Close to You
Close To You Chapter 113.2

He always thought that there would be some reason, he always thought that Luo Lin Yuan won’t give up easily.

In fact, it was just that they encountered insurmountable difficulties in their lives that were hard to cross. Their relationship was exposed, and one of them couldn’t bear the pressure and left. There was no special reason, it’s just that he thought too much.

To laugh is to feel ridiculous. Laughing at himself but also laughing at himself in the past.

Luo Lin Yuan went to catch Yu Han’s hand, it was cold to the touch. Yu Han didn’t break away from him nor did he hold him back, only saying, “No need to apologize.”

There was indeed nothing to apologize for. It was Luo Lin Yuan who suffered the malice that year. In fact, he would have preferred it to be him. Maybe the ending would’ve been different.

When Yu Han was about to leave, Luo Lin Yuan sent him downstairs, looking at him hesitantly as if he was treating a time bomb with caution.

Yu Han looked back at him, “What are you afraid of?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’m afraid you’ll be angry with me.”

Yu Han: “I’m not angry.”

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t convinced, so he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his face in the person’s neck, “So will you still come to the class tomorrow?”

Yu Han: “Not necessarily, I’m very busy.”

Luo Lin Yuan oh-ed and let go of his hand. He watched Yu Han lower his head at the booked taxi a few steps away. He followed behind the person to the entrance of the community, watched him get in the car, and left.

He looked at his hand, “He said he wasn’t angry, so he refused to hold me anymore.”

The next day Yu Han went to class. He ordered his secretary to allocate the work schedule during the day. The schedule was very tight. He also ordered the secretary to free his evening anyway and go find a partner if anything happened.

The secretary asked him, “Where are you going at night? In such a hurry to catch up with the trip?”

Yu Han signed the document without raising his head, “To find my wife and child.”

Secretary: “…”

Although Yu Han was the one who ignored people last night, he threw his face. When he arrived at Yuyuan today, he found that the monk ran away, leaving only the temple of Yuyuan.

He asked the acting Dean Xiao Xiong. Xiao Xiong said in surprise, “The Dean has gone to the mountains to teach, you didn’t know?”

‘You didn’t know’ sounded like an ice blade in winter and a raging blaze in summer, burning and sad, and bitter. He was so angry that he couldn’t wait to catch the person and beat them up.

Yu Han took out his phone, looked at it, WeChat, calls, and text messages, and turned them over one by one. He confirmed that Luo Lin Yuan ran away without a word, and didn’t leave him half a message.

At this time, Luo Lin Yuan who was hundreds of kilometers away in the mountains, woke up and was dumbfounded when he was faced with the prompt that his phone’s text message had failed to send.

The matter of the teaching program[1]I don’t really know the correct term for this, but this meant a program bringing education to underdeveloped areas. was decided temporarily. In the middle of the night yesterday, Chen Qing called him and said that her child had a high fever and had a sudden onset of pneumonia. She couldn’t leave. The teaching in the mountain program had been scheduled and can’t be canceled.

The job of a teaching program was already hard and tiring and there was no profit. Chen Qing has experience in this area. She took Luo Lin Yuan once before, so now only the experienced Luo Lin Yuan was left to teach and go to the mountains for the teaching program for a week.

Thus, he got up in the middle of the night to book a bus ticket, packed his luggage, and went to Teacher Chen’s house to bring the painting stationery she had bought long ago.

He originally had to settle the account of yesterday’s charity sale today so as to cover the expenses of the stationery. This job could only be entrusted to Xiao Xiong.

When he caught the bus, it was only six o’clock. Luo Lin Yuan hadn’t slept at all, so he went straight to sleep with a stuffy head. When the bus stopped at the rest stop halfway, he struggled to wake up, sent a WeChat to his angry lover, and went to sleep again.

Who would’ve thought that when he arrived at the destination, it was already surrounded by mountains and the signal was extremely poor?

Luo Lin Yuan switched to a minibus, then took a motorcycle, and finally arrived in the mountains.

The children still remember him and were quite enthusiastic. He asked an older child to distribute stationery and picture books and began to look for signals everywhere with his phone.

After looking for nearly half an hour, he finally gave up. This was truly a deep in the mountain, old forest. Not to mention the signal, even if you want supplies, you have to drive a motorcycle for three hours to buy it in a small town below the mountain.

Usually, there are only a few motorcycles in the village, and they will only go out when necessary. There are no young people left in this village, they all went out to work, only a bunch of left-behind children[2]Rural children whose parents have to make a living as migrant workers in distant urban areas but can’t afford to keep the family with them. and the elderly.

The middle-aged uncle driving the motorcycle was very busy. Although he was grateful to Luo Lin Yuan for coming to support him and is quite enthusiastic about him, Luo Lin Yuan can’t ask people to send him to the town just to get through the phone call of his family.

The night in the mountains was very quiet, the night sky was dotted with stars. Luo Lin Yuan took a picture with his phone and looked at it. He found that there was no starry sky at all, only a few white stars. The useless iPhone wasn’t as good as Huawei.[3]Jie Jie: Had me laughing to death as someone who uses both XD

He thought about Yu Han, thought about Yuyuan, and thought about the children in the class. A little girl in the mountains, wearing beautiful clothes that she could only wear during the Chinese New Year with two braided pigtails, leaned over and gave him freshly baked sweet potatoes. She softly and sweetly said to the teacher to eat it.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t think of anything. He only thought that the girl in front of him was too cute and the children here are quite well-behaved.

The environment wasn’t good, the weather in the mountains was very cold at night. Luo Lin Yuan can only wet the towel with water and wiped it on his body. After a week, he was dirty and itchy all over. He couldn’t resist so he took a cold shower and washed himself.

The consequence of this was that one day before the teaching program, he successfully became ill, his nose was clogged and he was in a coughing fit.

He was in bad shape. The Village Chief said that he would send him down the mountain to see a doctor. Luo Lin Yuan took the medicine with water and said no need. There was only one day left in the class. How could it be wasted here?

He thought he was much stronger. After all, he didn’t get sick after sleeping with Yu Han. Unexpectedly, he got sick after taking a cold bath.

Holding a tissue, he almost blew his nose off. While coughing, he put a safflower on the child, and wore a mask and gloves, with constant tears.

By noon, he couldn’t hold on anymore, so he sat in the classroom, next to the yellow wall, and rested his head.

In a daze, he heard someone calling him and pulled his mask down.

Luo Lin Yuan opened his eyes with difficulty and looked at Yu Han in front of him. He froze and said in a hoarse voice, “Why did I dream of you?”

The Yu Han in front of him asked him, “Sick?”

Luo Lin Yuan blinked his eyes, tears came down his cheeks.

He was uncomfortable that physiological tears came out, but he didn’t know this fragile appearance. He was at a loss at the aggressive family member in front of him, and his heart softened for most of it.

Luo Lin Yuan: “En, I’m sick and uncomfortable.”

Yu Han: “Let’s go.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Where?”

Yu Han: “I’ll take you home.”

Luo Lin Yuan, relying on his dreaming, grunted, “I can’t walk, I need a kiss and a hug to get well.”

Yu Han said with amusement, “Aren’t you childish?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “In front of the person you like, childishness is fun.”

Yu Han: “How do you want to kiss and hug?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s brain was a muddle: “Kiss on the lips. It’s a dream anyway, it’s not contagious.”

Yu Han approached him and bit his lips, waking Luo Lin Yuan up. At that moment, a little girl called out, “Uncle, Teacher, the Village Chief asked me to deliver food to you.”

Luo Lin Yuan sat up violently, rubbed his sore eyes, and then touched Yu Han, “Warm and alive, it’s real!”

He uttered three consecutive emotions. The child brought the meal over. Yu Han smiled and said thank you, making the little girl shy and ran away,

Luo Lin Yuan finally reacted that the Yu Han in front of him was a big living person. He suddenly howled, causing his broken throat to hurt.

He covered his face with both hands and broke down, “Don’t look!”

Yu Han went to open his hands, “What are you doing?”

Luo Linyuan: “I’m so ugly now and still dirty.”

Yu Han coaxed him, “Not dirty, come and eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan put down his hand half-awake and half-suspicious and took advantage of Yu Han’s effort to get him rice, and looked at himself at the front camera of his phone.

Luo Lin Yuan: “…” Who is this swollen, haggard, and ugly pig head?

It’s hard for Yu Han to still kiss, it’s true love.

The food in the mountain was simple. Luo Lin Yuan swallowed most of it whole, and only then asked, “Why are you here?” The transportation here is inconvenient, and it’s tiring to come here.

Yu Han said seriously, “I came to care for the children in the mountains.”

He glanced at Luo Lin Yuan, “And the teacher.”

Yu Han said, “I wanted to stay for a day before leaving, but you’re sick, so we’ll leave tonight.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t retort and obediently responded. Yu Han said, “Why didn’t you contact me when you came over here.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “The signal here is bad, it wasn’t intentional.”

He took out his phone and showed it to Yu Han. The signal row couldn’t even show an E.

Yu Han looked at the phone and didn’t pursue it further.

However, Luo Lin Yuan said, “But I miss you.”

“I missed you when I saw the starry sky, I missed you when I smell the flowers, I missed you when I received the first candy from the children.”

“Yu Han, the sunrise over here is very beautiful, and I especially miss you when I see the sun.”


1 I don’t really know the correct term for this, but this meant a program bringing education to underdeveloped areas.
2 Rural children whose parents have to make a living as migrant workers in distant urban areas but can’t afford to keep the family with them.
3 Jie Jie: Had me laughing to death as someone who uses both XD

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