After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 94

Chapter 94: The priest’s instrument of torture is amazing

Robb quickly coughed twice and said, “it’s not broken. It is intended to do so. It throws the villain out and hits him hard. You see, what a terrible bump he got. He literally went black and blue in an instant. Isn’t that scary? The final throw, which is the final punishment, is much worse than the previous rotations. I advise everyone to be kind and not do any wrong. If anyone wants to take an evil path, his fate will be this necromancer’s.”

The townspeople clapped their hands, “Father Robb’s instrument of torture is amazing!”

Once the people were guaranteed safety, they immediately wanted to settle down.

The White Birch refugees in the chapel, who had given up hope for life, only wanted to shudder in fear in the chapel before but seeing that Robb had easily repelled the army of the undead and captured the enemy necromancer alive. Moreover, the town had not suffered a loss, and their yearning for a better life immediately came back.

Most of the townspeople were excellent carpenters, and after Robb lent some axes and saws for them, the carpenters immediately took action and went up the hillside to cut wood!

A group of hunters was scattered around the carpenters to prevent them from being attacked by monsters such as goblins.

Before long, log after log was lifted, and the townspeople of White Birch Town showed their excellent carpentry skills and built rows of wooden houses on the hillside in a very short time. For the safety of these houses, excellent carpenters also specially built a high wall of wood encircling a large area of the wooden houses.

The original wall of Westwind Town is made of stone, but this is equivalent to adding a second area with wooden walls outside the town, making Westwind Town protrude like ‘凸’.

Robb’s church was located near the hillside at the edge of the town, a little away from the town center, but the new town was built on the hillside behind the chapel, surrounded by wooden walls. The chapel was inevitably sandwiched between two towns.

The environment around the chapel suddenly became lively. It used to take a long time for a townsman to pass by the chapel door, but now someone passes by every now and then, becoming as lively as the town center.

Of course, the happiest thing for Robb was that the White Birch refugees did not crowd in the chapel. They all moved out and lived in wooden houses. Every family desperately tried to get back on its feet, wanting to start a new life.

A group of White Birch hunters volunteered to join Robb’s “stockings factory” and entered the first group, the “spider raising group,” so they went hunting in the mountains to feed the hundreds of little spiders already growing up.

When they received their first salary from the cloth merchant, they suddenly found that the salary was quite high, which seemed to be higher than their income from hunting in White Birch Town. They couldn’t help thinking, [Should we still go back to White Birch Town after driving away the undead?]

In addition, some carpenters also took action, making all kinds of wooden furniture for the locals of Westwind Town in exchange for some rewards, and then quickly gained enough capital to settle down.

They were surprised to find that the townspeople of Westwind Town seemed to be very rich. Why did these people have so much money? They can afford to pay a lot of money for the furniture they make without frowning.

Upon careful inquiry, they found that many of the townspeople in Westwind Town had exchanged two buckets of juice from Robb for a bucket of Coca-Cola, and the last time the traveling merchant came to Westwind Town, he not only bought a lot of it from Robb but also bought a lot from the townspeople.

This has led to a great harvest for the people of Westwind Town!

In addition, after the arrival of the priest, there were all kinds of random tasks for people to do, such as repairing water towers, making iron pipes, changing copper pipes, offering a reward for rubber, a reward for strange and delicious food, and a reward for wild pork. Anyway, You get paid for all kinds of tasks.

How much money did Robb get from the merchants? A lot of it went to these townspeople. How can they not be rich?

The townspeople of White Birch Town, who have invested a little into their own work, have been paid a lot and feel that they have settled down enough.

Many of them began to wonder whether it was necessary to return after the war was over.

Robb finally sent out the refugees from the White Birch Town, but there were dozens more refugees from Stone Canyon in the chapel, which was very uncomfortable!

He still can’t take a bath in the yard and still has to put up with a group of people living like a mess in his own home.

At this time, at the stone table in the yard, Robb, Little, the three adventurers, and Lillian were talking about Stone Canyon.

Lillian had a pathetic expression on her lovely little face, but she was still sensible and didn’t ask anyone to save the people from Stone Canyon.

She didn’t ask, but Robb couldn’t ignore it.

He did not like the pitiful expression of his little maid. He hoped that she would laugh and smile as happily as before.

“To put it bluntly, I want to save the townspeople in Stone Canyon.” Robb said solemnly, “but I can’t leave Westwind town easily. If I leave, it will be attacked by an army of the undead, and it will only take a minute to fall.”

Little Yi and the three adventurers shrugged simultaneously, “You obviously just don’t want to run so far to Stone Canyon.”

“Ah!” Robb said, “Whether you see through it or not, we can still be buddies.”

Everyone spread their hands and said nothing. Everyone was used to Robb’s style of speaking.

Robb said, “I hope the four of you can take a trip to Stone Canyon, where there is only one necromancer apprentice and about two hundred skeletons. With your abilities, there should be no problem killing the apprentice and bringing back the townspeople from Stone Canyon. “

The three adventurers smiled and said, “No problem. Anyway, Mr. Robb has paid us enough for us to run around the Fengmo Continent. Let’s see if the nun is willing to go.”

Little Yi immediately put on a serious face, “Of course, I’ll happily go, no matter when, no matter where, as long as I can save the suffering, I am willing to do my best.”

The three adventurers spread their hands, “although we know that the Church of Light is not a good organization, a nun like you can still make us review our impressions of it.”

Little Yi said with a straight face, “Please do not speak ill of the Church of Light in front of a priest and nun. The rumors you have heard are false news deliberately spread by the believers of the God of Darkness to discredit us. The Church of Light has always been a kind and just organization.”


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