After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Mineral Search

“Mhm, if you say so.” The three adventurers were mature enough not to have a war of words with a nun. They waved to Robb and said, “Mr. Robb, we’ll go to Stone Canyon first. You just have to stay here and wait for the good news.”

Robb smiled and took out a scroll, which was exactly the same as the “strategic-grade portal scroll” taken out by the baron not too long ago, and handed it to Gorda, “after rescuing the people there, immediately open the portal and withdraw; otherwise, it’ll take a few days, I do not know what kind of trouble you’ll encounter if you do so. Just note that the person who releases the scroll must be the last to enter the door because the portal will disappear as soon as he enters. But before that person enters, the number of people this portal can move is unlimited. “

Gorda smiled and took the scroll, “That role suits me very well. People like me are always the last to enter and leave.”

However, Little Yi was stiff, “This… This strategic-grade item… You can just take this out?”

Robb spread his hand, “There are still many things I can do, so don’t be surprised.”

Xuelu pulled Little Yi’s arm and said, “Let’s go! Mr. Robb is unfathomable. He’s not as simple as you think, so don’t be surprised all the time. “

Afterward, Little Yi and the three adventurers left!

Robb turned to Lillian. “well, you can rest assured now. With the ability of the four of them, they can defeat a necromancer apprentice. It should be easy for them to save your aunt, but… After your aunt is rescued, she will definitely be beaten by me, so you should also be prepared. “

The expression on Lillian’s face was complicated; she had relief like a stone falling to the ground and a little worry about her aunt being beaten by Robb. It was hard to tell whether she was crying or laughing.

“Alright!” Robb said, “Don’t think about it anymore. Go and get the dozens of refugees from Stone Canyon. I must also make arrangements for them, lest they stay in my chapel all the time.”

Lillian hastened to call them, and soon dozens of refugees from the Stone Canyon stood at the side of the stone table, respectfully hanging their hands by their abdomen, and obediently listened to Robb’s arrangements.

Robb knew one of the middle-aged men. He was called Uncle Johnny by Lillian. He looked familiar, so he waved to Johnny and said, “You… you’re called Johnny, right?”

“Yes, My Father.” Like the townspeople of Westwind Town, the townspeople of the Stone Canyon have to respectfully call Robb their father.

Robb now has so many sons that he felt a little overwhelmed, “what do you people do back in Stone Canyon?” he asked.

Johnny said respectfully, “half of us are miners and masons, and the other half are farmers. The population of Stone Canyon is small, so we only have those.”

“Oh? So little?” Robb said.

Johnny said, “Stone Canyon is a valley full of stones. There are no tall trees in the valley and no animals to hunt, so we only have two industries: mining stones and growing crops. Fortunately, Stone Canyon is rich in all kinds of gemstones. As long as we dig up a good stone and wait for the merchant Pobo to buy it, it will be enough for us to eat for a year or two. To tell you the truth, I am a miner and gem cutter. I mine up a good stone, carve and polish it, and finally sell it to Pobo, a big merchant. “

He tapped gently on the table with one hand and asked, “now you can’t go back to Stone Canyon. Even if we can defeat the army of the undead in Stone Canyon, you dare not live there because no one knows when the next wave of undead will come. You can only settle down in Westwind Town.”

Johnny nodded sadly, “Right! We can’t go back. We’ll have to settle down in Westwind Town until this war is over. “

“How will you settle in Westwind Town?” Robb said, “you can’t live on me giving you potatoes all the time, can you? That kind of life is pointless.”

Johnny said, “We have farmers. We can make a living if we make a field on the hillside.”

When he said this, Robb immediately remembered, “by the way, you farmers from Stone Canyon seem to know how to grow beets.”

“We do! A lot of people know how to grow that thing,” Johnny said.

“That’s good. Then, after all the people from Stone Canyon have been rescued, we’ll open up a large area of land for agriculture to plant beetroot.” Robb said.

Johnny said, “Huh? A large area of land, just for beetroots? You won’t eat full.”

Robb said with a smile, “it doesn’t matter. I’m sure they’ll have enough to eat. Well, now the farmer problem is solved. Let’s talk about the miners and masons. In fact, I need all kinds of gemstones. I like using them to make beautiful necklaces and rings. However, now that the Stone Canyon has fallen, it is impossible to get these things normally, so I thought Westwind Town may have more than iron ore and copper mines. Westwind Town is not far from Stone Canyon. It only takes three days to travel between the two. I do not believe the geological difference between the two is great. We may even find a gemstone mine if you look carefully enough.”

Johnny shook his head and sighed, “We don’t do jobs such as surveying the area and looking for gemstone mines. It was through the shadow of one of our ancestors that we knew that there were gemstone mines in the Stone Canyon.”

Robb smiled, “Well, I can help you.”

Robb has a special ability called “Mineral Search”, which is the unique skill of the gem cutters in the game “Dark Blade”.

He took out the map of the mountains around Westwind Town and put it on the stone table in front of him, and activated “Mineral Search.” And instantly, there were two yellow dots on the map, which only he could see. Johnny can’t see it.

Robb reached out and pointed to one of the yellow dots, “Here! Tomorrow, you will take all the miners who have escaped to this spot and concentrate all efforts on digging this place. I think you will soon find something to live on. “

“Really?” Johnny was confused. How can he just casually open a map and say there is a gemstone mine here? Isn’t it a little hasty?


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