As I Faked Amnesia, My Love Rival Claimed that I am His Boyfriend

Raw Title: 假装失忆后情敌说我是他的男朋友

Author: 伊依以翼

Translator: sylph

Update: 10 months ago

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Alpha x Alpha pairing, ABO setting

The love-starved and cunningly malicious top x the bottom who’s constantly trying to bring the top back on track.

They say youth is full of troubles.

But for Alpha Ling Yunfan, during his school years, his only trouble was another Alpha, Ji Canghai.

Ling Yunfan couldn’t figure it out no matter how much he racked his brains.

Why did almost everyone who had expressed their affection or interest in him, end up getting cozy with Ji Canghai in a few days?

What, can Ji canghai’s proud youth gently awaken a dormant soul, while his own youth can only awaken the soul of someone who admires Ji Canghai?

Later on, the two went their separate ways in society.

Ling Yunfan was deceived by his friends and owed a lot of money.

It was when he was in a state of misery, trying to avoid his debts, that he met Ji Canghai again.

In order to save face, Ling Yunfan pretended to have amnesia in front of his former archenemy.

Ling Yunfan, “I can’t remember anything from the past, who are you?”

Ji Canghai, “I’m your boyfriend.”

Ling Yunfan, “??????????”

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