Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 57: Revisiting the Courtesan

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“Sir ‘Long Dahai,’ please wait a moment.”

The maid Xiao Guai emphasized his name in her speech.

However, Luo Wusheng didn’t mind. He had already anticipated that he wouldn’t be able to hide his identity completely.

As his appearance gradually became known to the public, those who had come into close contact with him at the Red Blossom Pavilion that night would realize that he was the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect.

But this wouldn’t cause his public image to collapse.

Because on that day, he had come with four staff members from the Demon Artifact Pavilion, and he had refused the offers of the ladies in the building, only staying in the room of the courtesan Yao Ji to listen to music, and he had only come that one time.

Even if this matter spread, it wouldn’t have a significant impact on his image, and it wouldn’t lead to unfavorable rumors like “The Demon Sect Holy Saint is a Playboy.”

If he deliberately manipulated public opinion, he could even establish a boss persona who cared for his subordinates.

But this time was different. He was visiting for the second time, and this time he was alone.

If this were to spread, it wouldn’t be so simple.

So he had to be extra careful this time. He couldn’t even spend too much time listening to music, or else if someone were to investigate who this suddenly appearing “mysterious wealthy man Long Dahai” was, it wouldn’t be good.

At this moment, the maid, who was called Xiao Guai, gently knocked on the door after asking him to wait.

“Miss Yao Ji, that ‘Long Dahai’ sir has come again.”

After a short wait, the ethereal voice of Yao Ji came from behind the door.

“…I know, let the sir come in.”


Following the familiar process, Luo Wusheng once again saw the courtesan at the Red Blossom Pavilion.

Just like the first time they met, Yao Ji was kneeling in the center of the room, her hands caressing the seven-stringed ancient qin.

However, this time, one corner of the qin was embedded with the Star-Moon jade he had given her.

The Star-Moon jade was indeed the highest-quality jade he had on hand. Even when embedded in the qin, it didn’t lose any of its charm. It even gave the player a faint feeling of a celestial fairy.

The most important thing was that he had quite a few of these Star-Moon jades, so he could give them away without any psychological burden, exchanging them for the goodwill of these girls.

Although he no longer had the same fervor for exotic stones and precious gems as he did before awakening his memories, he still maintained the habit of collecting different types of gemstones.

This might be the deepest obsession left by his past self.

Lost in his thoughts, he suddenly heard a clear and melodious sound of the strings, dispersing all the distractions in his mind.

Seeing that the white-clad young man’s attention was focused on her, Yao Ji, who had just plucked the strings, smiled.

“I never expected to see the sir again so soon… It’s quite surprising that after causing such a stir in the royal city, the sir still has the intention to come here to listen to my music. It truly makes me feel flattered.”

“Causing a stir? Yao Ji, you jest. I am just a nameless nobody who was drawn in by your music. How could I possess such ability?” Luo Wusheng maintained a calm expression and sat across from Yao Ji with a smile.

The courtesan gave him a slightly teasing look but didn’t expose his words.

“Sir, your words still bring joy to me, just as before.”

She plucked the strings playfully, seemingly indifferent, and said, “There have been many significant events in the royal city these past few days, causing a decrease in the number of guests coming here to listen to my music.”

“Especially the conflict between the Taoist Artifact Pavilion and the Demon Artifact Pavilion, it has stirred up the whole city… Yesterday, the Demon Artifact Pavilion’s victory pushed this matter to the forefront, and the Holy Saint, who serves as the Pavilion Master, has become a well-known figure in the royal city…”

“I really want to witness the magnificence of the Pavilion Master. What do you think, Sir ‘Long Dahai’?”

Being addressed this way by the young lady, Luo Wusheng, despite his thick-skinned nature, couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. It’s just as enjoyable for me to hear the sir’s words.” Yao Ji chuckled lightly. “I wonder what kind of melody the sir would like to hear today?”

Seeing the courtesan back down after provoking him, Luo Wusheng immediately regained his usual demeanor and shook his head with a smile.

“It’s up to you, Yao Ji. Regardless of which piece, all of your music is heavenly. I would be honored to listen to anything.”

Yao Ji, pleased by his praise, gently hooked her finger and placed it on the strings.

“Then I shall comply with the sir’s request.”

Her fingertips plucked the strings, and the melody gradually filled the air.

In the midst of this exquisite music, Luo Wusheng felt his body and mind relax.

Since his last visit to the Red Blossom Pavilion and the subsequent series of events, although he hadn’t shown any outward changes, he had accumulated some pressure deep within.

And now, this pressure was gradually being washed away by the music.

Even many stray thoughts were dispelled.

(Is this the effect of exceptional musical skill? If this courtesan is truly the mortal form of the Empress, it’s also possible that it’s a special technique?)

When the music gradually stopped, Luo Wusheng, who had come back to his senses, couldn’t help but think.

At the same time, he also recalled what the maid Xiao Guai had mentioned before, that this courtesan was able to sell her art without selling her body at the Red Blossom Pavilion, solely relying on her own abilities.

It seemed that the ability to cleanse people’s hearts was the result of this enchanting music.

Even he was affected by it, so it was hard to imagine anyone who could still harbor desires after listening to this melody.

Indeed, this girl is currently the most suspicious candidate for the mortal form of the Empress.

As the sound of the qin came to a complete stop, Luo Wusheng also put away his other thoughts and applauded lightly for this extraordinary piece.

“Miss Yao Ji’s qin music never fails to impress me. With such skill, it seems a bit of a waste for you to be just a courtesan in the Red Blossom Pavilion.”

“Why not let this young lady redeem herself? I imagine it wouldn’t be considered a waste for the esteemed ‘Long Dahai’ to have a personal qin player by his side, would it?”

Upon hearing Luo Wusheng’s words, Yao Ji placed her hand on the strings and gave him a slightly flirtatious look.

However, her tone was playful.

In response, Luo Wusheng said with a serious expression, “If the young lady is willing to follow such an insignificant figure like me, it is not impossible.”

“It seems like a delightful proposition to me, sir.” Yao Ji covered her mouth and giggled softly. “I quite enjoy my days here. I play the qin when someone comes, practice my music when no one is around, and I even have Xiao Guai taking care of my daily needs. I don’t have as many worries as before.”

“Oh? Does Yao Ji have worries too?”

“Sir, you’re mistaken. I am just an ordinary mortal, how can I be free from worries in this world?”

As she spoke, Yao Ji’s face revealed a hint of melancholy, as if she truly had some troubles in her heart.

“You’re mistaken about that.”

Luo Wusheng smiled and shook his head. “If we go by the young lady’s words, then I, who have listened to your music and no longer have any worries, can no longer be considered human.”

Unexpectedly, the young man in front of her would say such things. Yao Ji was slightly stunned for a moment before she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She covered her mouth with her sleeve, but her laughter trembled uncontrollably.

“Hehe… Sir, you truly are an interesting person…”

Suppressing her laughter as best as she could, Yao Ji’s delicate body trembled slightly. “Hoo… It’s truly rare for me to laugh so unladylike. Sir’s methods to win a woman’s heart… I wonder how many women have fallen for them…”

“But thanks to your words, I’ve managed to let go of some of my worries… As a gesture of gratitude, let me tell you something interesting…”

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