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42. Eternal and Indestructible

The process of memory recovery is not as dramatic as portrayed on television.

On the night of rediscovering the blue moonlight, Yu Xinqiao slept soundly and woke up refreshed the next day, feeling completely fine.

The first hint that something was amiss came when Yu Xinqiao left the room and saw the temperature-controlled box on the counter. Suddenly, a scene flashed in his mind of setting up a hedgehog nest when he first brought the hedgehog home.

The temperature-controlled box was ready to use, but Xu Yanhuan had assembled the running wheel inside. Yu Xinqiao vividly remembered Xu Yanhuan being busy with work at the time, and he had approached him and said, “Let me handle it.”

To confirm that it wasn’t just his imagination, Yu Xinqiao opened the hidden photo album and flipped to the pictures he had taken at that time. In the photos, Xu Yanhuan rolled up his shirt sleeves, holding a screwdriver and bending down to tinker with the running wheel. The attire and posture matched exactly with the image that had appeared in his mind.

Later, when he met his neighbor outside, they exchanged a few casual words, and Yu Xinqiao realized with precision that the neighbor’s surname was Xu, she worked as a translator, and her cat’s name was Qiaoqiao.

Furthermore, during an interview, when asked about his studying experience abroad, Yu Xinqiao initially planned to brush it off with a vague response of “I can’t remember.” However, when the journalist pulled out a photo and asked if he had any impression of this iconic statue, Yu Xinqiao blurted out, “Yes, I pass by it every day on my way to the music room.”

Piece by piece, his memory puzzle was being retrieved. From the time of parting with Xu Yanhuan to the six years of studying abroad, and then the events that occurred upon returning to the country, everything slowly and disorderly returned to his mind, quietly and unnoticed.

Upon learning that Yu Xinqiao had regained his memory, Xu Yanhuan’s immediate reaction was to take him to the hospital for an examination.

They made an appointment for the next morning.

After a brain CT scan showed no abnormalities, the doctor explained that selective amnesia is often caused by psychological factors. Some people never recover throughout their lives, while others can only partially recover. It was quite common for cases like Yu Xinqiao’s, where memories resurfaced without warning, usually due to the resolution of emotional issues and the alleviation of stress, naturally overcoming the amnesia symptoms.

Moreover, there were no adverse reactions such as headaches. The doctor smiled and said, “It’s truly a cause for celebration.”

Although the doctors reassured him, Xu Yanhuan still felt worried and prescribed some brain-boosting supplements for Yu Xinqiao. On the way back, Yu Xinqiao sat in the passenger seat, flipping through the stack of health products. When he saw the description of a certain brain-clearing elixir, claiming to “improve memory,” suitable for “people with memory decline and dementia,” he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and say, “I am not demented!”

Xu Yanhuan held the steering wheel and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Yu Xinqiao immediately became flustered and stammered, “At first, I wasn’t sure if I had fully recovered. I was afraid of false hope or false alarms… Besides, whether I could regain my memory or not has become unimportant to me.”

He had already learned the secrets hidden in the crevices of time and cleared up misunderstandings with Xu Yanhuan, understanding each other’s hearts.

 The memories of a time when they were polite and distant, with interactions limited to speculations and probes, or even filled with resentment, were no longer important to him.

The seemingly ordinary and mundane present was what he should cherish.

After hearing his answer, Xu Yanhuan remained silent for a while.

Then, he freed one hand and held onto Yu Xinqiao’s hand resting on his knee.

They walked all the way until they reached the doorstep of their home.

That night, Yu Xinqiao whispered in Xu Yanhuan’s ear, “There’s another reason why I didn’t tell you.”

“What is it?” Xu Yanhuan asked.

“If I turn back to being 24… I can’t call you ‘brother’ anymore.”

Xu Yanhuan was taken aback; he hadn’t thought about this aspect.

“I can still be called that,” Xu Yanhuan replied seriously. “Three months apart is still significant.”

Yu Xinqiao sighed, “But it won’t have the same impact as a six-year age gap.”

Later, Xu Yanhuan demonstrated through his actions that even with just a three-month difference, he could still maintain absolute dominance.

Yu Xinqiao felt so happy that tears welled up in his eyes. He shyly covered his face and said, “I’m an adult now, I can’t keep crying all the time.”

Xu Yanhuan chuckled at his antics and leaned in to whisper, “Tears shed in bed don’t count as crying.”

With his fingers slightly apart, his dark eyes scanned every corner of the room, and Yu Xinqiao, driven by curiosity, asked, “Then what about the tears shed in the shower, on the sofa, by the window, or on the piano?”

“Are you still thinking about the window?” Xu Yanhuan replied.

Accidentally revealing some secret fantasies, Yu Xinqiao quickly covered his face again and said, “I was just kidding, pretend you didn’t hear anything!”

But Xu Yanhuan had already heard it and lifted him up, walking towards the window.

Before closing the window, Yu Xinqiao nestled in Xu Yanhuan’s arms and asked with anticipation and fear, “Are you afraid that the window is not sturdy enough?”

With a calm smile, Xu Yanhuan said, “I’m afraid you’ll scream too loudly.”

Through this experience, Yu Xinqiao confirmed that the notion of “lawyers being prone to premature ejaculation” mentioned by Xie Ming’an was utterly baseless and pure professional discrimination.

Considering Xu Yanhuan’s current state, it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of his bad habit of crying for at least the next ten years.

August 9th was Xu Yanhuan’s birthday.

Coincidentally, it was summer vacation, and Yu Xinqiao’s parents were in the country. After a long time of planning, the meeting between the two families finally took place.

The hotel was arranged by Yao Qiongying, a tranquil environment with a delicious Chinese restaurant.

Bai Wei had always remembered to return the agate bracelet to Yao Qiongying, so she specially brought the prepared Wuyi Da Hong Pao tea as a gift. According to what Yu Xinqiao said, both his parents loved tea. Bai Wei’s current husband, Uncle Wang, also came and brought two bottles of fine wine.

When they took their seats, Bai Wei was still a bit restrained, but under Yu Xinqiao’s warm-up efforts, she finally relaxed and had a pleasant conversation with everyone, always wearing a smile on her face.

After the banquet started, Yu Xinqiao brought out the pre-ordered cake and served Xu Yanhuan the largest slice.

But after all, it was a gathering with elders, so they couldn’t be too unrestrained. Yu Xinqiao had a sweet tooth and stuffed his mouth with cream, asking Xu Yanhuan about his plans for the afternoon and if he wanted to join him.

Yao Qiongying frowned and said, “Look at you, you’re already grown up, but all you think about is playing. Wipe your mouth clean, will you?”

Bai Wei, on the other hand, found Yu Xinqiao’s innocence and liveliness endearing. She handed him a tissue and smiled, “Even if you have plans, you can postpone them until tomorrow. Xiao Yu just finished his tour, Yanhuan, spend more time with him.”

Xu Yanhuan readily agreed.

The conversation at the table then turned to the two young men. They began by praising each other’s parenting skills, attributing the excellence of their children to each other’s guidance. Then, they started revealing their own son’s shortcomings, intending to “diminish” their own while “elevating” the other’s through this self-deprecating approach.

Yao Qiongying said, “Don’t be fooled by our son, Xiao Qiao. Although he plays the piano well and seems intelligent, he’s actually quite clumsy. He has never scored above 90 in math since he was young, and he spends money recklessly without any sense of budget. I truly envy you for having a smart and well-behaved child like Xiao Xu.”

Bai Wei quickly added, “Yanhuan only brings me peace of mind when it comes to studying and work. He’s completely clueless when it comes to socializing. He hasn’t made any friends in all these years, and if it weren’t for Xiao Yu returning to the country, he wouldn’t even have found a partner.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Xinqiao was delighted and asked the person next to him, “So, I’m your destined prince charming?”

Xu Yanhuan leaned close to Yu Xinqiao’s ear and whispered something that only he could hear.

After speaking, Xu Yanhuan stepped back, and Yu Xinqiao covered his heated ear and muttered softly, “Why… I want to be a husband too.”

The atmosphere became even more jovial in the latter half. Yu Hanzhang couldn’t help but test Xu Yanhuan by drinking with him.

Xu Yanhuan had an average alcohol tolerance and barely managed to avoid falling onto the table.

When they finished the gathering, Yu Xinqiao supported Xu Yanhuan into the car, shut the door, and Xu Yanhuan collapsed on Yu Xinqiao’s shoulder. Yu Xinqiao felt distressed and shouted loudly through the car window, “Dad, no more drinking in the future!”

Yu Hanzhang snorted and ignored him. Yu Xinqiao turned to Yao Qiongying and said, “Madam Yao, please control your husband!”

Yao Qiongying smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your dad just drank three years’ worth of alcohol. Consider it an advance payment.”

Yu Hanzhang’s face fell, and he couldn’t force a smile anymore.

Uncle Wang couldn’t drive after drinking, so Yu Xinqiao sent both of them back.

In the process, they also dropped off Xu Yanhuan for rest. There was a room in Bai Wei and Uncle Wang’s house specifically for Xu Yanhuan, where he would stay during holidays when he was in college.

The room was small, just enough to accommodate a 1.2-meter single bed and a desk. Yu Xinqiao settled Xu Yanhuan on the bed and walked around the room.

Although there wasn’t much to see, most of Xu Yanhuan’s belongings had been moved to their shared home.

On top of the desk, there was a thick stack of certificates and awards. Yu Xinqiao curiously flipped through them one by one. In addition to “sān hǎo xuéshēng” certificates, there were numerous academic excellence awards and certificates from various competitions. Some of the elementary school certificates had worn corners, indicating they had once been stuck on the wall. Even after they moved several times, Bai Wei couldn’t bear to throw them away.

*”三好学生” (sān hǎo xuéshēng) is a term in Chinese that translates to “Three Good Student.” It is a title given to students who excel in three areas: academic performance, moral conduct, and physical health. The term is commonly used in Chinese schools to recognize and commend students who demonstrate outstanding qualities in these aspects. Being a “Three Good Student” is considered prestigious and reflects an all-around exemplary student.

Among them was a relatively new certificate—a recognition for being one of the top ten defense lawyers in the ICC Mock Trial Competition, dated three years ago.

When Xu Yanhuan woke up, he saw Yu Xinqiao holding a piece of paper with excitement in his eyes and asked, “Can I have that?”

Still feeling groggy, Xu Yanhuan raised his hand to massage his temples and then looked again, “What’s that for?”

“It’s a memento,” Yu Xinqiao held the certificate up to the light, squinting his eyes in admiration. “With this, it’s as if you were by my side during those six years.”

With the conversation reaching this point, Xu Yanhuan had no reason to refuse.

Only afterwards did he realize something was amiss, “Today is my birthday, why are you asking for a gift from me?”

“I have prepared a gift for you,” Yu Xinqiao carefully tucked the certificate into his backpack, “But we’ll have to wait until we both have free time to fulfill it.”

Xu Yanhuan already guessed what it was and smiled, “I’m a freelancer, I’m free anytime.”

Yu Xinqiao counted on his fingers and said helplessly, “But I still have six concerts to go. Please wait a little longer, my husband, Mr. Xu.”

Time flew by, and it was already November. Yu Xinqiao’s final concert was scheduled for the 20th, two days before his birthday.

Starting from Xuncheng and ending in the capital city, his last piece, “Moonlight Sonata,” concluded with a resounding applause and the illumination of lights.

During the curtain call, someone came up on stage to present flowers. Yu Xinqiao’s smile was even more radiant than the flowers. He cast his gaze towards the audience below, and whether it was an illusion or not, Xu Yanhuan felt like he was being sought after.

So, amidst the crowd, Xu Yanhuan and Yu Xinqiao locked eyes, and Yu Xinqiao mouthed the words, “Wait for me.”

Xu Yanhuan understood. It meant, “Wait for me to come to you, wait for us to go home together.”

The following evening, the two of them boarded a plane headed for an island.

It was the “honeymoon” trip that Yu Xinqiao had arranged months in advance.

He brought along everything that held sentimental value: the marriage certificate, concert tickets, the letter Xu Yanhuan had written for him, and even the award certificates he had demanded from Xu Yanhuan.

On the other hand, Xu Yanhuan had empty hands, except for essential items like clothes for changing.

Yu Xinqiao felt it was unfair and asked, “What about the Blue Moonstone I gave you?”

Xu Yanhuan pointed to his heart. Yu Xinqiao thought he had actually pierced the stone and hung it around his neck, so he pounced on him to check, only to find nothing.

Just as he was about to complain, “You’re lying again,” Xu Yanhuan looked at him and smiled, saying, “I meant that you are already in my heart.”

After recovering his memories, when asked how he spent those six years, Yu Xinqiao said, “Just like you.”

I missed you.

I’ve been thinking of you all along.

“But I heard you were dating several people,” Xu Yanhuan asked.

Yu Xinqiao gave him a strange look, as if he thought Xu Yanhuan was asking knowingly.

“After meeting you, do you think I can still be interested in others?”

Xu Yanhuan knew of a term called “unattainable moonlight,” referring to someone who is desirable but out of reach, present in one’s heart but not by one’s side.

Yu Xinqiao was once Xu Yanhuan’s unattainable moonlight, bright yet cold, hanging in the distant sky. He longed to touch him but feared tarnishing him.

Later, they came to each other’s side, protecting each other, melting and influencing one another, becoming a deep and timeless blue.

The plane raced towards the sky, its signal lights flashing, and their hands held together.

Above the clouds, before their eyes, unfolded a vast galaxy and the eternal, undying moonlight.


The main story of “Blue Moonlight” has concluded. Thank you all for your support along the way.

The six years of their separate lives, as well as the stories that occurred during the time from their reunion to Yu Xinqiao’s amnesia, will be detailed in the extras.

Some unpleasant things happened during the serialization of this piece, and my mood was greatly affected. I was able to persevere and complete it thanks to your trust and support. Your encouragement is my greatest motivation. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


AND SCENE! It’s done. Guys we made to the end *sobs*. The extras are left. I don’t have the raws on hand but will try to get them and update as soon as possible.


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