I’m Really A Dragon
I’m Really a Dragon Chapter 1

—It is the enemy of God, it is born of chaos, powerful and evil.

—It dwells in the deep, in the clouds, in the snow, in the marshes.

—It plunders treasures, steals the most noble princesses, brings calamities, and tramples on cities.

—It brings the most valiant warriors to both death and glory, and with the blessings of the gods, the dragon spear and the bow and arrow.

—It is a monster left behind by heaven and earth, the enemy of all things.


“With the blessings of the gods, the dragon spear~ and the bow and arrow ……”

The little boy with the beret ripped up the flowers in the doorway and looked angrily at the flower girl in front of him, “Stop it, Aina! You have to stop singing this song, dragons have not hurt us!”

The golden light of dusk spilled over the entire city of Robesea, enveloping the delicate flowers in front of the flower store. The petals that the boy ripped off danced with the wind a few times before fluttering gently to the ground. The flower girl bent down with a frown and reached out to grab the boy’s ear.

“First of all, how old are you? Second of all, how do you know that those evil dragons have not done bad things? Roy! I’m warning you, stop pulling my flowers, or I’ll send you to the sanctuary and then we’ll see what the Lord God’s ambassador will do to you, a dead child who speaks for the evil dragons!”

The little boy was filled with terror, and the flower girl smugly continued to trim the flowers and hum the popular dragon song.

The church bells rang, and the fishermen of the sea port went ashore, kneeling reverently in gratitude for the shelter of the sea god.

The being known as God, was the master of the continent of Noah.

Roy lowered the gray brim of his hat, glared darkly at the flower girl, quickly stole a pure white flower, and turned around and stomped back to the stone fortress, disappearing.

The coast was full of such forts. They were rough, but practical and could be a good defense against storms and waves. Robesea City was a town that couldn’t be called rich by any means. Sitting by the sea, it was far less affluent than the cities within the mainland.

Roy looked silently at those kneeling people. He quietly ran behind a large inconspicuous reef. Within the beach behind that reef, lay a 17 to 18-year-old blond boy basking in the golden sun.

The young man was covered in a short light golden cloak. He had probably heard footsteps, for he lazily opened his eyes. The pupils were reflected in the sunlight, a bright, dazzling crimson. He sat up and took the flower from Roy’s hand with interest, looking from side-to-side with curiosity.

“Can this really be planted on my dragon island?”

The blonde teenager’s voice was a little sweet yet soft, sounding like a prepubescent child. A  doll-like face was framed with blonde hair and dotted with crimson pupils. His skin was fair, and if he were not taller than Roy when the two stood together, they would appear to be the same age.

Roy proudly patted his chest and preened. “Of course! I asked a while ago, and this is the best living flower in the whole of the Westland! Even on your Dragon Island, it will certainly be able to grow alive!”

    The blond boy’s eyes lit up. “That’s great, there’s nothing on Dragon Island. Siren said the bare areas of Dragon Island are only filled with reefs. The princess must not like that lack of scenery.”

Roy was stunned: “Princess?”

He suddenly thought of the dragon song and suddenly asked with some uncertainty, “You wouldn’t… really be an evil dragon, would you?”

“How am I an evil dragon?” The teenager was annoyed by the sun, and reached out to lift the blonde hair in front of his forehead, revealing a pair of small crimson horns hidden between his hair.

Roy plucked up his courage and said, “But you’re going to rob the princess!”

The teenager looked at him, puzzled. “Yes, but there are still three days until I come of age and turn a hundred years old!”

The words were said inexplicably with a bit of smugness and pride, as if adulthood was some great event. But then the smile on the teenager’s face fell again, distressed. “But I am a half-blood dragon, and was left at sea at birth, with no heritage and no father to teach me. I do not know what the dragons have to do when they come of age ……”

“But I heard you humans sing the song of dragons. I don’t really have an interest in doing anything else from the song, but it would be nice to bring a princess back to play with me!”

The teenager was a little excited as he hugged the little white flower. Roy was puzzled by his logic, but felt that there was some truth to it. The fear that had just ignited instantly dissipated. He frowned a little and said, “But robbing people is not right…”

The teenager was not happy. “Then what do you think adult dragons do?!”

Poor Roy was but a little boy of less than ten years old, what could he know what adult dragons did? He could only lower his head and say, “How would I know?!”

The teenager raised his eyebrows with a supercilious look.

The sun appeared to set, and as the teenager stood up to walk to the sea, he suddenly remembered something. He took two or three steps back to Roy, and took out a shiny gem.

“Thank you for helping me find this flower.”

Roy’s breath caught in his throat; he was just a child of an ordinary family, and therefore had only seen such valuable things in his life in shop windows and in the possession of aristocrats. But the teenager had so carelessly placed it in his hands.

 “You… are you going to give this to me?!”

Roy’s eyes were brighter than the sun, blinding him. The teenager looked at the palm-sized gem in his hand, and felt a bit distressed. He thought about it and hesitantly took out a smaller gem. He was reluctant to put the smaller one in Roy’s hands.

The teenager pretended it was nothing and blinked. “Take this one instead… the other one’s too big and heavy.”

This was indeed a lame excuse, but Roy didn’t mind. He knew that the gem was enough to keep his family well-fed for ten years without having to catch fish at sea. They could even open a store in the center street like Aina. The amount of things he could do with it were simply astonishing!

Looking at the child’s stunned look, the teenager could not help but laugh. He then turned around again and walked towards the sea. Roy came back to his senses and shouted out to him.

The teenager looked back at him, puzzled: “Do you have anything else?”

Roy’s little face was flushed: “Mister Dragon, can I… know your name?”

“My name?” The teenager raised a hand to shade his eyes from the blinding golden sun. “Charles Ryan.”

After he said so, the teenager’s figure was no longer there, and a huge shadow was cast on the beach, quickly rushing into the crisp sea air.

The crimson dragon had black stripes on its body, and the moment its wings stirred, Roy felt a scorching wind.

The dark red dragon spread its wings and was bigger than the largest sea ship at the mouth of the Robesea. It had a strong body, beautiful horns, a long tail, and a pair of giant bat-like wings.

Even without seeing it up close, Roy could almost feel how tough the armor on that dragon was. And when the dragon spread its wings and shot up into the sky, the kid inhaled a deep breath. The crimson dragon against the golden sea was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Charles quickly flew over the sea, in time to land on Dragon Island before sunset.

During the night, Dragon Island was not quiet, but was also not noisy. The sound of the waves was its soundtrack. The occasional sea birds perched on the trees, but Charles did not drive them away. Once he had planted the small white flowers in the soil, he turned to catch dozens of sea fish.

Charles was a bit picky. The silvery fish he had caught were almost transparent, and had a tender taste. When baked lightly with fire, they were very delicious.

Most importantly, the only reason he would spit fire was to roast fish.

After swallowing seven or eight fish in series, Charles felt more comfortable. He couldn’t sit still, and ran to see the small white flower, but the soil of Dragon Island was probably extremely unsuitable for plant growth. What he brought back was a dispirited little flower, that vaguely dropped its head.

Charles was anxious, and helpless,but could only curse the sea breeze and blame the evil wind that had hurt his flowers. He had not yet finished cursing when he was soaked by a stream of cold seawater.

Charles shook his head and shifted his eyes to see the Siren lying on the beach, looking at him playfully.

“Siren! What are you doing?!”

Charles was furious, and as he looked down at the small white flower drenched in water, the anger and grievance in his heart poured out: “You will pay for my flower!”

Siren simply winked at him flirtatiously. “Charles, flowers cannot survive on Dragon Island. Not because of the environment here, but because of you.”

Charles did not care. He threw a fit. “I don’t care! If it weren’t for you my flowers would have blossomed all over Dragon Island. Humans are right to hate you!”

The corners of Siren’s beautiful lips drooped, and she angrily splashed him with water again.

“What I said was right! This flower just can’t live! Not just the flower, but any princess you bring back will be the same! The human lifespan is so short and fragile that it’s not suitable for you at all!”

She got angry and said what she wanted to say in one breath. She grew afraid that Charles would find out what she was really thinking, and looked at the boy apprehensively.

However, Charles did not understand what she meant. He only knew that his flower was killed by Siren, and that he lost a gem for nothing: “Siren, you are so annoying!”

Siren sniffed even more angrily. The unpolished gem in her hand moved back and forth. “If you want to, then go ahead! A half-blood dragon without heritage, even if you brought the princess back, what could you prove? There is still no community to recognize you!”

Charles puffed up his face in fury. “It’s still better than being a nameless fish like you!”

Siren was pissed at him and immediately shot him full of water. Charles immediately spat out a large ball of fire and Siren, who was about to burn, screamed and dodged.

She left discontentedly.

Charles looked at the little white flower that had been completely drowned by seawater, giving a heavy sigh.

Damned Siren! Wasting his gems!

There was a big boat on the coast of Dragon Island that was Charles’ residence. It was a boat that Charles spent much effort to tow back after a shipwreck.

Probably because of his silver dragon blood, Charles liked to be close to humans, but also liked to morph into human form. The ship contained all kinds of items, although there were many things he simply could not figure out the use for. But all the items were still well preserved.

Even broken bottles and glass windows were things Charles carefully put away. And those gems in one place—dragons liked these shiny things, but from a human perspective broken glass and gems had a world of difference in value.

Charles opened a worn map and used a quill to draw a circle on the city of Vilnas, smiling smugly. The continent of Noah had a dozen human countries and this was the one nearest to his Dragon Island Palace.

He had learned to draw the shortest route by himself; he was really smart!

The soon-to-be adult little milk dragon thought so, and soon fell asleep on the table. He even rolled around and got a face full of ink for his troubles. He still did not notice.

—Three days later.

After three days of gambling her chances, Siren looked at Charles, who was standing on the beach about to leave. She hesitated, and swam over.

“Charles, you really decided to get a princess?”

Siren’s eyes were full of sadness, and Charles felt something wrong with her: “Yes, why are you sad, did you not eat enough?”

Siren looked deeply at Charles for a while, with some disappointment, and finally did not say anything before wagging her beautifully big tail back to the bottom of the sea.

Charles did not understand Siren’s strange mood, but he had no room for doubts. He quickly transformed into a dragon.

For a hundred years he had flown over this sea countless times, but not once had he felt so excited. Charles had a sense of conviction and thought that he had finally come of age, so the day’s flight was not the same!

And the truth was—it was indeed not quite the same.

Charles never thought in his life that he would be lapped up into the sea by a wave and end up drowning and passing out. It was more pathetic than the little white flower incident from three days ago.

This was simply the shame of his short dragon life!

The storm and the waves came weirdly, as if something had sucked him in forcibly. Charles was filled with water, his whole body full of fire seemed to be doused, and his consciousness finally blurred and fainted…

Charles didn’t know how much time had passed when he appeared to hear a fuzzy voice saying, “What’s this?”

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