Big Shot Your Wife Has Died Again

Raw Title: 大神你家夫人又挂了

Author: 大橘猫

Translator: Tuna

Update: 2 months ago

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Lu Wanwan was just playing an online game when she accidentally bumped into the top-ranked player.

Big shot: “…”

Lu Wanwan: “Oh… Big shot, I’m so sorry. I’ll take responsibility for this.”

But before Lu Wanwan could finish her sentence, she was killed by the big shot, not just once but ten times!

Needless to say, Lu Wanwan was furious! She had only come to apologize, yet she was killed ten times!

Although the big shot was excessively petty, his skills were unmatched. It was no wonder Lu Wanwan wanted to learn from him, so she began her desperate pursuit!

“Big shot, why not be my in-game wife?”


[System notification: You have died] “Why did you kill me, big shot???” she angrily typed. 

“I couldn’t resist.”

Lu Wanwan made up her mind. In life, she now had three goals: to make lots of money, befriend the big shot, and reach the pinnacle of life!

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