After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 906

Chapter 906: Come Over Here

The Sphinx’s sudden betrayal startled the opposing coalition forces. What in the world was happening? Why would Sphinx go to the aid of that man?

Little did they know that looking at the situation from the Sphinx’s perspective, how could it be the same as theirs?

The Sphinx wasn’t in pursuit of power or pleasure. It was the guardian beast of the desert, granted life and soul by the sands. Its purpose of existence was to protect this expanse covered in golden sand.

The failure in the battle against the Black Dragon made it acutely aware of the terror the dragon held. And it also knew very well that the group of people before it, united as a coalition, were acting solely out of self-interest. They couldn’t save the desert; they would only harm it.

Only Robb could defeat the Black Dragon and save the desert’s refugees.

It was clear who it should support to safeguard the desert.

The Sphinx roared angrily at the rebel forces across from it…

A gust of sand swept through, and the rebels trembled, not just due to the issue of combat strength, but because of the pressure brought upon them by standing on the opposing side, stemming from their spiritual beliefs.

The Hero King: “…”

Robb smiled and addressed the Sphinx and the Queen, “Thank you for being willing to stand by my side. However, both of you should stay back like the Westwind Warriors and watch the show. Preserve your precious strength for when we confront the Black Dragon. I’ll handle them here.”

He took large strides and walked toward the coalition forces ahead.

“He’s coming!”

“That man is approaching!”

“Prepare the entire army for battle.”

From the Hero King to the foot soldiers, everyone within the coalition grew tense. Every demon sensed the immense pressure Robb brought. With each step he took, it felt as though an overwhelming force was crashing like a tidal wave. In reality, Robb hadn’t even used any of his skills.

These sensations were all illusions! They were merely brought about by his status, position, and the legends surrounding him.

“I possess numerous summoning spells capable of conjuring various strange entities,” Robb remarked while walking, sighing, “However, using these things to defeat you wouldn’t truly showcase strength. You’d turn around and be tangled in a bunch of clueless individuals, launching unrepentant attacks. So this time, I won’t summon those inexplicable minions. Trash like Heaven’s Gate or Hell’s gate can stay untouched. I have no interest in playing out some spectacle for the audience. Let’s end this war as quickly as possible.”

Upon hearing his opening statement, everyone’s hearts involuntarily tightened.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Because before the coalition arrived, they had already exchanged the intelligence they had gathered. They had devised a plan for dealing with the things Robb had used before. For instance, the Church of Light of Light and the Church of Darkness had joined forces, with Heaven and Hell’s Gate blocking Robb’s two paths. The Legion of Hellfire, led by the group of demons, would handle the elemental army summoned by Robb.

Then, all the generals would rely on the “Hero’s Power” and charge forward to fight Robb to the death.

However, now Robb was saying that he wouldn’t use these tactics anymore. So… what exactly did he have in mind?

Robb extended a hand, imitating Shen Teng’s (TL: Chinese comedian) bashful iron fist gesture, and beckoned to the coalition forces, “Come over here!”

The Hero King snorted coldly, saying, “Advancing over would obviously be a trap. We can’t take the initiative to go over. Let’s see what kind of trick he’s playing.”

The people around all nodded in agreement.

The Hero King also imitated Robb’s manner and raised a finger, beckoning, “Come over here!”

Robb chuckled, “Alright then, since you requested me to make the first move, don’t blame me if you get hurt.”

The Hero King sneered, “We’ll see what tricks you’ve got.”

“Here it comes.” Suddenly, Robb swung his hand forward, “Blizzard!”

“Huh?” The Hero King’s mind went blank for a moment. Wasn’t this person supposed to charge over himself? Instead, he was casting a spell first? Blizzard? A ranged attack spell of the ice element, with an added slowness effect. But how large of an area could this spell cover? And besides… blizzards weren’t particularly strong in terms of attack power, right?

Just as he was thinking this, he saw a goose feather-like flurry of heavy snow falling from above, the cold wind biting. In an instant, a vast area before them was enveloped in snow and wind. Hailstones as big as rocks descended from the sky. This wasn’t just a blizzard—it was more like a blizzard of hailstones.

A massive hailstone struck a demon on the head with a dull thud, and the demon instantly fell, dying in an incredibly straightforward manner, without even a hint of struggle—a clean one-hit kill.

The Hero King was taken aback. Could a blizzard spell really have this much power?

He quickly raised his sword above his head. Only to hear a “thud” as a hailstone hit his sword directly. The blade froze instantly, icy magical power racing along it, making his hands numb. If it weren’t for the unparalleled magical resistance granted by his Heroic Bloodline, he would have almost lost his grip on his sword.

The Hero King was startled. If he was finding this magic so strenuous to deal with, then these guys beside him… were probably in for a tough time…

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

He turned his head and saw that chaos had broken out around him. Everyone was tumbling and falling due to these incredibly large hailstones smashing into their heads. Whether they were demons, angels, fallen angels, or hellfires, the only path that lay before them was dropping dead on the spot. There was simply no one who could withstand this. Unless they used shields, magic, or something else to block above their heads, to mitigate the force of the hailstones, otherwise, whoever got hit would die.

Fortunately, the hailstones weren’t so dense that there was nowhere to dodge, and their descent was also random. Many relied on defensive magic to mitigate the hailstones, while others relied on luck and miraculously escaped unscathed. But nobody knew if the next second might bring a hailstone crashing down on their heads. In short, everyone was running amok within the blizzard and in disarray.

The Hero King exclaimed with a sweaty brow, “A single magic spell has thrown our coalition into such disarray? Unbelievable!”

He roared, “Charge! Push forward and engage him up close.”

Everyone surged forward, as long as they got out of the blizzard’s range. They understood this principle. Warriors raised their shields to protect their heads and charged, the Archbishops opened barriers and moved forward, angels and fallen angels flew ahead, demons teleported forward, the three ancestors of the berserkers leaped, and the Guardian Knights raced on horseback…

The Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each displaying their unique skills.

However, this Blizzard spell was quite troublesome. Even if the hailstones didn’t hit anyone, they would still be affected by the slowness effect within its range. Everyone’s speed was reduced, and finally, after struggling within the blizzard’s range, they managed to break free and burst into what seemed like a sunny area ahead. They had finally broken out.

The Hero King roared, “Charge!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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