I’m Really A Dragon
I’m Really a Dragon Chapter 2

The sound of trickling water echoed throughout the valley. Charles’ internal fire reignited, and he moved his wings. The moment his consciousness returned, he immediately started coughing repeatedly to get rid of the seawater left in his nasal cavity.

It was clearly only water, but Charles felt a burning soreness in his nasal cavity. He opened his eyes and fiercely propped himself up, as his body’s magma-like patterns continued to flicker. Charles took a deep breath, struggling to stand up. He sat his butt on the ground, gathering his wings and sneezing a few times.

This was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him!

It was the worst!

It was only when the sting of choking on water disappeared a bit that Charles regained the strength to lift his head and look around the valley.

He previously thought that he would be washed up on the shore, but did not expect to be surrounded, not by a golden sandy beach, but a dense jungle. The red dragon’s body was scorching hot, and the grass he rolled over was burned, exuding a strange fragrance. The little milk dragon moved his nose, caught off guard and sniffed the ashes into his nose. He sneezed, and out sprang a few clusters of small fireballs.

He continued to maintain a slumped sitting position at the moment, looking very funny. Charles was secretly glad; fortunately, he was the only one here, otherwise wouldn’t he be a huge joke?

Wait, no…

He seemed to have heard strange and accented words earlier?

Charles did not understand the meaning of those words, but that did not stop him from being on guard.

Unsurprisingly, probably because he was vigilant, the ancient trees in front of him vibrated. Before Charles could react, a strange man jumped down from the canopy. Charles was startled, and immediately rolled over and crawled to unfold his wings, staring at him closely.

This man’s dress was very strange, unlike any human he had ever seen. The pale golden robe was very gorgeous, similar to those of the gods, but the style was very different. His hair was as long as Siren’s, but was pure black, and even his eyes were black. It was very scary.

—From Charles’ perspective, only the eyes of the undead were black.

Divine messenger? One of the Undead?

Charles’s little heart lifted; either one of them was worthy of his disgust and fear!

In the Noah continent, gods and goddesses loathed dragons’ arrogance, humans feared the dragons’ power, dwarves hated the dragons’ stupidity, and even the ruthless elves felt that dragons were too rough… Dragons were simply the public enemy, so when he saw the human in front of him, Charles was ready to fight.

However, what surprised him was that the human in front of him stood fixed in front of him and said another sentence he could not understand.

This time the words were somewhat longer and made Charles more certain that it was a human language that he could not understand.

God knows how long it took him, a small dragon without heritage, to figure out a human language! Charles was a little annoyed and tried to think about whether to just slap this human with one claw.

And while he was thinking, from the bushes beside him came out a strange old man. Charles was alarmed, and because he did not know how many associates this person had, did not dare make the first move.

He was just a little milk dragon that had never flown far in his life, and had never encountered a situation like this. He was unsure what to do.

To fight or not to fight?

If he fought…What would he do if he couldn’t win? Although he had never seen such scheming in person, he had learned from story books that people used crosses to defeat ghosts, and they knew to use garlic to smoke vampires. It was all very cunning.

Jiang Wuyi stood quietly in place, watching the foreign beast in front of him grow from alert to sluggish, and then simply stop moving. He had some doubts in his mind, and turned his eyes to the old acacia tree. “Could it be that he is dumb?”

The old acacia tree stroked his white beard, squinting, and said, “It doesn’t look like it, it seems like he just doesn’t understand the words.”

Jiang Wuyi grew sure in his heart, and carefully looked at the beast in front of him. In his point of view, the beast in front of him was not really good-looking, was not smart, and was unsuitable as a beast pet…but it was rare, a creature that even they have not seen, so he was curious.

He thought so, then took another step forward. Charles stared, then held his breath and was frightened by this behavior. He sneezed again, burning the dead grass in front of him. He felt a strong sense of oppression from the opposing side, and his body could not help but shake, subconsciously transforming into a human.

For dragons, their human form was the weakest, so in times of crisis, shifting into human form was a show of weakness.

Although Charles did not want to admit it, the other person emitted energy that made him a little afraid. It was unlike magic, nor like the power of divine faith, and for a while he could not figure out what it was.

Jiang Wuyi did not expect him to take shape, the little beast in front of him looked young after transforming. His hair was golden and more dazzling than the sun, and the length did not reach his shoulders. His pupils were crimson, and the clothing on his body was strange.

But this was justifiable, for what kind of beast would want to look exactly like a human?

But the little beast in front of him seemed to be frightened. He blinked his wet eyes and looked at him, giving Jiang Wuyi the illusion of bullying a child.

The old acacia tree’s eyes slightly widened.  “He can transform, so he must have some cultivation, but he just doesn’t understand human speech.”

Jiang Wuyi nodded, reached inside his wide sleeve, and took out a jade talisman. Once the jade talisman came out, it immediately flew quickly towards Charles. Charles did not know what it was and was so scared that he tried to run away. He wasn’t slow, so the jade talisman couldn’t catch up.

So amidst the silence of the valley, there was a rare scene of being chased. The young boy was being chased by a jade talisman, and it was both pitiful and funny.

Charles was scared to death, thinking really these humans were really bad, to fight a dragon whenever they saw one. He didn’t know what was chasing him, but he was embarrassed to run! However, he did not think for long before he felt something around his ankle, and he immediately fell into the grass. He bent down to look, only to find a light green vine wrapped around him like a snake. He was immediately furious, spitting out a fire to burn the vine.

But while he did so, the jade talisman took the opportunity to fly into his eyebrows, and disappeared.

Charles suddenly felt unwell. Both his hands and feet were cold, and tears came out. He held his forehead without letting go.

Jiang Wuyi did not hurry to come over, and suddenly felt that this little thing seemed a little stupid.

But it was quite interesting.

Charles covered his head, waiting for a long time, but did not feel any pain. He looked suspiciously through the cracks in his fingers to Jiang Wuyi’s direction.

The man still had that leisurely look, watching his hilarious posture, so he was full of anger. He shouted without thinking, “What are you looking at?! Look again and I’ll eat you!”

The little milk dragon was annoyed, so his fear disappeared without a trace, but he didn’t realize that what he said was in a strange language. Jiang Wuyi was satisfied and said, “Now you can understand me.”

Charles was stunned, and only then reacted. His hands that originally covered his head then covered his mouth.

‘What did I just say? Why can I understand what this person said?’

Charles frowned and pointed to his head. “This thing…can make me learn the language you speak?”

Now that he wasn’t stupid, Jiang Wuyi nodded, curiously sizing him up. “Now you can tell me, what exactly are you?”

If another person were to hear these words, they would understand that they weren’t nice, but Charles had just received a new language, and only knew the most basic knowledge. He wasn’t proficient and could only barely understand the simplest meaning, so he was only surprised that this human didn’t even know what a dragon was. He felt a little disgusted.

Public enemies also had their own pride!

“How can you not even know this, I am a dragon.”

Charles dropped his hand and re-examined the human in front of him. He didn’t know why, but he felt that something was not quite right.

How far had he been swept away by the waves, that someone could not even know what a dragon was?

He knew that humans were as wary of dragons as they were of what they ate and drank, but any child over the age of five would be baptized in the sanctuary and then taught by the divine messenger. The power of a dragon was so powerful that even gods were afraid of them. So compared with the evil dragons, vampires, werewolves, and the undead were pushed aside. The first lesson everyone learned when they grew up would always be the song of the dragon.

Jiang Wuyi did not speak. He put both hands into his sleeves, and quietly looked at Charles for a long time before coldly spitting out a single word, “Liar.”

When he said this, Charles felt chills for no reason. The person in front of him seemed to be a good-tempered person, but as a dragon Charles had a sharp intuition about danger. He swore that this person was definitely hiding his strength, and was an extremely dangerous person!

But at the same time Charles was unconvinced. He never lied and this man had never met him before, but he slandered him. “How can you call me a liar? I really am a dragon, you saw my appearance! My wings can spread bigger than a sea ship!”

In the past, Siren said he was a half-breed, and now even his meager dragon heritage was erased. The little milk dragon could not stand for it!

Jiang Wuyi sneered. Charles looked at him warily, but did not expect that the next second, the person in front of him had disappeared, leaving only the little old man not far away smiling and looking at himself.

He was wondering where the man went when he felt the sunlight on his body disappear. A gust of wind blew over, and he shivered involuntarily.

At the same time, the original clear sky was filled with surging layers of clouds and thunder faintly rolled in, like the imminent rain.

Charles had lived on Dragon Island for a long time, and he had long been familiar with sudden storms, but when he raised his head, he spied a little pale blue color between the clouds. The whole sky above seemed to be hiding something huge.

Soon, that wandering behemoth exhaled and blew away the clouds, revealing his true face. Charles had never seen such a thing. After carefully trying to identify it for a long time, he figured out what the thing bigger than a ship was. It was merely the claws of a giant beast!

The little milk dragon immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, looking up at the sky with wide eyes.

The dragon stroked away the clouds, finally revealing its full appearance. For a while, the realm of the wild had nary a sound, and the whole world was terribly quiet.

Seeing Charles dumbfounded, the blue dragon lowered his head close, “Do you see clearly?”

Charles nodded his head.

“I am the dragon.”

And he was the only dragon in this world.

Charles: ????


The scared little milk dragon reacted this time, and his anger rose again. “That’s nonsense! Although I am not pure-blooded, I have still seen other dragons, and none of them looked like you. You are just a little bit bigger… but also different from the giant dragon race…you… “

The more Charles spoke, the angrier he got, his red eyes growing more conspicuous. 

“You liar!”

Jiang Wuyi did not expect himself to have such patience. This little thing was all puffed up in anger. Today Charles had choked on water, landed in such a strange place, and now was about to be expelled from dragonhood. He finally could not stand it. He immediately shifted into his real body, rushed to Jiang Wuyi in front of him, and used his whole body’s strength to bring forth his blazing fire.

No matter how much he burned, the blue dragon in front of him did not flinch, and leisurely fell to the ground with an elegant posture.

—Then the scales of the burned front claws grew a layer of hoarfrost.

Charles: ……

The little milk dragon looked at the layer of white frost, and held back the last mouthful of fire. He hiccuped from the blowback, choked on his mouth full of fire, and swallowed it.

Compared to the blue dragon in front of him, Charles’s body could only be described as petite. His whole dragon body was only as big as one claw.

The little milk dragon stared at the layer of white frost, and wanted to cry from frustration.

What the hell was this thing?!

Where on earth had he been washed away to?!

The old acacia tree had long hid away. A large and small dragon simply eyed each other.

The atmosphere was stagnant.

Charles fluttered his wings, blinked, then blinked again. He saw that Jiang Wuyi did not move, and could only wilt his head to transform back to the weak human mode and struggle to jump on the dragon’s claws.

Jiang Wuyi thought he was going to use a trick, but when he saw that he was enduring humiliation, he wiped clean the layer of white frost on his claws.

He really was a flexible little thing.

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