An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Please don’t disturb my studies

“Ninomiya-senpai, what can I do for you?”

Yagi Miyuki supported the rimless eyeglasses fixed on his nose and calmly looked at the stunning black-haired girl who seemed like she came from a 2D world.

She was Ninomiya Homura. Yagi Miyuki knew her. That is to say; no one doesn’t know her at the private St. Cronia High School.

Although he knew her, this was the first time Yagi had spoken to Ninomiya-senpai. Moreover, he was called out during class.


Ninomiya Homura coughed, her delicate and flawless face filled with inexplicable embarrassment. She gritted her teeth and said, “Yagi, I have something important to tell you. Can you come with me?”

Hello! Don’t say such things that would make people think you’re going to confess. Can’t you see the flames burning in the eyes of the people around us as if they wanted to burn me to death? You doing this will seriously affect my future studies!

There was a trace of resentment in Yagi’s eyes.

He doesn’t believe that Ninomiya-senpai, the one regarded as a goddess by the male population of the whole school, wants to confess to him. He ranked first in his grade on his first exam right after entering school, maintained a score within the top five of his grade on all subsequent tests, and was handsome. Not to mention that there were often girls who wanted to disturb his studies for the ridiculous reason of entering a relationship.

However, it was still his first time talking to Ninomiya-senpai! It is just strange for such a beautiful girl to like him.

Forget it. No matter what it is, I’ll just listen to her for a while; and warn her not to disturb my studies.

“Since you said so, let’s go,” he said with his expression remaining unchanged.

The experiences of his past and present life made Yagi aware that women are troublesome things, especially the existence of Ninomiya Homura, which will not only affect his studies but also bring him a lot of unnecessary troubles.

If you don’t believe me, the group of adolescent trash in the classroom looked at him as if they were about to breathe fire. He clearly just wanted to study!

This is all Ninomiya-senpai’s fault.

Yagi Miyuki is teeming with complaints in his heart.

“If Ninomiya-senpai has anything to say, please say it.”

Following Ninomiya Homura to the end of the corridor of the school building, Yagi Miyuki talked first.

“Then, let me get this straight.”

Ninomiya-senpai showed evident struggle in her dark, moving eyes. She made a 90-degree bow to Yagi that seniors shouldn’t do in front of their juniors and said, “You… you may think it’s sudden, but I’m serious. Yagi, please marry me! This is my once-in-a-lifetime request!”


Yagi Miyuki was left stupefied and doubted whether his ears were pregnant. He looked at Ninomiya-senpai for a moment, frowned, and said, “I seem to have heard it wrong. Can you repeat that?”

“I said—”

It is unknown how long a folded piece of the white paper has been in the hands of Ninomiya Homura, but she handed it to Yagi, and simultaneously, his face contorted: “Please marry me! Yagi.”

Yagi Miyuki’s face suddenly looked strange! What in God’s name is this! It’s marriage, not dating?! I wouldn’t have been so shocked if you said that you only wanted to date me!

“What are you handing over, a love letter?”

Yagi Miyuki took a cool breath and simultaneously took the paper handed by Ninomiya Homura. He opened it to take a look, and his hand trembled.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! (TL: I hope you don’t mind the language) Isn’t this a marriage agreement and not a love letter? Senpai, you’re moving too fast. It’s too hard for me to react!”

He saw that what he had in his hand was a “Marriage Agreement.” The column meant for the bride had been filled with “Ninomiya Homura”, and all other fields below were filled, as if it’s all going according to the legalities!

 Too many strange things happened today, right? This morning’s royal tea was also strange.

This Ninomiya-senpai too. Why is she disturbing my studies!

Frankly, though, Ninomiya Homura is also very attractive to Yagi. Whether it’s that perfect figure that a high school student shouldn’t have, that shiny jet-black hair that shines as black as silk, or those beautiful perfectly straight snow-white legs covered with black silk tights, all of them tempted him.

Since he was born into this world, only his arrogant sister, who was brought by his stepmother, who had eyes on the top of her head and looked at him with her toes, could stand on equal footing with her,


He is a man whose goal is to enter Eastern University! How can such a ridiculous thing delay my studies? It’s so stupid to fall in love in high school. Knowing that it will remain fruitless, why should I waste my precious time and life.

However, Yagi Miyuki didn’t know that Ninomiya Homura’s heart was also crumbling.

“What on Earth is this guy who calls himself system trying to do? Are you writing a novel? Why do I have to confess to this guy?”

Early this morning, as soon as she came to the classroom to sit down, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in her mind while she was reading a book.

“Ding! System binding error! Host incompatible. Unable to separate, host change initiated– “

“Host change complete. Main Mission: Become a legal couple with Yagi Miyuki, a junior of the same school, before graduating college. Reward: Charisma +100. Failure of Task: Death!”

“Side mission started, Seduction Plan (1/30): Confess and propose to Yagi Miyuki before class ends! Reward for completing the task: Charisma +1. Penalty for failure: Leg Length -10cm, Charisma -50!”

After a moment of confusion, Ninomiya Homura reluctantly believed that it wasn’t someone pulling off a prank on her but that she actually had something called a system in her head!

But… who is Yagi Miyuki? Why do I have to marry him? And what did it mean by shortening my legs by 10 centimeters?! Is this a ghost story?!

Giving up and confused, Ninomiya Homura followed her heart and asked others about the strange junior, Yagi. Then, here we are.

Without thinking about it much, Yagi thought about his reply. He held his glasses up, and with the light of wisdom reflected on his lenses he said, neither humble nor arrogant: “Ninomiya-senpai, no matter what game you played with your friend and lost a bet or for any other reason you had to say those words to me, I only have one thing I want to say—Please don’t disturb my studies! Of course, my answer will remain unchanged even if you’re serious.”


TL: Hello everyone, MaxieWaxie here! I just wanted to say that this is the second novel I’m translating. I hope that you guys aren’t too disappointed by my translating skills.


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