After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 907

Chapter 907: Don’t Play with Summoned Creatures

The coalition forces surged out of the blizzard’s shroud!

Having escaped the danger of hailstones pounding on their heads, everyone let out a long breath. However, just as they managed to catch their breath, they saw Robb swing his hand again, “Meteor Apocalypse!”

Countless fireballs descended from the sky, trailing long tails.

People looked up, their expressions instantly changing—what the heck…

They had already experienced this man’s blizzard. Being hit by a hailstone was instant death, without even a chance to struggle. And now here came the Meteor Apocalypse?

Everyone understood that among spells of the same tier, the power of a Meteor Apocalypse far exceeded that of a blizzard. This was because, while blizzards inflicted damage, they also had a slowness effect. According to magic rules, spells that combined control effects were generally not as potent as fire spells that focused solely on causing damage.

If they couldn’t even withstand the hailstones earlier, no one dared to face the Meteor Apocalypse.

Everyone raised shields to their heads, barriers to protect themselves, those who were quick to dodge did so with all their might, resulting in a chaotic scene of people desperately dodging and dashing, looking quite pitiable.

The Hero King felt a bit embarrassed. They had just started the fight, and the opponent had only cast two spells, yet their side had already been thrown into such disarray. Embarrassing. If only they hadn’t let him make the first move, and they had charged in first. Sometimes, a gentleman’s spirit could be a disadvantage.

This wave of Meteor Apocalypse knocked several Hellfires and Bishops to the ground. In the Kingdom of Norma, a few knights were also hit. The losses were devastating, and the coalition paid a heavy price, finally managing to break free from the range of the Meteor Apocalypse. But now, this brought them closer to Robb, not too far from where he stood.

The first to charge forward were the angels and fallen angels. Both of these entities could fly. They spread their white and black wings and soared side by side, looking rather harmonious. Throughout history, these two types of angels had always fought against each other as mortal enemies. Now, they were joining forces to fight together. It could be considered a unique moment in celestial history.

With wings folding back behind them, they simultaneously dove down from the sky towards Robb…

The Hero King bellowed, “Charge! While the angels engage him in combat, let’s rush past and fight him up close. He won’t have a chance to cast spells.”

He had barely finished shouting this when Robb swiftly drew a sword from behind his back. He aimed it at the swarm of angels descending from the sky and casually swung it. This seemingly casual swing was, in fact, a skill called “Tiger’s Sky-Cleaving Slash.” It was the ultimate move of the Sword Saint class in “Dark Blade,” an immensely powerful strike.

As he swung the sword, an incomparably fierce sword aura immediately shot diagonally into the sky, meeting the onslaught of angels head-on. With a swish, the sword aura pierced through the midst of the angel army. In an instant, a large group of angels fell, their wings breaking. Feathers of black and white fluttered down, painting the sky.

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“The angels… didn’t manage to withstand a single strike?” The coalition forces who had just charged forward were a bit dumbfounded. They had thought that the angels would at least be able to engage Robb for a while. But they hadn’t expected that with just one swing of his sword, the sword aura would sweep through the entire sky, knocking down most of the angels. Only a few remained, standing dazed amidst a flurry of feathers.

“Roar!” The Berserker Ancestors summoned by the Berserkers finally made their move. One of the ancestral Berserkers roared angrily and leaped towards Robb. The force of his leap was tremendous, carrying him several tens of yards. He swung his massive double-handed axe towards Robb’s face, delivering a fierce blow.

Yet, in the next instant, Robb kicked him in the face. The ancestral berserker let out a miserable cry, flying backward and crashing to the ground, instantly turning into a stone. It turned out that if this summoned creature suffered attacks reaching a certain critical point, it would immediately lose its combat capabilities and revert to being a statue of the ancestral barbarian.

And it was quite clear that Robb only needed a kick to reach that critical point.

People couldn’t help but be collectively surprised. The other two ancestral berserkers followed suit with their jumps—one unleashed a whirlwind cleave, and the other threw a flying axe. Robb’s figure swayed, and with a kick from him, the remaining two ancestral berserkers also turned into statues.

“Get ’em, boy!”

The sound of galloping hooves echoed as the Guardian of the Norma Kingdom, the Spirit of the Knights, charged forward. With a massive body as tall as a building and the immense force brought by the warhorse, no one could underestimate it.

Seeing this creature coming, Robb suddenly grinned. He raised a hand in the air, where a golden light was swirling.

Everyone thought he was about to use some magic, and they were taken aback, quickly going on high alert. However, to their surprise, Robb used a skill of a Paladin: “Summon Warhorse.” In “Dark Blade,” Paladins could use this skill to summon a horse, eliminating the need to purchase an actual mount.

In an instant, Robb transformed into a mounted knight. Moreover, he intentionally used his skill “Gigantification” to grow slightly larger. He looked indistinguishable from the Spirit of the Knights. He tightened the reins and charged towards the Spirit.

Both knights on their massive steeds simultaneously swung their weapons. In the blink of an eye, as electric sparks flew, the two horses passed by each other, charging far ahead.

Then, the Spirit of the Knights made a “thud” sound as it tumbled off the horse, falling to the ground motionless. Afterward, it turned into a golden light, dissipating into nothingness.

As Robb’s charge hadn’t stopped, he dashed into a group of Hellfires. These creatures burned with green flames, resembling green lava giants. They raised their enormous fists and viciously swung them at Robb.

Robb’s mounted horse suddenly disappeared, and he descended from the air. He swung his greatsword towards the ground and unleashed a thunderous strike!

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

With a deafening roar, all the Hellfires were sent flying into the sky, turning into scattered fragments of light and shadow.

Everyone: “…”

At this point, all the strongest summoned creatures, guardians, ancestral berserkers, and Hellfires that everyone had summoned were all taken down by Robb. Regardless of what he defeated, it was done in a single move.

What remained were just some flesh-and-blood creatures.

Because of his earlier charge, Robb now stood amidst the coalition forces, surrounded by enemies. However, he didn’t mind at all. He smiled and said, “Don’t play with summoned creatures. You probably don’t know, both Black Dragon and I have a special effect: we only take a quarter of the damage from summoned creatures, but we deal four times the damage to them. Almost any summoned creature can’t harm us, and when we deal with any summoned creature, it’s a one-hit thing. If you want to defeat us, there’s only one way – come at us for real.”

Crowd: “…”

“Let’s fight him!” The Hero King roared. The most elite knights of the Knight Orders, along with the demons, charged forward under his leadership. Behind them, the Archbishops of the Churches of Light and Dark, as well as magicians, simultaneously began chanting spells.

Robb sighed and said, “Let’s end this boring war! Temporal Barrier!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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