Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 58: Miss Sword Fairy: I Cast a Divination Today

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As the sun was setting, Luo Wusheng walked along the long street of the royal city, his eyes filled with contemplation. He had changed back to his usual black attire, and passersby occasionally glanced at him, but he didn’t pay much attention to them.

He had received some new information from Yao Ji, the top courtesan of the Red Blossom Pavilion. The Master of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, Lin Qingfeng, had gone missing. It happened shortly after the Taoist Artifact Pavilion was completely overwhelmed by the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

(Perhaps he was disheartened by the failure and couldn’t bear the responsibility, so he ran away?) If that were the case, his ability to bear psychological pressure was too weak.

Thinking of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion’s Master, whom he had only met once and who later inexplicably challenged him, Luo Wusheng shook his head gently. Based on the decisions made by his recent business rival, he did give off a sense of lacking resilience. He was still too young.

Luo Wusheng didn’t pay much attention to such insignificant individuals. After establishing his reputation through the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, these small matters were no longer worth his concern. As he always said, he would bear the consequences of his own decisions.

Instead, Luo Wusheng was more interested in how Yao Ji had obtained the information that he hadn’t. When he asked her, she told him not to underestimate her ability to acquire information in the mortal world.

That reason seemed reasonable, but Luo Wusheng felt that something was off. “Perhaps it’s because I’ve already associated her with the identity of the Empress Mortal other self? That’s why I always feel that her methods are not that simple,” Luo Wusheng murmured to himself.

However, he felt that his relationship with Yao Ji had improved after this second meeting. They had reached a level where they could tease each other like friends. He was quite satisfied with his progress. If she really was Empress Mortal other self, then he would be considered a familiar face to the Empress.

Now Luo Wusheng was increasingly convinced that his speculation was correct. “Well… I can’t relax too much with the real Empress either. If I guessed wrong or if she deliberately acts like she doesn’t know me, I need to be prepared,” he thought.

However, he couldn’t use the Star-Moon Jade this time… If Yao Ji was indeed Empress Mortal other self, giving her the Star-Moon Jade would expose the fact that he possessed more than one flawless jade.

That would reverse her impression of him.

But other gemstones would be difficult to attract the attention of the girls like the Star-Moon Jade…

Luo Wusheng pondered, but he had already returned to the residence he had purchased. “Hmm? Isn’t Bai Xiaoyao at home?” As soon as he entered the courtyard, he raised an eyebrow at the feedback from his spiritual sense.

At this hour, could it be that Bai Xiaoyao went to the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

Well, it was difficult to predict what his junior sister was up to. She probably had something to take care of. Luo Wusheng wasn’t too worried about her safety. In the royal city, no one dared to harm the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, rather, not being played around by that girl would be fortunate enough.

But Luo Wusheng was curious about what choice his junior sister had made after reading his letter. So he immediately teleported back to his room.

Seeing that the box and paper on the table were gone, he had a strange smile on his face. It seemed that his letter had worked. Or perhaps the goodwill he had built up with Bai Xiaoyao with current intent settings.

“But since I’ve received it, I can’t say for sure if I’m fortunate enough to have that pleasure…”

Shaking his head, Luo Wusheng took out the message sword strapped to his waist.

Although it was still early and he hadn’t thought about what new bedtime story to tell Miss Sword Fairy, it was rare to have some leisure time, so chatting with the girl would be nice.

(It should be more than three days since I mentioned it before, right? The story is finished too. I should be able to go back to my previous attitude…)

He felt an itch in his hand after not calling Little Yuli for three days.

Thinking about it, he immediately sent a window shake to Miss Sword Fairy.

But there was no response.

After a moment of contemplation, he sent it again.

Still no response.

Wait… Could it be…

Luo Wusheng thought of a possibility.

Could today be the day Little Yuli is having an episode?

“Come to think of it, it’s about time…”

Just as he was sighing, the wooden sword in his hand vibrated.

【…I cast a divination today.】


He actually received a reply? Could it be that today is not the day of her episode?

And what does she mean by saying she cast a divination? When did she start doing divinations?

Luo Wusheng hadn’t figured out how to reply when another message came from the other side.

【The divination says that I can’t talk to the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint for more than three sentences today.】


A string of question marks came from the designated Demon Sect’s Holy Saint.

Can your divination be so accurate? You even specified the person and the number of sentences?

At the same time, he quickly understood that the so-called divination was just an excuse, and this girl simply didn’t want to talk to him.

(There’s no reason… We’ve been exchanging messages just fine these past few days. I don’t think I’ve done anything to upset her…)

Luo Wusheng was puzzled.


In an inn near Jianzhou, Miss Sword Fairy, who was heading towards the royal city, was currently resting in her room.

With her speed, she planned to spend the night here and set off tomorrow morning, arriving at the royal city by dusk.

Mainly because flying was prohibited in the Royal City, otherwise, she could have arrived even faster.

After leaving Sword Pavilion, she felt noticeably relieved.

Just thinking about her current Master and the various peak masters who were eager for her to visit their peaks gave Miss Sword Fairy a headache. Even staying in Sword Pavilion for a second longer was uncomfortable.

So she quickly handled the necessary affairs and swiftly escaped from Sword Pavilion.

Thinking about how miserable her day had been because of that annoying Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, she couldn’t help but feel angry. If it weren’t for seeking revenge on him and getting herself in trouble, she wouldn’t have had to go to the royal city so early.

It was really infuriating.

She had originally planned to report her grievances to her Master through the correspondence between that guy and her Master. But now, not only did the guy not suffer much, but her own suffering had increased significantly.

When she felt the vibration of the message sword that had been silent for a long time, she had already made up her mind not to pay attention to that guy today.

She casually came up with a lame excuse.

When she saw several confused question marks from the other side, Miss Sword Fairy felt a bit of satisfaction in her heart.

But soon, she couldn’t smile anymore.

The frequency of the wooden sword in her hand vibrating increased rapidly.

Messages like “Little Yuli?” and “The most formidable Sword Immortal in the immortal realm?” and “If heaven didn’t give birth to me, Little Yuli, would the sword remain eternal like the long night?” kept coming.

This guy was forcing her to say more than a third sentence.

There were obvious signs of veins throbbing on Lu Yuliu’s forehead.

Hold it in, she had to hold it in…

She can’t get angry, otherwise the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint will be the one to have the last laugh.

Huh, she had even thought that if she arrived at the royal city, she could help that guy a bit as a return for him unknowingly helping her Master regain his sword intent.

But now…


She came to find the Demon Sect’s Holy Maiden, what does it have to do with the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint?

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