An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Little Blonde Who Rushed into the Room

“Was I rejected?”

Looking at the figure of Yagi Miyuki fading into the distance, Ninomiya Homura wasn’t too surprised; however, her face revealed a complicated expression.

“Sure enough, this system won’t give me any missions that can be easily accomplished. Should I feel lucky or angry?”

Ninomiya Homura rubbed her forehead as the annoying mechanical sound appeared again in her mind.

“Ding! You have a new mission. Please check it out!”

“Guiding Program (2/30): If you want to catch a man’s heart, you must first grasp his stomach! The host should make a lunch full of love for her future husband, Yagi Miyuki, tomorrow and be appreciated! Reward: Charm +1. Failure of Task: Cup size reduced to A, Charm -30!”



When Yagi returned to Class A, he calmly slid into his seat under the gazes of the male students. He pulled out an extracurricular English module under his desk and read it as though nobody else was present.

He was previously a college student from a university in a neighboring country. His name was written as Mu Xingzhi in his household register. When he went out with his roommate one day to surf the internet, he was hit by a biker.

It was then that a sudden realization came. His parents raised him for nothing.

It was the end of his 22 years of life, but when he opened his eyes, he became an amazing person.

After living under the name ‘Yagi Miyuki’ in Japan for a year, he’d already found a goal and a good mindset. Have an ordinary family, no system, no golden finger, don’t actively change world culture, and don’t become a copyrighter to get rich.

In his previous life, he was rejected several times in college entrance examinations and failed to get himself admitted to a good university. If nothing happened, he was afraid that graduation would mean unemployment.

Now that he has the opportunity to start over again, he will study to get admitted to a well-known university to live a simple life!

Study hard, improve daily! That’s what we scholars ought to do!

“Tell me the truth.”

“Now, confess, and we will spare your life!”

At the time of Yagi Miyuki’s self-motivation period, several boys who boasted previously that they had a good time with him gathered around him and rubbed their hands angrily.

“Yagi! What an enviable bastard you are! Say, what does Ninomiya-senpai want with you?”

A small, dark-skinned boy who looked like an African friend, looking like a monkey from a distance, said angrily!”

Sazawa Heifu, assigned to the seat in front of him when he entered the school last semester, looked like a true African. But no, in reality, he was a Japanese who looked like an African!

“Sazawa, don’t do this. Yagi is popular. It’s not surprising that Ninomiya-senpai confessed her love to him, right?”

Standing at the side of Sazawa Heifu was someone with a gentle temperament. He was about 1.65 meters tall. His facial features are exquisite, seeming to have no problem dressing in female clothing.

This classmate of his, who seems more attractive than a cute girl in her prime, is called Matsumoto Seiya. Like Sazawa Heifu, Matsumoto Seiya also belongs to the group of friends Yagi Miyuki made during the first semester.

“Did Ninomiya-senpai confess her love to you? Say something!”

Hearing Matsumoto’s words, Sazawa Heifu not only did the opposite but became even more excited instead.

Yagi scanned the classroom calmly and found that many people were attracted by Heifu’s loud voice.

Ah, just let me study!

“No, you’re thinking too deeply about it. Ninomiya-senpai only came to me to talk about some minor matters.”

I absolutely can’t admit t!

Yagi Miyuki responded vaguely. In fact, if it isn’t necessary, he doesn’t want to lie to his friends either. After all, if he’s exposed, he may lose their trust.

But the fact that Ninomiya-senpai asked him to marry her can’t be exposed!

How annoying. How bothersome. She only met me once, but it’s already so annoying. I shouldn’t get involved with Ninomiya-senpai; otherwise, my quiet school life is over!


Sazawa Heifu looked at Yagi Miyuki incredulously but didn’t ask any further, probably because he felt that the superior Ninomiya-senpai was unlikely to confess her love to a junior.


Sazawa Heifu sighed, dismayed, and said, “It’s already the second semester of our first year in high school. I was determined to find a lovely girl and fall in love as soon as I entered high school. Yet why can’t anyone understand my charm? Yagi, how can I be as popular with girls as you and Matsumoto?”

Yagi looked contemptuously at the guy standing near his desk.

Your charm? Are you referring to the curly hair on your head that modern science and technology aren’t capable of producing? Or are you talking about your carbonized skin that requires you to be expelled from your current nationality? Or are you referring to your body as skinny as a skeleton?

Sazawa, it’s not that I judge people by their appearance, but you don’t have any beauty to speak of! Women are creatures that like to look at faces!

You are better off praying to find a girl who pays attention to your inner qualities instead. But might as well ask if any female students like guys like him in school.

“What kind of girl do you like, Yagi? Last time, Mizuki from the class beside ours confessed to you, but you rejected her. She grew to be awesome too.

Seeing that Yagi Miyuki didn’t reply, the talkative Sazawa Heifu continued to talk.

“As I said, I have no plans to fall in love yet. Alright, the bell’s ringing. Return to your seat.”

As Yagi patiently went through all that troublesome talk, the sweet sound of the bell finally rang, driving away Sazawa Heifu and Matsumoto Seiya.

This is math class, so Yagi listens attentively and carefully. Although he used to be a college student, his four college years had caused him to forget most of his previous high school knowledge with which he didn’t have a solid foundation. Even in English, wherein he barely passed CET-4, it wasn’t great. He belongs to the type who can do written work, but orally, his English is terrible.

If I don’t work hard now, I won’t even have the right to speak about well-known universities.

“Yagi, let’s go to the cafeteria. There will be a long line waiting if we are late.”

His morning classes passed quickly. At the urging of Sazawa Heifu, Yagi reluctantly stopped and kept his incomplete reading comprehension problem.

“Let’s go.”


At that moment, the classroom door was suddenly pushed open, hitting the wall heavily! The loud noise startled Yagi Miyuki.

There, a person with a height of about 1.5m, with blonde, slightly curly and fluffy hair, tender and delicate face appeared. She had slender and straight legs covered with snow-white knee socks. Her petite and exquisite body was covered by a high school uniform, but she had some characteristics of a mixed-blood – a little loli. She eagerly rushed into the classroom!

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