I’m Really a Dragon Chapter 3

Seeing that the self-proclaimed ‘dragon’ beast did not move for a long time, Charles felt a little confused. He should be hungry soon, but since the entirety of Charles’ strength was used to bring forth fireballs, if the beast tried to swallow him, Charles wouldn’t be able to run far.

The more he thought about it, the more frightening it was. The little milk dragon lowered his head, rubbing under the dragon’s claws a little bit.

…Sure enough, it was better to run!

However, before long, Jiang Wuyi’s huge body disappeared. Charles did not have time to react before his body began to fall down, and he was immediately caught by two hands around his waist—in an elevated position with Jiang Wuyi. They fell to the ground.

Jiang Wuyi then withdrew his hands and took out a handkerchief to wipe them.

The distance between the two people was closer, and Charles realized that the person in front of him was a head taller than he was. Although he wouldn’t fall, the polite little dragon still subconsciously looked up and said, “Thank you.”

Jiang Wuyi also did not speak. He directly reached out his hand to lift up the broken hair covering Charles’ forehead. In this posture, he slightly leaned over and carefully observed his dark red small horns. When Charles saw him come closer, he immediately struggled.

It simply hurt his self esteem too much to be judged while pressed down like this!

 “Hey, you’re not allowed to look!”

Charles was surprised to find that although it was clearly only a hand placed lightly on his forehead, it was strangely difficult to break free.

Jiang Wuyi naturally ignored him, and even poked the tip of the small horn with his hand. 


Charles understood his words, puffing his face up in anger. He reached out with his teeth and claws to attack him, but Jiang Wuyi did not care. He put a restriction on the little beast. As long as he did not want to lift it, Charles absolutely could not touch him.

However, things did not develop as he had expected.

The level of restriction was hit by Charles a few times before completely shattering. Charles was so angry that he bit Jiang Wuyi’s wrist with a single bite.

But Charles forgot that his humanoid self’s teeth were not very sharp, so even after using great effort, he only left shallow teeth marks.

But Old Acacia’s eyes were fully opened this time, and he sucked his breath back in shock. “My Lord!”

Jiang Wuyi found it strange, but revealed a small smile. He was already beautifully dressed and handsome, but a smile added a different kind of appeal. He reached out to touch Charles’s small horns again, rendering him completely unable to move.

“Where did you come from?”

Charles bit a person and was a little embarrassed. When his horns were pressed again, his angry eyes turned red. The little milk dragon wanted to be tough and spray him with face full of fire, but Jiang Wuyi’s body once again emitted a fierce aura, making him weak. 

“…Phaeden Sea.”

Jiang Wuyi raised his eyebrows: “Sea?”

The old acacia tree came over and circled Charles a few times, shaking his head. “Little baby, do not lie, this old man has lived a thousand and eight hundred years, but has never heard of such a place. Us adults are in a very good mood today, to tell the truth. It must have been difficult for you to cultivate, so we can spare your life without spilling any blood.”

His tone was unpleasant, and he said a lot. Charles also did not understand everything, but he understood the word ‘lie’, and immediately looked at him angrily. “When did I lie? Why are you all saying I’m lying!”

Jiang Wuyi did not say anything, but raised his wrist, staring at the circle of teeth marks. The old acacia tree then stepped forward, took out a mirror from his sleeve, and gently pushed it. The mirror flew to the top of Charles’s head.

Charles was looking up suspiciously, when he heard the old acacia tree ask again, “Little baby, say it again. What are you really, and where did you come from?”

It took a long time for the little milk dragon to just barely understand what he said, before he impatiently began struggling again. “I said I’m a dragon! From the waters of Phaeden!”

After his words fell, water rippled on the exquisite mirror, slowly revealing the word ‘true’. It not only shocked the old acacia tree, but even Jiang Wuyi was very energetic.

But in this world, besides Jiang Wuyi… how could there be a dragon?

And such a strange dragon at that?

While the two people thought, Charles took the opportunity to break free of the restriction again. He turned around and ran, just about to turn into a dragon and fly away, when he was pulled back by his collar.

He looked back in anger, and it was Jiang Wuyi.

Jiang Wuyi carried the little milk dragon back and asked condescendingly, “What is your name?”

Charles was so uncomfortable being carried, could only stare at him and say, “…Charles Ryan.”

“Weird and ugly.”

Charles: !!!

Jiang Wuyi muttered, and an angry Charles took a deep breath. If his own little life wasn’t held in the palm of the other’s hand, he would certainly retaliate.

Thinking that a restriction was not enough to trap the little dragon, Jiang Wuyi pulled a silvery rope out of nowhere, and trapped Charles like a bundle of snakes. Jiang Wuyi then threw him to the ground, straightened his sleeves, and said, “Bring him back.”

Saying so, he turned around and walked away. Charles felt something strange about the rope. The old acacia tree stared at his little golden head for a while, and finally could not resist rubbing his head.

“With this Immortal-Binding rope, the more you struggle the more tightly it is wound. Little baby, you better behave if you want to suffer less, let’s go.”

Charles felt his hair was rubbed messily, and tried to avoid his hands, shaking his head. The old acacia tree randomly grabbed an empty piece of the Immortal-Binding rope and led him away.

They walked until they reached a bamboo house, and stopped in their tracks.

For Charles, he had never seen this kind of building, and the things inside it were strange, just as strange as these two people. He didn’t know where that giant beast from before went. In the whole house, only he and this little old man were left.

He didn’t know why, but Charles couldn’t feel hostile towards this little old man, and even had a kind of inexplicable sense of affection. Without thinking he asked, “What kind of race are you?”

The old acacia tree smiled and poured a cup of tea. With a tap, the Immortal-Binding Rope disappeared. Charles felt like it was magical. He held the bamboo cup and lightly sniffed. Upon seeing the old acacia tree naturally drink a few sips, he blinked and asked, “And what is this?”

“You have not drunk it before?”

Charles shook his head: “No.”

The old acacia tree stroked his beard. “It’s tea. Little baby, you are the strange one, the body of a real adult dragon was in front of you, and you had to ask?”

 “He is really a dragon? But I’ve never seen such a dragon, so strange…”

Charles still could not resist drinking a mouthful of tea, smacking his lips, and thought the taste was not bad. He happily drank another sip, and raised his eyes to the old acacia tree. “Then you are also a dragon?”

The old acacia tree immediately shook his head. “I dare not be! Only the Lord in this world is a dragon, the only true dragon! As for me, I am just an acacia tree.”

He spoke obscurely, and Charles was mystified, only grasping a single point, “The only… there are no other dragons here?”

Charles’ heart tightened in shock, only one dragon left! Wouldn’t he be bullied to death by other races? Not to mention the gods, they certainly wouldn’t let the dragon rest!

“What exactly is this place… do you have a map or something like that?”

Charles had just placed Jiang Wuyi as the same family as him, and now he felt sorry for him. When he thought about the fact that there was no dragon clan here, he felt even more faint.

A strong uneasiness haunted him, and the little milk dragon struggled in his mind, thinking that he should know where he was before anything else.

“The map is there, too.” The old acacia tree sat up straight, rummaged through his long, pale, green sleeves and turned out a jade slip. Once he saw this familiar thing, Charles was alert like he saw an enemy, and got up to run. The old acacia tree hurriedly waved his hand.

“No need to be afraid, sit down and look.”

Only then did the little milk dragon sit down again on the chair, only to see the old acacia tree casually throw the jade slip. It floated in the air, mapping out several areas.

Charles’ eyes widened and he could not help but exclaim, “So powerful, what kind of magic is this?!”

The old acacia tree did not know how to explain it, but soon Charles found out that something was wrong. He could not find a single trace of familiarity on this map. Even the shapes of the land and the sea were completely different!

Charles circled around the suspended map a few times, panicked, and looked at the old acacia tree with aggrieved eyes, “You’re cheating me again…”

Old Acacia saw that the little baby was about to cry, and he was about to open his mouth to coax him, when he saw Jiang Wuyi walk in through the door. He quickly lowered his head: “Lord.”

Jiang Wuyi waved his hand and said, “Go out.”

Old Acacia looked at Charles, hesitated for a moment, then turned and walked out of the bamboo house.

There were only two dragons left in the room, one small and one large, looking at each other. Charles stared at him expressionlessly. The anxiety in his heart grew, and he couldn’t hold back a hiccup.

Jiang Wuyi dodged with some disgust and sat down on the main seat in a dignified manner. “Tell me about the place you were in.”

The speaking attitude of Jiang Wuyi was very different from the old acacia tree. With a single word one could tell this was a master who had long been in the upper ranks, but Charles couldn’t tell. He only felt that this dragon was very impolite, speaking to people like he was giving orders. It made him annoyed.

It was just like the old dragons who once disliked his mixed blood!

So Charles wrinkled up his face, answering unhappily, “I’m just from Dragon Island ah, and I really am a dragon… stop looking at me like that, I’m not lying!”

Thinking about the fact that he was in someone else’s territory, Charles’ tone softened a little bit, and he said uncomfortably, “I was swept away by the waves… As soon as I woke up I was here, I really did not mean to break in…”

A dragon was swept away by the waves, it was too humiliating. Charles was young and very much valued this kind of thing. After talking about it, his white face blushed and his fingers grasped the little cloak helplessly, looking soft and obedient. It was a far cry from his previous anger and fiery biting.

Jiang Wuyi understood.

This little beast was capricious, his temper came and went quickly. When he was angry he bared his teeth and claws. When he was embarrassed he bowed his head and blushed, just like those small monsters who had just transformed into human form and didn’t know much.

And the beast was not subject to restrictions, even his dragon might was suppressed. It seemed to have little effect, but it probably sensed something and diminished a bit. But an ordinary monster would have long knelt down and begged for mercy, not to mention not biting him.

In addition… that mirror also confirmed that he really did not lie, and was indeed a dragon.

So Jiang Wuyi eased up and said, “I mean, before this, where was the realm you were originally in?”

Charles slightly tilted his head. “Realm?”

Jiang Wuyi nodded. “Just now I saw a hole in the valley enchantment, and there were many fish and shrimp sea creatures scattered around. But the Divine Dragon Abyss is far from the sea, your origin is really too strange.”

His words paused before he continued, “You know that in the Realm of Profound Reality, from the God’s Court to the Ghost Mansion, and within the Four Kingdoms, Five Realms and Eight Desolations, I am the only dragon.”

Charles felt as if this person had said a bunch of nonsense, and did not quite understand.

Seeing Charles react for half a day not figuring it out, with a look of wanting to say something, Jiang Wuyi sighed and drank a sip of tea.

He felt it was impossible.

Communication with this little dragon cub seemed a bit painstaking.

However, Jiang Wuyi was now very curious about this little dragon, so he had to put down the tea cup and struggle to explain again, before Charles replied as an afterthought, “I am from the Noah Continent, you should have heard of it, right?”

Noah Continent?

The little milk dragon had some expectation in his tone, eyes eagerly looking at Jiang Wuyi. Jiang Wuyi thought the dragon cub was more pleasing to the eye than before, but still coldly opened his mouth and dryly said, “I haven’t heard of it.”

After saying that he was silent for a while, thinking that this little brat probably didn’t understand him, so he used simpler words.

“…I have not heard of it.”

With only six words, his cultural literacy of a thousand years fell down.

Who made this little tiny dragon so uncultured?

Charles was disappointed, but still didn’t know that Jiang Wuyi’s thoughts had changed slightly, and that cultural education lessons had already been arranged for him.

The author has something to say: 

Little milk dragon: QAQ Let me out! I don’t want to study!!!

Jiang Wuyi: No!

The bad mommy always wants to bully the cub, what to do, hehehe~

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