After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Do You Believe I’ll Kiss You forcefully?

New Continent, Shuangqing City…

Robb was using his bizarre ability to create two rivers, and he even decided not to give proper names to these two rivers. Instead, he randomly named them “Changjiang” and “Jialingjiang”. He then inserted a sign at the junction of the two rivers, labeling it as “Chaotianmen Dock,” and instructed workers to build a dock here.

This utterly nonsensical act left the workers utterly bewildered, but after all, he was the great Godfather. Whatever he said, they had to follow.

The workers could only toil away, constructing the Chaotianmen dock.

Suofa walked over and handed him a towel, while Lillian approached from another direction, offering him a bottle of water. Robb wiped his face with the towel, then took a sip of water from the cup Lillian was holding for him. He turned to Suofa and remarked, “Look at Lillian here, handing me water directly to my mouth. Why couldn’t you bring me the towel and wipe my face? Do I have to take the towel from you and do it myself?”

Suofa turned her head away and ignored him. He was someone who would take advantage of any opportunity, and there was no point in giving him the satisfaction. Regarding the matter of wiping his face with the towel, she had indeed neglected it this time. She only needed to remember it for next time and quietly carry out the task. There was no need to admit defeat by giving him an advantage.

Just then, a group of figures suddenly appeared on the hillside opposite the newly dug river. It was Xuelu, Gorda, Jike, and others, forming an eight-member adventurer team exploring the unknown lands in the western part of the New Continent.

The eight individuals descended from the hillside, and when they saw that what had been a slope not long ago was now a turbid river, they couldn’t help but look puzzled. They took out a voice-amplifying magical device and shouted towards the workers on this side, “What’s happening? Why is there suddenly a river here? How do we get back?”

The workers burst into laughter. “Don’t worry, this is a river dug by Godfather. We’ll ferry you across first and then build a bridge over the river later.”

A ferry boat sailed across the river, picking up the eight adventurers and bringing them to the other side. They walked up the embankment with confusion, arriving in front of Robb. Xuelu playfully wrapped her arm around Robb’s neck and said, “Dear, what’s with suddenly digging two rivers here? It’s so inconvenient.”

Robb chuckled. “Rivers have strong transportation capacity, and in some aspects, they can even surpass trains. Don’t underestimate them. Crossing a river is just a small inconvenience. Once we build bridges, it won’t be an issue anymore. By the way, how’s your exploration in the western region going?”

Chris took out a sheepskin map from his bag and unfolded it…

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Although Westwind City could now produce various types of cheap paper, adventurers who often faced strong winds and rain still preferred using parchment paper, as it was relatively more resistant to water.

The sheepskin map that Chris unfolded depicted an area to the west of Shuangqing City. The map was heavily marked, with all the labels and markers added by Robb using the game’s “marking” function, making them quite conspicuous.

Pointing at these markers, Chris introduced them one by one, “Here is an iron mine, here is a copper mine, here is silver, and here is a gold mine…”

After Chris finished his explanations, Robb’s expression remained unchanged. “Are these all the unoriginal things?”

Chris sighed, “There’s no other way! Although this is a new continent, most of the mineral veins are still basic ones. The rare minerals you mentioned are truly hard to come by.”

Robb said, “No worries, just keep searching. Here, bring out another map, I’ll mark the spots, and you can go look for them.”

“Sure!” Although Chris had sighed earlier, his expression now turned resolute. For adventurers, failure once, twice, or even a hundred times in the quest for mission items was all part of the game. Hadn’t they already gotten used to it? Failure just meant going back to look again.

He took out a smaller map of a different area and handed it to Robb.

Robb used the “mineral search” ability on the map and then marked every mining spot using the marking function. He handed the map back to Chris.

Chris chuckled, “Alright, then. Let’s go look for the mineral deposits marked on this map.”

Robb said, “Why the rush? Don’t you want to take a few days of rest before setting out again?”

Almost simultaneously, the eight adventurers shook their heads, “We need to find good ore as soon as possible and craft weapons. Only then can we challenge the Black Dragon. That’s the ultimate goal of all adventurers. We’re even more eager than you.”

Robb laughed, “Haha, fair enough! If you’re tired but happy, then I won’t discourage you.”

Humans were like this. When they were doing something they enjoyed, when they were moving toward their desired goals, their motivation was boundless. After the eight adventurers studied the map for a while, they boarded the ferry again, crossed the river, and headed towards the next area.

At this moment, the Queen suddenly walked over from a distant street. When she spotted Robb from afar, she immediately waved her hand.

Robb shook his head with a smile, “You, woman, it’s like you’re just walking around in my territory as if it’s your backyard. Weren’t we clear that you shouldn’t use the transmission gates casually? Now you’re running over here every few days? Aren’t you busy rebuilding the Black Earth Tower and sending troops to clear the demons in the Jinghong Mountains? Where do you find the time to keep coming to me?”

The Queen huffed, “So what if I’m coming to you?”

Robb retorted, “Do you believe I’ll kiss you forcefully?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Come on? Who’s afraid of who?” The Queen showed no concern for such a half-hearted threat. She walked up to Robb and stood still, looking at him sideways, in a posture that seemed to say, “You wouldn’t dare.” Unfortunately, she underestimated Robb’s shamelessness. When a beauty like her teased him, how could he let her escape?

Robb reached out and pulled her into his embrace, planting a firm kiss on her lips. Then he used his hands to hold her shoulders and created a bit of distance between them. “Alright, spill it. What brings you here?”

“Just a kiss and you’re already talking business? It’s not that easy,” the Queen hooked her arms around Robb’s neck, returning the kiss fiercely, leveling the playing field. She then pushed Robb away and said, “I came to tell you that my army has wiped out all the demons around the Demon King City. We’ve also dismantled the demon steel ore walls of the castle. Currently, we’re smelting the ores. Based on my estimation, those ores are only enough to make around twenty sets of demon steel armor.”

“Is that so? I roughly estimated the same, about twenty sets,” Robb sighed and said, “Still not enough, huh.”

“However, there hasn’t been any progress in discovering new ore deposits from various sources.”

The Queen’s expression turned serious. “If there’s no progress, we might have to rely on those twenty sets of demon steel armor, along with a mixed unit of Titansteel and Saronite, to fight against the Black Dragon.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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