After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 911

Chapter 911: United Efforts

The wind swept over the desert, lifting grains of sand that danced through the air. The Sphinx adjusted its position slightly, positioning itself between Robb, the Hero King, and the Queen. In the instant that the swirling sands reached the Sphinx, they were absorbed, no longer disturbing the three dignitaries engaged in their discussion.

Robb turned his head to glance at the Sphinx, then lowered his gaze to the respectful figures of Motra and the rebel leaders standing beside the Sphinx. He couldn’t help but smile and quip, “Actually, the true Pharaoh of the Desert Kingdom should be you, this lion. Those other so-called Pharaohs were just passing through. Only you have been the constant guardian of this desert.”

The Sphinx retorted with a touch of irritation, “First, you call me a lion, then you call me a person. Do you have to be this capricious?”

“Well, you are a lion with a human face, so technically, you’re both lion and person. I’m not wrong,” Robb casually replied with a grin. He then added, “And here’s a song for the guardian of the desert: ‘Only I, guarding the desert, await the blossoming…'”

Surprisingly, the Sphinx understood the language of Big Tang. It wasn’t for nothing that it had been a guardian beast for countless years. As it listened to the lyrics, it found itself captivated.

Robb chuckled, “Alright! Now that besides Big Tang, the most weighty leaders of this continent are all here, we can finally sit down and have a serious discussion.”

The Queen gave him a sidelong glance and quipped, “The small sesame-sized kingdoms can be overlooked, but the Big Tang is a superpower. Aren’t you going to invite them?”

“No need,” Robb said. “Nobody understands those guys better than I do. They’re super tricky, with personalities just as trollish as mine. Ignoring them is the best policy; otherwise, we might accidentally turn rabbits into fierce beasts.”

The Queen remained perplexed, not understanding his words, but she also wasn’t interested in dwelling on the matter.

With a serious tone, the Hero King said, “Godfather, please tell us what you want to discuss.”

“Alright, I’ll get straight to the point,” Robb said, adopting an uncharacteristically solemn expression. “I want to take down the Black Dragon.”

This statement didn’t surprise anyone. Those present were more or less aware that Robb intended to deal with the Black Dragon, and they knew that he had clashed with the dragon before.

“If this dragon isn’t eliminated, the Fengmo Continent will never know peace,” Robb explained. “And I’ll never be able to leisurely enjoy my days.”

“Are you trying to eliminate this dragon just for the sake of leisure?” The Hero King wore a perplexed expression.

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The Queen had grown accustomed to Robb’s manner, and she shot the Hero King a glance before remarking, “Regardless of the reason, isn’t getting rid of this dragon the right thing to do? This should be the responsibility of a hero. But you are now immersed in being a king and not doing the work.”

The Hero King remained silent, unable to argue against this.

Robb continued, “I don’t want to wait until the next year of the Black Dragon’s flight. Because when and where this dragon appears is unpredictable. We might not arrive in time to prevent another city from turning to ashes, countless lives lost. So, this time, I must take the initiative.”

The other leaders agreed with this sentiment. Even the Sphinx couldn’t help but pinch its own paw and chime in, “Yes! We should take the initiative this time, instead of always passively enduring attacks.”

Robb added, “I’ve been preparing the necessary equipment to deal with the Black Dragon, but I haven’t fully gathered it yet. Even if it’s not complete by the next year of the Black Dragon’s flight, I still have to confront the dragon. Therefore, I need all of you present to help search tirelessly for rare minerals, gems, and other materials.”

All of them nodded together. For the two kings and the Sphinx, this was a trivial matter. They didn’t even have to personally intervene. With a simple command, the entire machinery of their nations would start working to fulfill this task.

Robb continued, “Next, we need to address the question of how to kill the Black Dragon.”

He pointed to the northeast at the Jinghong Mountains, saying, “I followed the adventurers and took a look beneath the mountain where the Black Dragon resides. The peak it lives on soars into the clouds and is covered in snow. It’s not difficult for a small group of adventurers to climb a mountain like that, but we will need to ascend with a large army, which complicates matters significantly.”

Both leaders furrowed their brows upon hearing this. “That’s right! Sending a large army up a mountain is quite challenging.”

Robb explained, “So, it requires the two leaders to cooperate closely. Before the next year of the Black Dragon’s flight arrives, we must first conquer the natural hazards of this mountain and build a pathway for the army to ascend.”

Clearing a path in the face of obstacles and overcoming challenges. For the two kings, this task wasn’t particularly difficult. Throughout their long careers in warfare, they had led their forces to carve out countless paths. After all, weren’t engineers meant for tasks like this?

However, the Jinghong Mountains were no ordinary place. Unlike other locations, the terrain was treacherous, and it was teeming with monsters. Thinking of blithely constructing a pathway straight to the perilous peak, the leaders realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as they had initially thought.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The two exchanged a glance, then spoke simultaneously, “We will simultaneously deploy forces from both the north and south directions, entering the mountainous region to eliminate the monsters within the Jinghong Mountains. Once we’ve cleared the area of these creatures, we’ll start constructing the road for the army to ascend. There are still several years left until the next year of the Black Dragon’s flight, so we have enough time to prepare.”

The Sphinx also chimed in, “My Desert Kingdom will participate as well. We’ll deploy forces from the southwestern direction of the Jinghong Mountains and enter to eradicate the monsters.”

All the western nations of the Fengmo Continent were finally coming together to jointly launch an expedition to cleanse the mountains of monsters. This could be considered a historic moment. The minds of the kings were suddenly filled with a strange feeling: Why didn’t we do this earlier? We’ve had the capability to do so for a long time. Have we been foolish?

No! It’s not that they were foolish, but rather they were too clever! Their cleverness had been directed toward power struggles and personal gains, rather than being channeled into wisdom.

If it weren’t for the appearance of Godfather, if he hadn’t used his power and kindness to quell the wars between the three countries, to reunite humanity, they might still be locked in endless conflict.

At last, human strength had been unified. They were determined to create a true epic, to slay the malevolent dragon that had plagued them for centuries.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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