Close to You
Close To You Chapter 117.1

So that’s how it was.

If he hadn’t hung up the call at the time and if he held the hand that Luo Lin Yuan had stretched out to him.

But there were no ifs, as the world knows, the past cannot be looked back on.

This thought became a knife of remorse, a knife gouging out his heart. Yu Han held Luo Lin Yuan, who was sobbing, firmly in his arms, his throat trembling, and with difficulty, he spoke the answer.

Whether it was seven years ago or seven years later, this answer was the same and will not change.

“Luo Lin Yuan, I want you.”

Because he was still him. The Yu Han who had always loved Luo Lin Yuan.

The person in his arms, when he didn’t know it, was on the verge of death and lost everything he had. Home wasn’t home, and the world was in tatters. At the last moment, he still wanted to find him.

Until his rejection became the last straw that crushed Luo Lin Yuan.

He thought Yu Han didn’t want him, that no one wanted him.

Thus, Luo Lin Yuan stayed away from C City and was suspended from school handled by the Luo family.

No one knew where he had gone. The Luo family did everything possible to prevent the matter from leaking out and likewise didn’t allow Luo Lin Yuan to come back, let alone contact the old people in C City.

As a result, Fang Xiao didn’t know the news of Luo Lin Yuan either. It wasn’t until seven years later that he reunited with him again.

The little princess he once wanted to protect in his heart wasn’t proud. After losing his shelter, he was forced to grow into a strong person.

At the first sight of him, wearing a ridiculous rabbit suit, he didn’t dare to say hello and didn’t want to make a sound, but still wanted to give him candy and a flower.

When he was misunderstood by him, he didn’t explain, but held him helplessly and said he was sorry.

He never thought about letting him know this.

Yu Han could almost guess what it was for. At first, he was reluctant to say it, but then he didn’t want to say it.

It was probably because he felt that since they got back together, talking about these past misunderstandings can only make people more uncomfortable.

Luo Lin Yuan really thought so, but deep down in his heart, what he was even more afraid of was that Yu Han would blame him and blame him for making his own way, all because he was cowardly and not strong enough. The ease of letting go, the ruthlessness of leaving, no matter there are thousands of reasons, he did it.

He was wronged, but he never considered asking Yu Han to accompany him in pain.

What’s more, knowing that Yu Han has never forgotten him, he was already content, and those uncomfortable and past events have gone with the wind.

And Yu Han was really uncomfortable now. He was so regretful that his heart was about to break.

Yu Han almost rubbed the body in his arms badly, his heart ached terribly; love and hate intertwined. He gritted his teeth, pinching the back of Luo Lin Yuan’s neck, almost wanting to bite Luo Lin Yuan’s tear-streaked cheeks, making the person cry even more severely.

“Who told you to hide it from me, why did you hide it from me! You think you’re doing it for my own good, you think you hiding all these things in your heart would make me feel better?!”

Luo Lin Yuan cried and shook his head and nodded again, woefully wiping his tears with the back of his hand. “No matter what the reason is, I said to break up. I didn’t give you any reason. I’ve been gone for so many years. If you haven’t waited for me…”

Yu Han almost broke his waist, pressed his lips against his sweaty temples, and said bitterly, “You know, I might not wait for you.”

Enduring the distress, Yu Han still insisted, “Then what are you doing back home? Watch me marry someone else and have children? You secretly guarded everything in the past, suffered alone, and didn’t say it for life!”

Luo Lin Yuan cried until his nose was blocked, and his voice was mostly hoarse. With red eyes, he looked straight at Yu Han, “Yes, if you didn’t wait for me, I wouldn’t look for you either.”

It was clear that one had been waiting, and the other couldn’t restrain contact with the other party when they met for the first time.

They were like comparing who was more ruthless, glaring at each other and saying things against their hearts. Until Yu Han pinched his face and kissed his lips, almost swallowing him fiercely.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t care less if there were outsiders breaking in here, they were crazy. Yu Han kissed his lips, sucked his tears, kissed his swollen eyelids heavily, and finally hugged him again. All ruthlessness retreated, he moved gently, carefully, full of losing something and regaining it.

He said, “Yuanyuan.”

He called out this name over and over again, his voice getting softer and softer. Luo Lin Yuan almost melted at his calling, his cheek buried in Yu Han’s shoulder. When he called, Luo Lin Yuan responded.

The two hugged for half a day before they remembered to get the test results. Lin Shu went and returned, with a dozen test results, facing two young people who had obviously cried, and then saw their hands clasped together, and didn’t say anything in the end.

Luo Lin Yuan held Yu Han and looked at Lin Shu with sore eyes, “Mom, thank you.”

It was sincere. Although he has resentment in his heart all these years, even if he never expressed it, he was very unfamiliar with Lin Shu in his heart. The two get along, unlike mother and son, he doesn’t even have the intimacy of Lin Shu’s assistant.

Lin Shu looked embarrassed and gave him a look of resentment, “Who told you to like him so much, and you haven’t changed your partner for so long, it’s still this person.”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed at what she said. Lin Shu sighed and nodded in satisfaction with the current situation.

It can be seen that Lin Shu just deliberately gave space to the two young people. She was still in the hospital and didn’t know where she was hiding.

The three went together to listen to the doctor give the results, and the results weren’t bad. Moreover, just like the doctor in the small town said, it was nothing more than to take good care of himself, pay attention to rest, and eat more vegetables.

The relapse this time wasn’t serious, so he should strengthen his exercise as usual.

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