An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 3

Chapter 3: You agreed not to leave me

“Ah… Little Yu?”

Looking at the loli who rushed in, Yagi Miyuki, who had stood up, was stupefied. He held his glasses up, flabbergasted at the situation.

He couldn’t be any more familiar with her. Because… the little blonde loli, who looked to be only twelve or thirteen years old, was his childhood sweetheart – Sakura Manyu!

Of course, from the memories he inherited from the original “Yagi Miyuki”, Sakura Manyu and his relationship were a thing of the past. And after what happened in junior high school, their relationship gradually became more and more estranged to the point that they wouldn’t even greet each other when they ran into each other.

“This is not a dream, right?”

When she saw Yagi Miyuki, her eyes blurred, and she fogged up in disbelief.

“Little Yu.”

He inherited everything from the original “Yagi Miyuki,” including his previous memories and feelings for her. The childhood friend he’d been with for more than ten years was crying in front of him. And under the gazes of the whole class, Yagi walked toward his childhood friend, who was blocking the door with teary eyes. He couldn’t turn a blind eye to her.


Not waiting for Yagi to say another word, Sakura Manyu rushed up, put her arms around his waist, and buried her little head on his stomach, crying loudly!

“Woo – you big liar! You agreed not to leave me! I thought… I thought I’d never see you again!”

That’s a lot of new information!

Feeling the stabbing gazes around him, Yagi Miyuki couldn’t stay unperturbed!

Hello?! Sakura Manyu! Please don’t say it like I’ve just crawled out of a coffin! And which ghost agreed that he wouldn’t leave you? When did we have a deal? Thanks to you, I’ve become a pervert who had illicit relations with a loli and abandoned her halfway!

“Isn’t that Sakura Manyu from Class D? I didn’t expect Yagi to be such scum! I used to think that he was a model student.”

“I’m afraid that he’s tired of living. Sakura Manyu is the star player in the kendo department. She’s powerful! Playing with her feelings is definitely a death sentence, right?”

“Yagi is finished.”

While everyone was talking, Sakura raised her little head. Her teary and hazy eyes could make a lolicon burst into pieces on the spot. But then she stared at Yagi Miyuki, looking a little dazed and grateful…

Speaking of which, Sakura Manyu is the one who can’t believe this is happening. She thought that she was in a light novel with a chaotic plot. She can’t believe she crossed over to a parallel world!

She and Yagi Miyuki grew up as childhood friends in the world she originally lived in. On the day they were about to enter senior high school, the world seemed to have started to record a sudden change in plot.

Just like in a movie, a zombie virus swept over the world. On that day, St. Cronia High School was attacked by zombies, and more than 90% of its students and teachers were infected. With the help of her childhood sweetheart, who suddenly became mature and stable, she and the survivors drove the bus out of school.

“We agreed that all will be alright, that you won’t leave me! You big liar!”

Sakura Manyu closed her eyes but couldn’t stop her tears. What happened that day is still vivid in her mind.

Because of her arrogance, she dared to fight more than 50 zombies with a half-broken samurai sword she picked up, which almost caused their survivor stronghold to fall.

After the samurai sword broke, she thought it was all over, but her childhood sweetheart, who had become quite distant since high school, took the initiative to attract the zombies in her stead. He pushed her to a safe zone and was swarmed by the zombies. She comforted herself as she cried incessantly. He would stay with her forever; he must keep on living.

It’s over… my high school life is over…

Listening to the words coming from the crowd around him, such as beast, scumbag, and human trash, Yagi stiffened and hugged Sakura Manyu tightly in front of him.

It was as if she was afraid he would disappear. There was something in her heart that she wanted to say but didn’t know how to.

“Little… Little Yu, what happened? We grew up together. Tell me what’s going on!”

Looking at Sakura full of tears, I felt pity for the little thing. However, Yagi still failed to say anything meaningful. Stressing the word “childhood sweethearts” to save his skin, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the blonde loli’s tears.

Regardless, Sakura Manyu is the childhood friend he grew up with. They were born in the same hospital on the same day, month, and year. The relationship between their families has always been close as well. No matter what, they can’t let each other go.

“It’s alright.”

Sakura Manyu shook her head and showed a sweet smile. After crying her heart out, she was full of hope for a new life.

It’s great! It’s great to be in this world! This time, me and brother Yagi need to… get married!

Although brother Yagi was very irritating when he was in junior high school, he was willing to sacrifice his life for her. He must still like her. No, he loves her! No matter which world, he loves her!

I have to go back and calm down now. I need to think about how to become the wife of brother Yagi.

“I just had a nightmare when I dozed off in class. I’m relieved. Brother Yagi is alright.”

Did you dream that I was dead? Don’t dream of such a thing! What if it actually happens?!

Yagi was so angry that he got a toothache.

“Well, I’ll go first. I’ll make a bento for you tomorrow, brother Yagi.”

Looking at Sakura Manyu, seemingly relieved from a nightmare, smile, turn away, and leave, Miyuki Yagi was utterly baffled.

How did we suddenly make up? Haven’t you ignored me for almost three years since that incident? She’ll also make me a bento… is she trying to poison me with her cooking skill that can destroy the earth and sky just by frying an egg?

“Ya — gi!”

Just then, Sazawa Heifu came over with an already dark face and said with envy and jealousy, “Did you and Sakura Manyu grow up together as childhood sweethearts? I have never heard you talk about it! Although the girls said that if you put your hand on Sakura Manyu, you’ll get trashed and declared a lolicon officially, she’s still super cute!”

“We’re just ordinary childhood sweethearts.”

Yagi Miyuki raised his glasses and said silently, looking at the students in the classroom who hadn’t gone off to eat lunch yet. He felt he was getting farther and farther away from the quiet high school life he had wanted.

Damn it, I really saw a ghost today. This morning, my little sister, who hadn’t paid attention to me since junior high school, came to wake me up. After class, the school’s flower, Ninomiya-senpai, confessed to me. And now, my childhood sweetheart is here… I really can’t study in peace!



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