Big Shot Your Wife Has Died Again
Big shot your wife has died again chapter 1

On the peak of Sigu Cliff, sunlight tore through the dark clouds and poured down, revealing a view of lush mountains and swirling mist as far as the eye could see.

Occasionally, a spiritual bird flew by, its melodious chirping pleased the ears of whoever heard it.

This scene made Lu Wanwan feel the urge to recite a poem, but despite agonising over it for quite a while she couldn’t even think of half a verse.

Suddenly, a swarm of players crowded around her ingame avatar”Chu He”, turning the usually serene Sigu Cliff into a bustling wet market.

Lu Wanwan was dumbfounded, after all this was the usually serene Sigu Cliff we are talking about.She was currently afk (away from keyboard) on Sigu Cliff in the first server of the online game “Drunken dreams of Jianghu.”

This place-Sigu Cliff, was rarely visited by anyone, however right now it was like a popular tourist attraction, maxing out the server cap. Moreover, the world chat was the liveliest she had ever seen!

[World] Fallen Flowers: Big Shot Mo Bai’s currently at coordinates 119345. Come and admire our god![World] Flowing Water: Holy shit, Big Shot Mo Bai logged on!

[World] Its raining and I don’t have an umbrella: The big shot didn’t turn on his invisibility mode?

[World] Baby Don’t Cry: My Husband, I’m coming!

[World] Salted Duck Egg: Enough with the fangirling, this is a game, not a fan club.

[World] Baby Don’t Cry: Salted Duck Egg, get lost! I love Mo Bai, what’s it to you? If you’re not happy, come fight me.

[World] Häagen-Dazs Oh Yeah¹: This is how all female players are, they rush towards any big shot they see. If you’re simping for him, be blunt about it.

[World] Admiring The Clouds: The player above me is a typical straight male, talking bullshit! Can’t stand the fact that Mo Bai is leagues above him. If you feel so sour about it, try becoming the number one in the game.….

The messages were flooding in so quickly that Lu Wanwan only managed to catch a glimpse, but it seemed like every line had the words ” Big Shot Mo Bai” in it, and she was convinced that she had seen that name somewhere before.

She had been playing “Drunken dreams of JiangHu” for less than half a month, but she vaguely remembered the name “Mo Bai” from the top ten of the level rankings.

Lu Wanwan immediately opened the level rankings and found “Mo Bai between” in seventh place, level 98, from the Demonic Sect.

She also noticed that the username Mo Bai between was not only found in the top ten of the level rankings but also the wealth, PK, and charm rankings. Only the love ranking was low, not even making it to the top 100, probably due to a lack of romantic fate.

No wonder he was called a big shot. Not only was he powerful, but he was also incredibly wealthy.

But he wasn’t the number one in the expert rankings. Was there a need for such hype?

The world chat remained wild.

[World] Village Stories: Speaking of which, Mo Bai’s ranking has dropped a lot in the past year.

[World] Fallen Flowers: Maybe he’s been busy, but even though his level ranking dropped I still absolutely believe in his skills.

[World] White Raisins²: Absolutely, Mo Bai was the number one in the level ranking for three consecutive years, it’s obviously not an empty claim.

[World] Village Stories: It’s like recalling the fear of being controlled by Mo Bai that year.

[World] White Raisins: Rookie players like us trembled in fear….

Lu Wanwan suddenly realised that Mo Bai had been the former number one in the expert rankings.

Furthermore, he had held that position for three years in a row.His skills were clearly formidable.No wonder his appearance caused such a stir in the world chat, with so many female players calling him their husband…

Got it, this guy really is a Big Shot,Huh? Coordinates 119345, isn’t that near the Sigu Cliff?

No wonder so many players suddenly appeared. It turns out there’s a Big Shot around. Lu Wanwan thought to herself.

Lu Wanwan too couldn’t help but give into the temptation of seeing a big shot in the flesh.

After all, she used to look up to the big shots’ IDs on the leaderboard, but now she finally had the chance for a close encounter, and she obviously wouldn’t miss it.

The coordinates 119345 belonged to the bottom of the cliff.

Lu Wanwan activated the light-footed skill to fly towards the bottom of the cliff.

But as soon as she flew halfway, she felt that she had crashed into something.

Her body tilted backward, and she fell headfirst.

Lu Wanwan was stunned for a moment, then reacted by activating some skills and slamming the movement keys, but Chu He kept falling down resolutely, unable to be saved.

What did she just crash into?

Although she wasn’t very skilled in the light-footed skill, flying to the bottom of the cliff should have been an easy matter.

Looking to the side, she saw a handsome man in white descending with her, and the ID on his head was clearly written as ‘Mo Bai between’…

Lu Wanwan blurted out, “F***ing hell, did I just crash into the big shot?!”

The crowd of onlookers around fell silent, watching the big shot who had just flown up from the bottom of the cliff being knocked away by a newbie…

This is absolutely a big stain in the history of Mo Bai between’s time in “Drunken Dreams of JiangHu”

There was a moment of silence in the world chat, then all hell broke loose.

[World] Fallen Flowers: F***, who was that newbie just now?!

[World] Its raining and I don’t have an umbrella: Who is Chu He? I’ve never heard of them ever.[

World] White Raisins: I advise that newbie to quickly have a good meal, it might be their last.

[World] Baby Don’t Cry: My heart aches for the big shot. It’s definitely been recorded and will be posted on the forums later.

[World] Admiring The Clouds: Whoever dares to mock the big shot, I’ll kill them!

[World] Morning Breeze and Lingering Moon: Speaking of that newbie, who is it? How were they so lucky as to coincidentally crash into the big shot?

[World] Admiring The Clouds: Coincidence my ass, I think they did it on purpose, to catch the attention of Mo Bai.[

World] Salted Duck Egg: Hahaha, f***, I’ve never seen Mo Bai like this before. Let’s quickly go and see his location.

[World] Morning Breeze and Lingering Moon: Watch what? The big shot has already disappeared.

[World] Baby Don’t Cry: Where is that newbie? What happened to them?…..

Lu Wanwan was in tears. Don’t bother searching for her, this newbie is now soaking upside down in the pond at the bottom of the cliff.

As for Mo Bai between, who was knocked away by her, he adjusted his posture the instant he fell and gracefully jumped onto a rock beside the pond, and quickly disappeared.

This movement can be said to be near perfect.

Climbing out of the pond, Lu Wanwan looked at her dripping game character.

She had no other equipment to change into, so she could only miserably let herself dry off.

There were still many players gathering around her, and the proximity chat’s messages kept flashing incessantly, similar to what was happening on the world channel. Lu Wanwan simply ignored them.

But upon second thought she realised it would be embarrassing to just walk away like this. So she sent a message in the proximity chat.

【Nearby】Chu He: Thanks everyone for the attention, see you next time.

【Nearby】Little Willow: … Do you want to crash into Mo Bai again?

【Nearby】Salted Duck Egg: I admire your courage, young one!

【Nearby】Fallen Flowers: Chu He, are you trying to scorch yourself under the noon sun³?

【Nearby】Morning Breeze and Lingering Moon:Don’t forget the sweat and soil!⁴

【Nearby】Scene by Scene: This isn’t the Kindergarten bus⁵, I want to get off!

【Nearby】Salted Duck Egg: Weld the doors shut, no one can get off today!

【Nearby】Baby Don’t Cry: Chu He, did you intentionally collide with the big shot?

【Nearby】Morning Breeze and Lingering Moon: With Mo Bai’s extraordinary skills, even if she wanted to crash intentionally, she would still need to be on Mo Bai’s skill level. I think it’s probably a misunderstanding.…..

Lu Wanwan thought to herself that she really didn’t do it on purpose.

But it seems that one collision made her famous. Wherever she goes, players gather around her, and the messages in the proximity chat flashed incessantly.

Tl notes:¹Admiring the clouds- expression conveying a sense of calmness and appreciation for nature.

²White raisin-someone who appears innocent but may have hidden agenda/sarcastic reference to someone who is considered plain or unimportant.

³Scorch yourself under the noon sun-Used to express surprise or disbelief towards someone’s reckless or stupid actions.

⁴Sweat and soil-Used to represent the effort and hardships needed to achieve something.(In this case crashing into Mo Bai again)

⁵This Isn’t the kindergarten bus-Used to sarcastically point out someone’s immaturity and lack of understanding of the current situation and that the current situation needs a higher level of maturity and knowledge than what the current person has.

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