An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 5

Chapter 5: My little sister can’t act like a good wife and loving mother

Yagi Miyuki was shocked! He hurriedly said, “President, I’m afraid to say I’m not dependable enough for his. Shouldn’t this task be handed over to a teacher? My knowledge is limited, so I might delay Narase-san instead.”

You gotta be kidding me! If I take this task, I’d have to hang out with Narase Meru daily! Regardless of the difficulty of the matter, the impact of tutoring a star student is enough to give him a severe headache. He clearly just wants to study quietly. Why is it that everything wants to disturb his peaceful high school life?

“Oh, Yagi is really too modest. I made this decision after careful deliberation. I believe that with your grades, there will be no problem in tutoring Narase.”

The bald President said with a smile. His fat face bloomed like a chrysanthemum, and his eyes squeezed into a seam, which looked particularly suspicious.


Yagi was about to argue with reason, but he was suddenly interrupted by the school president.

“Yagi, the school’s demands for scholarship students, are getting higher and higher, and I am also under a lot of pressure. If I see that Narase’s grades have improved by the end of the semester, then your qualifications as a scholarship student in the future will not be questioned.”

“Please, please give me the task of tutoring Narase-san.”

Yagi Miyuki looked livid and barely squeezed this sentence out of his mouth.

It’s a threat! A naked threat! If I don’t agree to this, my qualification as a scholarship and free student will be questioned?! Damn it! That’s the only one I can’t ignore.

“Well, I’ll give her to you.”

The school president nodded with satisfaction.

“Then, Naruse-san, do give comments and advice from now on.”

Walking out of the school president’s office, Yagi sighed in dismay.

“Just call me Narase or Mero.”

Standing next to Yagi, Narase Mero blinked her bright purple eyes, her body exuding an aura of youthfulness. She smiled at Yagi and said, “Although it’s my first time meeting you, please advise me for the rest of my life! Yagi-san”

Haha, aren’t you a good talker? If you can talk, then you can write books!

And please advise me for the rest of my life? Don’t talk as if we’re getting married! There is a limit to being a natural airhead.

“I see.”

Yagi stood straight with a headache and looked at the young girl who didn’t seem clever. He didn’t bother to retort to her words, and said directly, “since I promised the school president, then you are my responsibility.”

Now that he promised, if he doesn’t do it, the President might let him regret his decision, so it’s better to do it honestly.

Regardless, it’s not bad to be a “Tutor,” He neither hates a cheerful girl like Meru Narase, even though it’s troublesome.


Narase Mero smiled sheepishly and said, “In fact, I don’t know how to study at all, so I have to trouble you, Yagi-sensei.”

With that, she also playfully spit out her small tongue at Yagi Miyuki.

“No, just call me Yagi.”

Yagi was momentarily speechless from the cuteness. To recover his demeanor, he hurriedly shook his head and waved his hand, coldly telling himself that he won’t eat this set.

“Official tutoring will start tomorrow.”

Yagi held his glasses up and said, “I’ll see you after class tomorrow. No, let’s meet in the library after class.”


Narase Mero responded with some excess energy, showing the temperament of a beautiful young girl. It was capable of infecting people to smile.”

Looking at Yagi Miyuki, who turned and disappeared into the corner, Narase Mero pulled her long, supple pink hair, distressed, and muttered, “It’s so hard to act human. I just want to go home quickly and have a good sleep.”


“I’m back.”

Yagi pushed open the door, and though there wasn’t anyone at home, he still gave the customary greeting.

His father is a workaholic. After graduating, I heard that he was chosen and admitted to a famous law firm in Tokyo. With his efforts, he’s now quite famous in Japan and is called “The Wise Debater” and flew all year round.

Just yesterday, he told him that he was going to Kyushu to defend a brother of his and flew together with aunt Ryoko.

Leaving his little sister in his care…

When Yagi Miyuki was three years old, the wise debater, Sohyon, married his assistant Ryoko. From their marriage, his one-year-old sister, Yagi Michako, was born.

Speaking of his little sister… let’s not talk about it. Yeah, let’s not talk about it…

Yagi shook his head and stopped thinking about his little sister, whose attitude towards him worsened. After changing his shoes, he went to the kitchen.

Due to his father’s irresponsible nature, his skill in cooking is very good. If aunt Ryoko isn’t home, he usually prepares his meal.


Before reaching the kitchen, he suddenly frowned. Listening to the faint sound of a kitchen knife and the chopping board, he was shocked and said, “Is Aunt Ryoko back?”

Just then, a petite, beautiful person with long black shoulder-length hair, wearing a pink apron, came out of the kitchen. She looked to be a 13 or 14-year-old girl, holding a kitchen knife in her pale hands.

“Mi.. Michako?”

Yagi Miyuki was startled! He looked at her hands which held something that looked like a functioning kitchen knife, and took two steps back subconsciously.

“Welcome home.”

Yagi Michako smiled like a good wife and mother, which wasn’t in line with her tender and youthful face. She walked with her straight legs and said, “Brother, do you want to eat or bathe first? The hot water is ready, but dinner will take a while.”

Where is the evildoer at?

Yagi Miyuki took a deep breath, and his eyes widened. He looked in horror and was momentarily struck speechless.

He stupidly took another look. What’s that line of yours meant for a wife waiting for her husband to come home? Should I eat you first, according to the script?!”

Shouldn’t you be acting as you have usually done? Aren’t you supposed to look at me with cold eyes and hum as you pass by, finally turning back to look at me with contempt?!

And you, cooking? Are you okay with the kitchen? Come on, put down the knife. It’s not in line with your character!

My little sister can’t act like a good wife and loving mother.


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