An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Tokyo’s Mermaid

“Yagi, you didn’t join a club last semester. Are you planning on joining the Go-home club again?”

“I don’t have time. I’ve been working recently.”

Yagi Miyuki packed his schoolbag while casually dealing with the annoying Sazawa Heifu.

Living an ordinary Japanese High School life is fulfilling; however, with that, it is essential to join a club. Yagi doesn’t intend to waste his spare time doing club work. He’s been loyal to the Go-home club since last semester. This so-called Go-home club means going home as soon as school ends.

“Are you planning on working again? If you waste all your youth on such a thing, you’ll regret it in the future.”

Yagi Miyuki ignored Sazawa Heifu.

The vast majority of senior high school students in Japan had jobs. Working during high school can be said to comply with the norms of Japanese society.

As a senior high school student with a father he isn’t close with and a stepmother he doesn’t like, Yagi is more than willing to spend his spare time earning some pocket money.

He’s been working in a convenience store since last semester started, but he had to quit because his family went to Hokkaido during the summer.

Now that he’s used up most of his savings, he has to get himself ready to find another part-time job; otherwise, he’d have to reach out to his parents to pay for his studies.

“Mr. Yagi.”

Yagi had just picked up his briefcase-style schoolbag and was ready to leave when a skinny girl with freckles suddenly approached him and told him, “There is someone outside looking for you.”

“Is someone looking for me again?”

Yagi Miyuki frowned immediately. He’s been turned into the butt of public criticism twice today, so he’s feeling a little nervous.

“Ah, it seems to be a senior high school teacher. She’s a little familiar.”

The freckled girl nodded.


Yagi Miyuki breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you. Then, I’ll excuse myself first.”

“Mr. Yagi, I’m sorry to bother you again. The school president called you over.”

Yagi walked towards the classroom door and looked at the female teacher in her twenties, dressed in a western-style suit and wearing gold eyeglasses. From there, he knew immediately that his idea of going home immediately after school was shattered.

St. Cronia High School is a private school with tuition so expensive that it can be said to be a school for aristocrats. The school’s students are all rich, powerful, and prominent, and even the school’s poorest students have some assets.

However, Yagi Miyuki is an exception. He got a scholarship through his excellent grades and was exempted from all tuition and fees.

Of course, there can be no free lunch in the world. While the school finances you, you must also do stuff for the school.

For example, in an English competition for high school students in Tokyo last semester, Yagi Miyuki was asked by the school president to take part in it. Fortunately, he had sufficient knowledge and a great foundation, so he won a silver medal. It’s a boost for the school’s credibility. If you fail to receive awards, the school might stop financing you.

However, while his father can finance his studies, he doesn’t plan on burdening his family, especially considering the high tuition fee of St. Cronia. His sister is also studying in St. Cronia but in middle school instead.

“Please, what is it this time?”

Yagi Miyuki’s head is aching. If this is troublesome, he’d really have to give up going home immediately.

The capable short-haired teacher, Inoue, calmly said, “You’ll know when you go.”

Yagi nodded and said no more.

When he arrived at the school president’s office, which was elegantly organized, spacious, and comfortable, he saw that other than the middle-aged bald-haired and fat-bellied school president, another student was present. He knows her, but she may not know Yagi.

This student possesses cherry-pink hair that trails over her shoulders that can gather people’s attention wherever she goes.

She had a slim figure, delicate skin, and a healthy bronze complexion. Sitting upright in front of the school president, her name is Narase Mero.

“It was rude of me to call you here suddenly this time, Yagi.”

“You are too kind.”

Yagi Miyuki looked away from Narase Mero, who was called “Tokyo’s Mermaid” at school. He suppressed the sudden foreboding in his heart and greeted the school president, whom he had dealt with many times.

“As a matter of fact, I asked you to come here because I have something important to ask you to do. I hope you’ll accept.”

“President, as a student of St. Cronia High School, it is my honor to contribute to the school.”

Yagi Miyuki said rigorously.

The bald president coughed, looked at the pink-haired girl sitting in front of him, and said, “Yagi, you must know Narase, right? The star student of our school.”

“Of course.”

Yagi Miyuki nodded.

Narase Mero is a celebrity in St. Cronia. She is different from Ninomiya-senpai; although she’s also quite cute and beautiful, her fame doesn’t stem from her beauty. She’s a monster.

Looking at Narase Mero, who was blinking with her pair of bright purple eyes. She looked harmlessly at him and showed a youthful smile.

Monster, monster, monster. He had to say the word three times to acknowledge that she was a monster.

Why’s she called a monster?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Women’s Swimming Competition attracted national attention just a year ago and made this guy famous!

At that time, he was still in middle school. The 15-year-old-old Narase Mero showed her expertise and might in the two-day Tokyo Women’s Swimming Competition. Hanging hammers on all evil, she made the whole country shocked.

Whether it’s a professional, a female college student, or a female high school student, all shiver at her feet. She broke four national records in just two days! Three of them broke Asian records, and she was named Tokyo’s mermaid!

In the days when her popularity peaked and made headlines daily, it was said that many entertainment companies approached her and offered excellent terms for her to sign.

Ultimately, they were all rejected, and then she was admitted to St. Cronia’s middle school department as a sports enrollee.

“Here’s the thing.”

The present sipped his tea slowly and continued, “As you know, many well-known universities have raised their standards for sports enrollees, especially in English. Narase’s grades are extremely worrying. While you are still in first grade, you have plenty of time. So I hope that you can tutor her.”


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