After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 916

Chapter 916: Profound Fire Palm Mastery

Kante raised his shield and exerted all his strength to push upward, but the seal was desperately pressing downward. The result of the two forces contending was that bit by bit, Kante was sinking towards the ground.

He was secretly astonished, this stone was quite peculiar. It looked like a falling rock technique, but the falling rock technique only caused instant damage. Once the impact was blocked by Kante’s shield wall, there shouldn’t be any subsequent force. However, this stone was different. After the impact was blocked by Kante’s shield wall, it kept exerting force downward continuously, and the force was no less than when it first fell.

Kante felt his feet sinking further into the ground by more than ten centimeters. He had a feeling that if he held on a bit longer, he would be pressed into the ground.

While he was desperately resisting the pressure of the seal, the rabbit suddenly floated forward. Tap, tap, both palms landed on Kante’s chest.

This time, he didn’t use a sword, as he also realized that Kante’s armor was strangely strong. Blades couldn’t penetrate it easily. To harm him, it was better to use his bare palms, infusing his cultivation into the palm power, then using his profound skills to thrust the power through the armor.

Kante didn’t take it seriously when he saw his opponent discard the sword and use palms. Little did he know, just as the two palms hit his chestplate, he felt two immense forces penetrating directly through the armor.

Kante was startled. Fortunately, his magic came from the robe inside he was wearing, and except for a few spells that required incantations, most of his spells were instantaneous. He quickly cast a “Wind Shield,” a defensive magic that activated with a mere thought. Just before the palm power pierced through his armor, the shield formed to protect him.

“Clang! Clang!”

Both palm forces struck the wind shield, and Kante could almost hear the sound of the shield shattering. Then, like two hammers, the two palm forces exploded upon his chest.

Kante grunted and staggered backward.

The seal followed, pressing down heavily. Kante was pushed into the soil, leaving him embedded in a large trench shaped like the character ‘大’.

The rabbit sneered, raising his sword again, intending to thrust it through Kante’s helmet’s eyes.

Just at that moment, the light from the transmission gate flickered, and a man in robes emerged from it. It was George. He extended his hand towards the rabbit, pointing at him, and shouted, “Who are you, scoundrel, daring to harm my dear friend? Let me show you the might of the Court Magician, George!”

He raised his hand, and a fireball gradually rose from his palm. Initially, it was only as big as a fingernail, but quickly it grew to the size of a ping pong ball…

The rabbit’s heart trembled: What technique is this? Fire Palm perhaps? This person’s Fire Palm was able to release such visible fireballs with external force, and these fireballs were getting larger and larger. How profound was this Fire Palm mastery? Could it be a cultivation of over a thousand years? I can’t take on this person, it’s better to flee quickly.

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He gave up on attacking Kante again, waving his hand to retrieve his Iron Wing Saint Seal, then tapped the ground with his foot and floated backward.

George exclaimed, shouting, “Don’t run! If you’ve got guts, stand your ground!”

However, before Shang Yang could translate, the rabbit had already leaped several times, reaching a distance of over ten meters. With a few more leaps, he vanished without a trace.

George snorted at the rabbit’s retreating figure. “He doesn’t dare face me head-on, a coward.”

From within the pit, Kante yelled, “Oh my goodness, I nearly thought I’d have to wait for resurrection. George, what are you doing there, stop showing off, come and help me up.”

“Can’t you get up on your own?”

“I’m a bit injured, oh, it hurts so much… And damn it, I’m trapped in this damn pit.”

George sweated, quickly moving closer and exerting effort to pull Kante out. However, Kante was heavy, and it took George quite a bit of strength to finally lift Kante out like pulling out a radish. He was left panting, “You big guy, you’re so heavy.”

Kante grumbled, “Help me back… damn it… those two palm strikes hurt so much… the strength in that person’s palms is immense. I don’t know why, but it hurt even more than getting struck by a sword. Next time, I’ll know not to casually take his palm strikes.”

George supported him as they entered the transmission gate. Shang Yang contemplated whether he should join them and go directly to Westwind City. Although Godfather didn’t like such actions, the circumstances seemed special this time. Well, let’s go, he waved to the members of the caravan, “Everyone, enter the gate. We’ll save some travel time this time, but let’s not make it a habit.”

The group passed through the transmission gate and arrived in Westwind City.

Most of Shang Yang’s team consisted of old subordinates, but there were also some newly recruited members, along with a malt master. For these newcomers, it was their first time using a transmission gate, and they couldn’t help but marvel. The old members, on the other hand, were used to it. Upon entering the gate, they immediately sent the goods to his business mansion in Westwind City.

With Shang Hui overseeing things in Westwind City, Shang Yang didn’t need to personally manage the goods’ transportation. Instead, he stayed close to Kante and George, knowing that they would likely have a lot of questions for him.

Little Yi emerged from the chapel and cast a few healing spells on Kante, whose complexion improved a bit. He was able to stand on his own without George’s support, which relieved him. He sighed heavily, saying, “The warriors of Big Tang are indeed powerful. Damn it, even though I’m considered strong here, I couldn’t match a single rabbit soldier.”

Shang Yang quickly reassured him, “Mr. Kante, you don’t have to think that way. The one you faced just now wasn’t a rabbit soldier; he was a ‘Knight-errant.’ It’s a unique cultural phenomenon in our Big Tang. In a one-on-one fight, many generals wouldn’t be able to match a ‘Knight-errant.’ If you couldn’t defeat him, it’s not a reflection of your skills.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Knight-errant? What’s that?”

“Probably similar to adventurers on this side.”

“Oh, I see.”

Shang Yang looked around and asked curiously, “Where’s Godfather? Why isn’t he in Westwind City? If Godfather were here just now, that guy wouldn’t have been able to escape, and we could have obtained that rare stone.”

Kante explained, “Godfather went to Shuangqing City in the New Continent. They’re intensively developing over there for some reason. I don’t know why Godfather is particularly focused on Shuangqing City. He even said he must build it to be just like his hometown. He’s currently planning a new city there and creating some strange attractions with names like ‘Qiqikou,’ ‘Hongya Cave,’ ‘Chaotianmen Dock,’ which are quite unfamiliar.”

Shang Yang was greatly surprised, “These names sound a bit like the style of my Big Tang. Ah, forget it, that’s not the point! The point is to quickly call Godfather and tell him what happened today.”

“Ah, right! Godfather is actively searching for various rare minerals. He’ll certainly be interested in this news.” Kante quickly took out his phone and called Robb to give him a summary of today’s events.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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