As I Faked Amnesia, My Love Rival Claimed that I am His Boyfriend
As I Faked Amnesia, My Love Rival Claimed that I am His Boyfriend 1

Chapter 1: The Two Mismatched Individuals?

Ling Yunfan’s life was smooth sailing eighteen years ago.

He grew up in a well-off family and never had to worry about food, clothing, or shelter. At the age of fourteen, he confirmed that he was an alpha and gradually became a popular figure on campus.

With his handsome appearance, cheerful personality, and friendly demeanor making him the object of admiration and infatuation for most people in their youth.

If there was any trouble for Ling Yunfan at that time, it was only with Ji Canghai, who was also an alpha in the same grade.

Ji Canghai and Ling Yunfan were completely different types of people.

Ling Yunfan was warm and sunny.

Ji Canghai was cold and calm.

Ling Yunfan had many brothers, and they would hang out after class, playing games and discussing sports.

Ji Canghai was always alone, reading and contemplating quietly after class.

Ling Yunfan could eat two bowls of rice in one breath and claimed that anyone who didn’t eat actively had a problem with their brain.

Ji Canghai would chew a piece of bread for two minutes, claiming that eating should be done slowly and carefully for a healthy body.

No matter who looked at it, these two people had nothing to do with each other.

But they were known throughout the school as mortal enemies.

In fact, Ling Yunfan always found it inexplicable. He believed that he had never provoked Ji Canghai.

However, Ji Canghai had always been provoking him.

In every big or small exam, Ji Canghai would compete with him for the first place. In math competitions, Ji Canghai would grab his spot, and in sports events, he would snatch his position.

For a while, Ling Yunfan applied for evening self-study, but to his surprise, Ji Canghai also started attending evening self-study and would stay in the classroom for ten extra minutes to study before leaving.

He really took the phrase “annoy someone to death” to heart.

These things didn’t bother Ling Yunfan too much. He was not the kind of narrow-minded person. Ji Canghai’s academic achievements were due to his own hard work and Ling Yunfan admired him for it.

But there was one thing that Ling Yunfan couldn’t stand.

Almost everyone who has confessed their feelings or affection to him would soon go and cozy up to Ji Canghai.

What’s going on? Can Ji Canghai’s proud youth awaken the sleeping soul, and can his own youth can only awaken the heart of someone who admires Ji Canghai?

Although Ling Yunfan felt disgusted about this, he didn’t say or do much other than staying away from those people and Ji Canghai.

Is the game not fun enough to play? Or are there not enough exercises to do? How can shallow love imprison a heart that loves both freedom and learning? Damn it, I don’t want to be the registration office for Ji Canghai’s love every day!

Later on, some rumors about Ji Canghai gradually spread, saying that he was a scumbag who liked to flirt with people and then ignore them.

However, despite this, Ji Canghai’s appearance and temperament were still irresistible, attracting one person after another.

In fact, by the end of their first year of high school, the two of them were just secretly competing with each other.

The real conflict erupted in their second year of high school.

That year, a beautiful and delicate-looking omega transferred to Ji Canghai’s class, and he would cling to him every day. The two of them were always together, and everyone thought they were dating.

After learning about the omega’s presence, Ling Yunfan was ecstatic and immediately clapped his hands in joy. After all, if Ji Canghai was blinded by love, the title of top student in their grade would be within his grasp.

“Bring on the first place trophy!”

But then the midterm exam rankings were announced. The list showed that Ji Canghai was ranked first in the grade, while Ling Yunfan was in second place.

Ling Yunfan, “…”

Ling Yunfan wanted to shed tears.

Who was neither in love nor the top student in their grade?

Oh, it was himself, the unlucky guy.

But it didn’t matter, Ling Yunfan still had a group of good friends.

His friends put their arms around Ling Yunfan’s shoulders and laughed heartily, “Brother Fan, didn’t you confidently claim that you would definitely take first place this time? How come you were beaten by Ji Canghai again? Hahaha.”

Ling Yunfan, humiliated and angry, slammed his friend down on the desk and started hitting him.

The other brothers approached with laughter, “Okay okay, Brother Fan is already amazing. This is the second place in the year, even if you gave me ten brains, I couldn’t get it.”

“Brother Fan, in my heart, you’re a hundred times stronger than that dead-faced Ji Canghai!”

“What a hundred times, it’s a thousand times, ten thousand times, haha.”

“That’s right, let’s go, don’t think about those annoying things, let’s play ball.”

“Let’s go!” Ling Yunfan shook off his troubles, slapped the table and stood up, exuding an air of heroism.

Time flew by as they played and laughed, and before they knew it, the sunset had arrived. The empty school was now silent, and even the duty student had gone home, leaving only the sound of basketballs hitting the ground echoing across the empty playground.

It was getting late, and Ling Yunfan and his friends packed up the basketball, drank half a bottle of water, wiped the sweat from their faces and necks, and put on their school jackets, ready to go home.

Just then, a breeze carrying the dry scent of early summer grass and trees brushed past them.

Ling Yunfan stood frozen in place.

His brothers beside him were puzzled, “What’s wrong, Brother Fan? Aren’t you leaving?”

Ling Yunfan asked, “Did you smell something?”

His beta brother wrinkled his nose and sniffed hard, “What scent? All I smell is sweat.”

Ling Yunfan said, “It’s the creamy fragrance of bread baking or cakes.”

“Huh?” His brother scratched his head, “Are you hungry, Brother Fan?”

“I’m not…” Ling Yunfan didn’t finish his sentence, suddenly realizing something, he changed his tone, “Yes, I’m a little hungry.”

His brother put his arm around Ling Yunfan’s shoulder and laughed, “Then let’s go eat! What are we waiting for?”

“You guys go eat first.” Ling Yunfan handed the basketball in his hand to his brother, “I suddenly remembered that I left something in the classroom.”

After saying that, he turned and left hastily, ignoring his brothers’ confused shouts behind him.

At this moment, the vast campus was quiet and empty, and the scent wafted in the air. But Ling Yunfan was an alpha after all. After searching for a while, he stopped in front of a small tin shed in the corner of the playground.

The shed was originally used to store sports equipment and sundries, but at the moment, it emitted a scent of butter and cheese mixed with a baking aroma.

If Ling Yunfan didn’t feel wrong, this scent came from the pheromones of an omega in heat.

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