After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 910

Chapter 910: Either way, if you admit defeat to me, then I’ve won

The grand battle referred to as the “Battle of the Six Armies” finally came to an end.

The participants in this war included the Kingdom of Norma, the Kingdom of Gran, the Desert Kingdom, the Church of Light, the Church of Darkness, Westwind City, and the Demon King’s Army. Strictly speaking, there were seven forces involved, and some historians argued that this war should be called the “Battle of the Seven Armies.”

However, after lengthy discussions, most historians ultimately agreed that the influence of Westwind City couldn’t be counted as a separate army and should be included within the military force of the Kingdom of Gran. This decision was due to the intricate ties between the lord of Westwind City and the queen of the Kingdom of Gran.

Furthermore, Westwind City never declared independence and always appeared as an integral part of the “indivisible Kingdom of Gran” on any occasion. Hence, the term “Battle of the Six Armies” became more widely accepted.

Among the participants, the Demon King’s Army suffered the heaviest losses. All participating demons were wiped out by Robb, and the numerous low-level demons were relentlessly pursued by the Land Dominators of Westwind City until they escaped into the Blackpine Mountains. Unable to enter the mountains, the Land Dominators finally gave up.

As for the other forces, they suffered almost no losses. Robb was not fond of killing, even if the opponents were wicked villains. As long as they weren’t irredeemable, he wouldn’t resort to lethal measures. Although these forces were engaged in power struggles and conflicts, Robb had no intention of meddling in their affairs.

He understood that even in the advanced future, power struggles and conflicts couldn’t be eradicated. Besides, he didn’t possess a practical solution to address humanity’s tendencies to seek power and control. So, he let them fight it out, as long as it didn’t affect the overall situation.

As soon as the war ended, the cardinals of the Church of Light promptly took their leave. They were eager to return and vie for the position of the pope. To these individuals, the position of the pope was more important than defeating the Black Dragon or upholding world peace. Whether the world was at peace or not, as long as they held power, they were content.

The archbishops of the Church of Darkness were gloating over the situation. Suddenly, they received news that the necromancer, Number 8, under the command of Her Majesty, had stationed the “Templar Knights” in Lost City, advocating for the “New Church of Darkness.”

Enraged, the Pope of the Church of Darknesswanted to expel this unexplainable heresy, but the templar knight force left behind by him was too small and couldn’t contend with Number 8. After a bloody battle in the streets and alleys, the Pope was defeated. When he attempted to rally the city’s inhabitants for help, he found that the people refused to aid him.

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Because the New Church of Darkness was wealthy, as soon as they arrived in Lost City, they began to distribute money and sweets to the common people, presenting themselves as saviors. The citizens had already learned about the prosperity of the Kingdom of Gran through “Manhua,” “movies,” “novels,” and other media. When compared to their current hardships, they felt like they had wasted their previous days.

Since the god they worshipped was still the God of Darkness, why bother opposing the Kingdom of Gran? They might as well switch sides.

The Pope faced rebellion and isolation, and without a main force by his side, he could only lead the remnants and escape from Lost City. He was currently on a ship rushing here.

Upon receiving this news, the cardinals of the Church of Darkness looked at the Queen with strange expressions. “You… you… you took advantage of the situation to do this behind the scenes?”

The Queen smiled. “Not convinced? How about we have another battle here then? My seven main legions are all here. Do you want to give it a try?”

The cardinals: “…”

They cast their gaze towards the Court Magicians, the Black Earth Knights, the Ardent Flame Knights, the Trembling Ice Knights, the Wind Knights, the Thunder Knights, and the White Lion Knights in the distance. With difficulty, they swallowed their saliva.

This battle couldn’t be fought!

The current Kingdom of Gran was no longer the same as during internal strife when the kingdom’s morale was low. Under the leadership of the queen, the kingdom was thriving and prosperous. The seven legions were all strong. If they joined forces, even the Templar Knights wouldn’t know how to survive.

The cardinals were sweating profusely, feeling immensely embarrassed.

The queen remained composed. “The Pope must step down, and no one can change that fact. However, you still have a chance. As long as you join my New Church of Light, disband the Templar Knights, and henceforth peacefully spread the faith without misleading or attempting to control and influence national policies, just like the New Church of Light does, then I will accept you. Otherwise… in this vast world, where else can you go?”

After some careful consideration, the cardinals realized the truth. Having lost Lost City, they were already like rootless drifters. They dared not go to the Kingdom of Norma, and the Desert Kingdom couldn’t accommodate them either. As for the New Continent, they had no delusions of meddling there. Besides bowing their heads to the queen, they had no other path to take.

After some discussion, the cardinals lowered their noble heads in unison before the queen. “Starting today, we are part of the New Church of Light.”

The Queen smiled.

The cardinals said, “When the Pope comes here to meet us, we will capture him and hand him over to you.”

Robb chimed in from the side with a sneer, “It’s better to avoid doing these kinds of things that betray your old lord in favor of pleasing your new one. There’s no need for you to intervene. Let the queen handle the Pope’s affairs herself.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The queen turned her head to glare at Robb, and truth be told, she did want to have those cardinals capture the Pope, considering it a way to test their sincerity in pledging loyalty. But she didn’t expect Robb to throw out a comment like that.

“Hey!” She protested with a “hey,” preparing for a lengthy argument.

Robb interjected before she could continue, “If you want your organization to be upright, don’t resort to shady tactics yourself. If you want decent people under you, don’t push them into becoming scum. Wouldn’t it be better to let them stand tall as humans?”

The queen: “…”

She sighed lightly. “Forget it, I can’t argue with you! Your theories are always so naive, yet you somehow manage to make these naive and ridiculous strategies work by relying on your unrivaled strength. Can’t I acknowledge that I’m impressed?”

Robb burst into laughter. “Rare to hear you admit it.”

The queen huffed, “I’m admiring your talent for talking nonsense. I think being admired in this aspect isn’t something to be proud of.”

Robb also huffed, “I don’t care what you’re admiring me for. Either way, if you admit defeat to me, then I’ve won.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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