Close to You
Close To You Chapter 115.1

Luo Lin Yuan came out of the bathroom and was so stuffy in the chest that he filled half a mineral water. He pounded his chest like an old lady and walked towards the side of the bed.

Yu Han was already sitting up in bed, staring at him.

Luo Lin Yuan was startled to see him, “Why are you awake?”

Probably because the guilt on his face was too obvious, Yu Han felt that something wasn’t right and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Seeing him rubbing his chest, he said, “Not feeling well?”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say it was okay, but hesitated about the serious illness many years ago and didn’t dare to neglect it.

What’s more, now that he’s back with Yu Han, the days are beautiful. In case a minor illness drags into a major one, it will be bad. He shouldn’t waste his health.

He hesitantly nodded, “I want to go to the hospital, to a larger kind.”

In the afternoon he still only felt a small cold and he hadn’t yet developed such symptoms of chest discomfort.

This hasn’t been the case for many years.

No matter how big the hospital in the village was, it wasn’t much better. It covers a small area, and there was only one doctor in the emergency department at night. There aren’t many tests, so they can only do a simple blood test and an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Looking at the time, it was almost time for the results to come out. Luo Lin Yuan said that he was hungry and had heartburn from hunger. The half-tube of blood he had just drawn made him dizzy. Anyway, he was just a bit ill. He asked Yu Han to buy him a snack, a lighter food.

When he came, he had seen that there were no restaurants near the hospital. Yu Han was taken away, it was estimated that he won’t be able to come back for a while. Luo Lin Yuan put down his heart and waited for the results.

It wasn’t that he deliberately wanted to hide, but he had to tell the doctor that it was an old problem. If Yu Han knew about it, he might have to ask.

This question will pull out past matters, he didn’t want to, so it was better not to let Yu Han know. Lest the other party worry, think that his health wasn’t good, and he’ll be overprotective as Lin Shu, then he’s done for.

With the ECG and blood test results in hand, the doctor asked him what his current symptoms were.

Luo Lin Yuan honestly explained that he had more serious myocarditis once. At that time, he rested for nearly half a year and never relapsed after he recovered.

This time, because of poor rest and a cold, some symptoms emerged again.

The doctor looked at the test results and nodded with him, “The white blood cells are a little high and the heart rhythm is irregular.”

In this regard, Luo Lin Yuan also has a lot of experience, and basically can also determine that it was a relapse.

The doctor said that at present, his condition wasn’t very serious, so he can only prescribe some medicine and asked him to go back to recuperate, take a good rest, and add more vitamin supplements.

Myocarditis wasn’t a disease that can be cured immediately. It was still necessary to strengthen exercise on normal days, try to avoid getting colds, and prevent triggers.

When the doctor said to eat more vegetables, a hand was pressed on Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, which made him tremble in fright.

Yu Han’s voice came from behind, he was asking the doctor what else he had to pay attention to regarding this illness.

Luo Lin Yuan froze completely. He didn’t know when Yu Han came and how long he had been listening. Still, Yu Han didn’t ask him what disease he had but directly asked what to take note of. It seemed that he had been listening to it since earlier.

The doctor prescribed the medicine list and told them to pay the bill. Luo Lin Yuan got up to follow but was pressed back into the chair by Yu Han.

Yu Han said lightly, “Sit and rest, I’ll go.”

It was actually not that far, he can still walk these few steps.

This was why he was afraid of this situation, making others worry and he felt uncomfortable.

When Yu Han took the medicine, another pair of emergency parents holding a child came in. Luo Lin Yuan gave way and stood obediently outside the door waiting for Yu Han.

When the person walked up to him, he showed a flattering smile, “Finished taking the medicine la?”[1]He probably meant to ask if he finished buying the medicines.

Yu Han nodded. He(LLY) asked again, “When did you come back? Didn’t you buy me food? Where’s the food?”

Yu Han looked at him without saying anything, he looked straight at Luo Lin Yuan, who was under pressure. Only then did he say unhurriedly, “I ordered a take-away, it will be delivered later.”

He stared at Luo Lin Yuan’s face and added, “There are no restaurants near this hospital, and the rider delivered it faster than me.”

“So, after I ordered a takeaway and went to buy a bottle of water… Very surprised? Do you want to ask me how much I heard?”

Of course, Luo Lin Yuan wouldn’t admit it. He took the water from Yu Han’s hand and drank a mouthful, “You heard it, why should I be surprised? It’s not an ailment that can’t be seen.”

Yu Han: “When have you ever had such a disease?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Don’t have such a terrible expression. The disease wasn’t that serious and it wasn’t scary. It’s caused by the flu. I just need to take a good rest. The doctor also said that there is no need to do surgery, just asked me to recuperate and rest well.”

Yu Han: “You can’t lie to me.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “…”

Reluctantly, he bit his lips. It took a long time before softening his tone and confessed, “I was resuscitated.”

This news made Yu Han’s face instantly become worse than the sick Luo Lin Yuan’s. He asked, “Resuscitated?”

Luo Lin Yuan went to grab his hand, “Aiya, it’s all in the past. Am I not standing in front of you now? What are you doing thinking of meaningless things? Let’s go, the doctor said to let me rest. I’m tired, let’s go back to sleep.”

He dragged Yu Han, went out to take a taxi, and returned to the hotel. Yu Han was silent all the way, and his phone kept flashing. Luo Lin Yuan leaned over to look and found ‘people suffering myocarditis’ in Baidu.

He couldn’t help but be amused. He covered it with his hand and told Yu Han not to look at it. “Haven’t you heard that you’ll die of whatever disease after searching Baidu?[2]Alright, I actually had a hard time phrasing this. This means that when you search for a disease, it always shows that you’ll die. You know, how those stuffs in the internet make your illness so … Continue reading Don’t believe these. Believe me, believe the doctor.”

Yu Han looked at him, the light flowing out of the car reflected in his eyes as if there were tears in his eyes. After a blink, the wetness was gone as if it was an illusion.

Yu Han said, “Is it really all right?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s all right.”

Back at the hotel, Luo Lin Yuan went to take a shower. He had a lot of things to do, and he had to wash when he came back from going out, even if the hotel’s bedding wasn’t too clean.

He didn’t dare to wash his hair. After bathing and getting dressed, his wet feet crushed the poor-quality disposable slippers and he nearly slipped into the doorway.

Yu Han heard the commotion and walked quickly, his eyes tense as if he wasn’t him, but Yu Han’s wife who have been pregnant for 10 months and was about to give birth and was overly nervous.

Luo Lin Yuan nearly laughed out of place. He held the door and shook his head helplessly, “You also go take a shower and sober up.”

By the time Yu Han came out of the bathroom, he had already turned off the lights in the room, leaving only the one by the bed.

In the dim view, Luo Lin Yuan’s voice was lazy and sleepy, “Finished washing?”

Yu Han walked over, his body still carrying the heat after the bath, surging to Luo Lin Yuan’s side, haloing an ambiguous red on the side of his cheeks.

He opened his eyes and poked a pair of warm arms out from under the covers, “Come and hug.”

Yu Han didn’t go over, but grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it up.

Luo Lin Yuan shivered and shrank back. Because of his cold, his voice was tired with a nasal sound, “No, I still have a cold, I’ll infect you.”

Soon his voice was lost by the hand pressing on his chest. He opened his eyes and looked carefully at Yu Han’s face.


1 He probably meant to ask if he finished buying the medicines.
2 Alright, I actually had a hard time phrasing this. This means that when you search for a disease, it always shows that you’ll die. You know, how those stuffs in the internet make your illness so serious lol.

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