Close to You
Close To You Chapter 1

He has a tattoo in which Luo Lin Yuan can see clearly; a string of black that seems to be English alphabets hidden under the sleeve of the school’s white uniform. The tattoo’s placement is probably on the shoulder blade because when playing basketball, his sleeves need to be rolled up, revealing a bit of the tattoo.

Luo Lin Yuan bit into the straw while sitting on the stair to watch the basketball. He was afraid of basking in the sun, he hid in the shadows, squinting lazily and staring at the man in the center of the court.

The man was happily clapping his hands with his teammates, celebrating a successful goal.

Luo Lin Yuan sucked on the straw and a mouthful of sweet fruit pulp went into his mouth which he finely grind with his teeth.

Luo Lin Yuan propped up on the stone platform, lifted his face, and relaxed his neck. As soon as he took out his mobile phone, a person patted his neck from the back, making him nearly spit out the juice he had just drunk.

He pushed away the hand that was on him and said impolitely to the person who came, “What are you doing ah!”

Fang Xiao doesn’t care about his cold face, “Why are you sitting here and watching basketball ah, our class is on the next court.”

Luo Lin Yuan ignored him, putting the straw back into his mouth, nipping slowly, his eyes never leaving the person on the court.

Fang Xiao followed his gaze, hey, isn’t this f@@@ing Yu Han.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Yu Han then at Luo Lin Yuan, “What did he do to you?”

Luo Lin Yuan ignored him and Fang Xiao didn’t care either. He and Luo Lin Yuan have been together since middle school, he knows that this person is useless except for his face. It is fine in front of outsiders but in front of the people he knew, his personality is like a dog and his whole person is trouble.

It was also because Luo Lin Yuan’s health was lacking when his mother gave birth to him, and as the only son, the Luo family treat him as if he was a pearl.

But as the old saying goes, the more precious the child, the harder it is to raise them. Luo Lin Yuan has been suffering from numerous minor and major illnesses since birth. He was often hospitalized when he was little and has a very poor constitution.

Due to Luo Lin Yuan being often gone to the hospital since he was little, his temperament is more arrogant.

And as the eldest son of the Luo family, he has to inherit the family business when he grows up. Just as he left the hospital, he needed to appear as an obedient and sensible young master in front of various uncles when he was young.

Growing up in this kind of environment, Luo Lin Yuan almost developed a dual personality.

When Fang Xiao first met him, he was also shocked by his pretentious appearance.

During middle school, Luo Lin Yuan hasn’t fully developed yet, looking indistinguishable from females and tender. His eyes are black and large, his eyelashes are long, and look like a mixed blood. Eventually, he was nicknamed Little Princess Luo.

Of course, the girls secretly call him Little Prince Luo.

At that time, Fang Xiao was just a simple-minded face dog, licking his (LLY) face to death[1]not literally, FX just liked his face lol so he went to make friends with Luo Lin Yuan.

At first, Little Princess Luo was still sweet and obedient, but later he revealed his true colors. Fang Xiao also thought of ending their friendship if they didn’t get along.

But when Luo Lin Yuan was in a group fight in school, he was very loyal and he ran away with Fang Xiao, who was half-limp.

At that time, Fang Xiao really regarded him as his brother and also tolerated his dog-like temper.

Luo Lin Yuan usually pretended to be a high person on the outside and talks like a noble person. It’s rare for him to be so attentive to other people, still coming out on a hot day to watch other people playing basketball.

Luo Lin Yuan never came to see him when he was playing basketball, saying that he disliked basking in the sun, his blood sugar was low and he was dizzy.

Fang Xiao put his arm back on Luo Lin Yuan, “What’s wrong? Yu Han robbed your woman?”

Fang Xiao looked at Luo Lin Yuan who was watching Yu Han with shining eyes and thought very shamelessly, this scene is almost like a fox watching a Tibetan mastiff, grinning aggressively and biting for several minutes. The human Tibetan mastiff noticed but was unwilling to pay attention to him. 

Fang Xiao followed his gaze and looked at Yu Han on the court. If Luo Lin Yuan is a noble son, then Yu Han is a prince in distress.

Single parent, mother died young and was brought up by his grandmother. Grandmother was also hit by a car a year ago and is still staying in the hospital.

Yu Han specifically asked for leave from the teacher and went to the hospital to accompany her at night. Under such circumstances, his ranking was still stable in the top ten.

He is good-looking and handsome, has good grades, and has a pitiful life just like a novel character. Many girls pity him and they secretly help out by initiating crowdfunding.

Yu Han is also someone who can’t say no. When the girls gave him food, he ate it. When the girls started crowdfunding to donate money to him, he took it and thanked them politely, saying that he would definitely return it in the future.

Although this isn’t necessarily the case, the girls are satisfied when they see that he didn’t resist.

In private, some people say that Yu Han looks lofty but his knees are softer than anyone else. If they say kneel, he will kneel, at least he had some dignity.

The girls exploded as soon as they heard this and said bluntly that when no one in your family is sick, have the courage not to use social security and not beg for donations ah. There’s no way why you can’t accept other people’s kindness. They had to be stubborn to death in order to keep their dignity ah.

In short, both of them are quite famous people in the school but Fang Xiao couldn’t figure out how these two people could get together.

Fang Xiao pinched Luo Lin Yuan’s neck, “Didn’t you say that Yu Han’s family is in a difficult situation? How does he still have the energy to play basketball ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan slapped Fang Xiao’s hand away, “Maybe he won the game and had money.”

Fang Xiao hissed and stared at Luo Lin Yuan incredulously.

It’s strange enough for Little Princess Luo to be interested in the person nearby but he also deliberately went to inquire about the person’s affairs. Has the sun risen from the west?

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly lowered his eyes. It was really too sunny that he couldn’t stand it.

He got up and jumped to the bottom in three or two steps, and because he got up too hard, he was dizzy. He really hated his body.

Luo Lin Yuan finally looked at the person on the court and inadvertently met his gaze.

Yu Han stared at him for a moment and was also stunned. He subconsciously showed a gentle and polite smile.

He just lifted his jersey to wipe the sweat off his face with his cheeks were flushed with health. The girls watching him play basketball had already pulled out their phones to take pictures of his eight-pack abs and beautiful mermaid line.

But Luo Lin Yuan frowned in disgust at the people. He thought to himself, so dirty.

It’s so hot, so tired, and so annoying. Why on earth did he come to this lousy place in the middle of the day to watch basketball? Isn’t it good to stay in the classroom and have cold drinks?

Originally, he couldn’t have cold drinks at home, but Uncle Wu can’t control him when he’s in school.

Luo Lin Yuan faintly withdrew his eyes and nodded his chin at Fang Xiao haughtily, “Let’s go.”

He walked slowly to the classroom on his snow-white sneakers. He threw the drink into the trash can with a thud.

It wasn’t that he suddenly became interested in Yu Han but he accidentally saw Yu Han kissing someone.

It was at the school’s rooftop, and the person he kissed was a man.

Luo Lin Yuan was learning how to smoke while hiding behind the shade. He endured the itching from his lungs, his face flushed as he stared at the two overlapping figures not far away.

Youths, school uniform, hugging, kissing, but it’s the same gender which constitutes an extraordinary picture.

Both are men, living homosexuals.

His body simply couldn’t bear the cigarette, Luo Lin Yuan snuffed it out on the wall, leaving a black mark, and ending his stupid adolescent rebellion.

He couldn’t help but stare at Yu Han kissing someone else’s lips, slowly being rubbed red. Just like the red velvet cake he likes, it looked sweet and tempting.

Luo Lin Yuan dared not to wonder why he was interested in another man’s mouth. He felt so horrible that hairs stood up all over his body.

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1 not literally, FX just liked his face lol

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