I’m Really A Dragon
I’m Really A Dragon Chapter 4

Charles’s expectant eyes instantly disappeared. “You haven’t heard of…”

Jiang Wuyi met his eyes. Somehow he always felt that this dragon cub’s way of speaking implied that he was the one who did not know anything and was illiterate. Charles, however, felt that the situation was not good, and he was at a loss for a bit. He thought about it from many different angles, always feeling uneasy.

What if this dragon and that old acacia tree were in partnership to cheat him?

He just fell into the sea, how was everything turned upside down when he woke up? This situation was really difficult for him to accept.

They must be cheating him!

The little dragon cub’s eyes shifted, looking at Jiang Wuyi again with a slightly hostile expression. He was shallow-minded and everything he thought was written on his face. Jiang Wuyi raised his eyes and knew what he was thinking. He firmly put down the tea cup, and said in a deep voice, “Want to go see?”

Charles was stunned, this dragon could actually read minds!

Jiang Wuyi shallowly hooked his lips. “You broke the barrier of my Divine Dragon Abyss. It stands to reason that this crime should be punished…”

“Be… a pig?!” [1]T/N: Be a pig and be punished are homophones in Chinese, so Charles mistakes one for the other.

The little milk dragon glared with round eyes. His tone rose by a few degrees, and he snorted frightenedly, “You still want to turn me into a pig?!”

That was wicked!

As vicious as the witch in the storybook!

Jiang Wuyi: ……

Jiang Wuyi was silent for a moment, calmed down his mind to remind himself he was facing the uneducated and uncultured, before saying again, “The crime is punishable by death!”

Charles breathed a sigh of relief, then reacted. This consequence seemed a little more serious, and he immediately took a few steps back.

Seeing this, Jiang Wuyi then spoke, “But since you are a dragon, I can temporarily spare you…just this once.”

The dragon cub was unconvinced. He was still wary of Jiang Wuyi, and still wanted to run away before anything.

Jiang Wuyi felt tired, and not wanting to waste any more words, stood up. “You stay for the time being, I still have to think about how you’re going to pay.”

Charles was full of aggression.”Hey, how am I supposed to know how your boundary was broken?! You’re too unreasonable!”


Jiang Wuyi looked like he had heard a joke. “I’ve never been unreasonable.”

After he finished speaking, he was about to leave. Charles’ heart rose up in flames and he immediately grabbed his sleeve fiercely.

It was only when Jiang Wuyi turned around and looked over with a pair of pure black pupils that the little milk dragon felt scared again. He once again withdrew, rethinking his original words that were full of unkind curses, and blurted out, “You… you, so what’s your name?”

The little dragon cub’s tone was soft as he abashedly pulled his sleeve, looking pitiful. He dragged out his words, just like a child who had recently learned how to speak.

The language was different, and his tone was strange, with unclear pronunciation. Jiang Wuyi did not know whether he was in this secluded place for too many years, or if this little dragon cub was really likeable. But it was rare that his heart softened, feeling like it was being poked gently and softly.

Jiang Wuyi thought that the little cub was cute when he wasn’t biting people.

So he pulled back his sleeve, slowly and methodically rearranging them, while he returned, “Jiang Yan.”

Charles tilted his ears, “Jiang Yan?”

Jiang Wuyi nodded his head, turned around, and left.

The entire bamboo house only had Charles himself. The little milk dragon followed to the door, watching as Jiang Wuyi disappeared, his heart feeling strange.

Then he was… gone?

The little milk dragon’s eyes lit up upon seeing the opportunity to run. He was just about to change back to his dragon form, when he saw a set of pale pink balls rolling in from the courtyard and hitting the pillar at the door. The balls broke.

It was a chubby little boy, who looked as though he was less than a century old.

The child rubbed his head as if winded by the pain, and grimaced, sitting on the ground, until he saw Charles. He jumped up excitedly, circling around him.

“You are the new little dragon, your name is Charles, right?”

Charles was annoyed by his spinning, and said fiercely, “Stop spinning, or I’ll bite you!”

The child really stopped spinning. Charles then saw his fleshy face, as well as his little belly which appeared as if it would bulge out. The child was smiling up at him. “I am Peach Fairy, the adults let me come keep you company. Charles, do you like to drink?”

Charles shook his head.

In the Noah continent, beer was quite the common drink. He had drunk several kinds in Robesea City, but none he liked. There was only one kind of wine he thought tasted pretty good, and it was a divine ambassador from a distant place who brought the wine. It was very precious.

Thinking about that wine he asked again, “Is there any wine?”

Peach Fairy shook his head. “No, it’s fruit wine and peach blossom wine that I brewed myself. If you want to taste it, I can take you to dig it up.”

Charles was immediately attracted by his topic. “Digging? Where do we dig?”

Peach Fairy said, “In the peach blossom forest by the pool. I brewed a lot, and it’s all buried there. The old acacia tree and adults also love to drink it, but unfortunately there are only a few fairies in this Divine Dragon Abyss. You can go get it anytime if you like.”

Thoughts of escaping were instantly left behind by the little milk dragon. He squatted down, smiling at the Peach Fairy. “I want to go now!”

Peach Fairy also did not say much, before immediately leading him to the peach grove. The little milk dragon followed him, falling not a single step behind. He was more obedient than when he was tied up by the Immortal-Binding rope.

This mountain was mostly vines and trees, and the rock walls above the pavilion were as numerous as the stars. Without looking carefully, one could not be detected when sitting upon them.

Jiang Wuyi and the old acacia tree were currently sitting at the top, and through the carved round window of the pavilion, could just see a small and a large being going to the peach blossom forest.

The old acacia tree sighed in amazement and shook his head. “He really has the heart of a child.”

Jiang Wuyi did not say anything. The old acacia tree looked at him and then said, “What is your lord going to do with him?”

Although the light golden robe was gorgeous, the design was complicated and more or less in the way. Jiang Wuyi slightly adjusted his sitting posture, heard his words, and said carelessly, “He is a member of the dragon race.”

“Except for me, he is the only dragon in the world.”

This sentence fell in the heart of the old acacia tree like a heavy drum, and he asked with fear and trepidation, “Lord… is going to get rid of him?”

Jiang Wuyi was not surprised he would ask this. After all, if not for him, the dragon clan would still have many heirs, and the race would be thriving, so he patiently shook his head. “Although he is a dragon, he is still different from my race. It’s just one dragon, and it would be a pity since there is nothing to blame him for.”

The old acacia tree quite liked this little dragon and was relieved. He tentatively asked, “Then what does the Lord mean?”

Jiang Wuyi finally could not resist taking off the complicated jade stone on his belt, wanting to put it down but not wanting to at the same time, so he played with it in his hands. “First I’ll teach him a lesson.”

He said, and could not help but mutter another sentence, “He can’t understand my words….”

The old acacia tree thought in his heart, and became enlightened.

The adult wanted to raise the little cub, ah!

Heaven and earth bless, the Lord’s successor was determined!

The old acacia tree thought so, and was instantly refreshed. He looked in the direction of Charles, eyes full of love.

Meanwhile Charles followed the peach fairy to walk inside the peach blossom forest, saw the peach fairy standing still, and poked the little fat boy’s face in confusion.

“Why don’t you go?”

The peach fairy reached out and out of thin air appeared two small shovels. “You pick one, feel free to dig under these trees. There are seven or eight types of fruit wine, peach blossom wine and acacia blossom wine included. What you dig up depends on your luck.”

Charles grew up living on Dragon Island. Although he had also been to Robesea City, in the end, he was a dragon. He always hid, afraid of being found by a divine ambassador, and didn’t play much. Unsurprisingly, he was interested in digging, and grabbed a small shovel to run to the woods with.

It was not easy to find someone to play with. The peach fairy’s eyes disappeared with his smile, and he followed to dig up the wine jar.

Charles was digging happily, giggling and waving a small shovel. In a short time he dug out seven or eight jars of wine, but the peach fairy saw he was still going. He immediately stopped him and said, “Stop digging, these are enough. Let’s see what they are.”

So the little dragon cub happily squatted around the wine jar, intently watching Peach Fairy open it. The wine was not aged for a long time, and although it tasted fragrant, it was not potent.

The Peach Fairy used a small spoon to hold a little, and handed it to Charles to taste. Charles smacked his lips, flowery fragrance fainty emitting from his mouth, and the heat and strange fragrance spread from the tip of his tongue 

At first he felt a little choked, but after carefully tasting it, it was a rare good wine. Charles instantly curious about the other jars. “Good! What is this?”

“Acacia wine, it’s very fragrant, right?”

Charles bit the spoon, and looked at Peach Fairy eagerly. “I want to drink more.”

Peachy Fairy looked righteous and patted his chest. “Then let’s go back and fish in the pool this time, there is a kind of spirit tail fish in this pool that is the most delicious. With a single wrap of radium grass leaves, and baked crisply, it goes the best with the wine!”

The little milk dragon immediately drooled, happy to go with the Peach Fairy to move the wine jars, and went to the pool to fish. As for how to catch fish, Charles was extremely familiar with it, and transformed into his original body. In a short time he shot up a dozen.

It was the first time Peach Fairy saw such a dragon. He was stunned for a while, and only then put away the fish on the ground.

The sun went down, and smoke rose above the small courtyard in front of the bamboo house.

Charles guarded the small stove, tasting the wine one by one, and then happily hugged it without letting go. Peach Fairy skillfully cleaned up the fish, wrapped it in radium grass, and placed it on the small stove. The aroma instantly spread and made Charles’ eyes glaze over.

He always loved to eat fish, but in the Noah continent, humans seemed to prefer land-based meat. Only the poor only survived on fish. In actuality, Robesea City was not rich. Food types and practices were few and far in between, and he had to cover up his identity, so he did not eat anything delicious.

If his most favorite type of fish was the fish he caught by himself, then it was quite delicious when casually cooked with a fire on the freshly warm stove.

But the aroma of the fish that was in front of his nose, and the smell of the past fish he ate were not quite the same. What he did not know was that these fish swam all day long with a dragon as a companion, absorbing the dragon’s energy, and had long been cleansed of marrow and bones, to be so fat and fresh.

Peach Fairy baked a few and handed them to Charles rather atmospherically, happily saying, “It’s rare that someone eats fish with me. Eat some more, I’m the best at baking fish.”

Charles wondered, “Jiang Yan and the old acacia do not eat them?”

“The Lord has the body of the Dragon God, how can he be gluttonous? The old acacia tree simply would not have needed to…”

Peach Fairy said half of the words and stalled, and when he woke up, he was so startled that the fish were going to fall into the fire.

Charles caught the fish quickly and asked, confused, “What happened to you?”

Peach Fairy’s heart trembled, and he lowered his voice. “How can you call the Lord by his name?!”

Charles bowed his head and ate the fish. “Why can’t I call it? He told me himself.”

Peach Fairy froze for a long time before saying, “…You are also a dragon. In addition to the Lord and you, I have never seen other dragons.”

The two had a chat with each other, drinking until the moon rose high in the sky and the smoke had yet to disappear.

The little milk dragon was stabilized in this way, and it saved a lot of energy, until Jiang Wuyi was going to sleep. He then saw a ball of powder suddenly roll into the attic, crying from heaven til the earth to complain.

“Lord help! Charles chased and burned me with fire!”

Old Acacia reacted and hurriedly checked the injury of the peach fairy, only to see that the pink robe had a huge hole burned out of it, revealing the inner lining and white flesh inside. His buttocks were half exposed as well.

Jiang Wuyi raised his eyebrows slightly. “Why did he burn you?”

Peach Fairy sobbed uncontrollably. “He was drunk, and transformed back to his original body and asked me if he looked good. I also had two more glasses of wine, so I said he didn’t look very good, and Charles got angry and has been chasing my ass, spitting fire!”

He cried with slurred speech, a snotty nose, and tears. “He was too fast, too fast! Big… burp, my lord, I just can’t run anymore!”

Jiang Wuyi thought to himself, ‘Who told you to eat so much on weekdays?’ That peach blossom demon was fat like a ball!

But he did not have time to speak before the crimson dragon waved its wings and flew in from the outside, a blaze of fire coming head-on.

The old acacia tree immediately put up a boundary to protect the three, but after Charles ate a lot, and drank a lot of wine, his fire was actually a world away from what it was during the day, and in a moment it burned the whole house.

Jiang Wuyi wore a thin lining, looked at the instantly burned bedchamber, and heard the peach fairy’s wailing voice. Facing another drunken crazy dragon cub, he took a deep breath. He raised his hand to restrain the little dragon who wanted to cause trouble, and gently tapped the dragon’s head. Charles immediately regained his human form.

The little dragon cub puffed up trying to go forward, but didn’t walk well, and fell to the ground, his red eyes confused. But he still defiantly stared at the peach fairy and roared, “I am not ugly!

It was aggrieving to death!

Dragons were not ugly!

Peach Fairy trembled. “You’re not ugly, you’re not ugly, you can’t be ugly!”

“You said I’m not good-looking!”

“Ooooooooooooooo I was wrong…”

Jiang Wuyi closed his eyes and felt his head hurt a little.


1 T/N: Be a pig and be punished are homophones in Chinese, so Charles mistakes one for the other.
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