show Off Like This?

The Archbishop of the Church of Darkness finished the call, looking bewildered. After a few seconds, he mumbled, “The Pope of the Church of Light is dead, and in such a pitiful manner. The Church of Light is sure to be thrown into chaos. This is my chance as the Archbishop of the Church of Darkness. Hahaha, the opportunity has come!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He briskly walked down from the observation platform, urging the Templar Knights to evacuate quickly.

High atop the observation platform, the Hero King stood, observing the three different forces below. They were each in the process of regrouping their troops, and their commanding generals seemed to be explaining the reasons for the retreat. The scene was truly comical.

Beside him stood the leader of the desert kingdom’s rebel faction, looking utterly embarrassed and at a loss for words. He cautiously glanced at the three armies that were about to withdraw, then back at the Hero King. In a low voice, he asked, “They’re all leaving. What do we do now?”

A peculiar smile tugged at the corners of the Hero King’s mouth…

Just then, he suddenly saw a purple portal opening within the opposing Westwind City’s defenses. And in the next moment, the man who had caused trouble in the Capital of Kings had emerged from the portal. The two thousand soldiers of the Westwind Knights cheered loudly the moment he appeared, their morale soaring.

The Hero King couldn’t help but sigh, “With such a reliable commander-in-chief, it’s no wonder their morale is high.”

He leaned over the edge of the observation platform and shouted loudly to the three large armies below, which were preparing to retreat, “Church of Light, Church of Darkness, Demon King’s Army! Don’t be in a hurry to return and deal with those petty matters. Listen to me for a moment.”

His voice was resounding and carried a powerful resonance, embodying the legendary lineage of a hero, granting him immense authority. Thus, the three armies below raised their heads to look at him.

The Hero King spoke with conviction, “Look at our united forces, assembling on Fengmo Continent. This is a rare event that has occurred once in a millennium. The mightiest coalition force, something that has never been seen before and may never be seen again. Perhaps this is the only chance to defeat that man. Yet you’re planning to retreat? To go back and deal with minor issues? Just because the Pope and the Demon King are dead, and you need to compete for power? I advise you, even if you gain power through competition, in the blink of an eye, that man will come knocking at your door. The power you win will only lead to your funeral.”

These words caused the leaders of the three legions to pause slightly…

Indeed, what good would it do to seize the position of Pope or Demon King if that man remained alive? In the blink of an eye, if that man attacked, even high-ranking figures would be easily disposed of. At that time, even a lowly soldier might stand a better chance of survival.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The Hero King said, “That man has just arrived. He’s standing in the Westwind City’s formation. We will have one final battle, just one. Don’t hold back your strength anymore. Give it your all and face that man in a decisive battle. Victory is my fortune, defeat is my fate! I believe that none of you are shortsighted individuals. It’s time to make the necessary decisions.”

Robb emerged from the transmission gate, immediately receiving a warm welcome from the Westwind Soldiers. Elsie was the first to approach, smiling and saying, “Godfather, you’ve finally come. Was your Mineral Search successful?”

Robb chuckled as he tossed Elsie a scepter made of demon steel and said, “When has anything not gone smoothly for me? How’s the situation on your end?”

Elsie respectfully replied, “Our forces were initially outnumbered and suffered some losses. We later retreated to this green area, fortified our defensive positions, and received 1,200 reinforcements from Westwind City. Thankfully, we held our ground.”

“Reinforcements?” Robb raised an eyebrow. “Wasn’t Westwind City’s regular army only five hundred strong?”

Elsie smiled and explained, “All those labor reform prisoners you brought in, after undergoing transformation, settled in Westwind City. When they heard that the frontline battle was intense, they volunteered to temporarily join the military.”

Robb nodded, chuckling. “I see.”

Elsie continued, “In reality, even with the reinforcements, it’s still quite difficult for us to hold our ground. The best part for us is that the enemy isn’t united…”

At this point, a somewhat sarcastic smile appeared on his face. “These guys on the surface form a coalition force, but they’re all scheming against each other. No one is willing to truly commit. During the attack on our formation, their main forces never participated. Neither of the churches sent their Angel Legions, and the four Knight orders of the Kingdom of Norma didn’t engage either. The major demons of the Demon King’s Army never set foot on the battlefield. They’re all hoping others will exhaust their strength while they reap the benefits. A bunch of trash.”

Robb laughed. “The enemy won’t commit fully because their true enemy hasn’t appeared yet.”

He finished speaking and walked forward with a smile. From behind the transmission gate, Suofa, Xuelu, Gorda, Jike, Chris, and others began to emerge, waving cheerfully to Elsie.

Elsie walked up to Gorda and whispered, “Where are these unfamiliar people from?”

Gorda whispered back, “The Adventurers Guild’s strongest party. They’re quite formidable.”

Elsie was puzzled. “How did they come here?”

Gorda grinned mischievously. “We encountered them while raiding the Demon King City. We took down the Demon King in passing.”

Elsie exclaimed, “Really?”

Gorda continued, “And while we were at it, we took care of the Pope of the Church of Light too.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Elsie froze for a moment, then suddenly became excited. “Doesn’t that mean we’re incredibly awesome? I’m going to prepare for an all-out assault. Hahaha! While the enemy is in chaos without their leadership, we’ll launch an attack and wipe them all out.”

Gorda said, “Godfather had a chance to kill the Hero King, but he didn’t. I think he has other considerations. Don’t get too worked up.”

Robb walked out of the formation and headed towards the coalition forces on the opposite side. The Westwind soldiers behind him wanted to follow, but Robb waved to stop them and said with a smile, “Don’t add to the chaos. Stay back.”

He marched out alone, heading towards the enemy forces.

The Westwind soldiers immediately understood that Godfather was going to fight alone again. Very well, it was time to watch the show.

They all put down the magic tools in their hands and crawled out of the formation with cheerful smiles. Some sat on the makeshift low walls, while the drivers inside the tanks popped open the hatches and climbed out, sitting on top of the tanks.

There weren’t many high points on the desert, and it wasn’t convenient for the soldiers to watch. So, they all crowded onto the tanks. However, dozens of tanks couldn’t accommodate two thousand people. Before long, there was a bustling scene on top of the tanks. Soldiers playfully scrambled for positions, laughing and joking, creating a chaotic scene.

As Robb confidently walked forward, his back had a group of unreliable Westwind soldiers squabbling for positions on the tanks. It undermined his dignity, and he couldn’t help but turn around and curse, “Damn it! With all of you doing this, how can I look impressive? Quiet down! Stand with authority and arrange yourselves properly!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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