Close to You
Close To You Chapter 92

When Luo Lin Yuan’s world was gradually collapsing, Yu Han wasn’t having it easy either.

Grandma finally came out of the emergency room and was still unconscious. The attending doctor looked for him. He politely suggested that the old woman didn’t have much time. One operation after another was enough to empty out the sturdy body of an adult, not to mention that this was an old woman who is more than 50 years old.

Grandma’s desire to survive is very strong, but human life is determined. Grandma’s time is up. Instead of staying in the hospital, it’s better to take her home.

The doctor had known Yu Han for so long, knowing that he was still a child and still studying, he gave him the advice to send the old woman to a special department for palliative care.[1]If you’re the same as me who just learned of this term, this is a specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure.

As soon as the doctor finished speaking, he saw a flash of water in the eyes of the young man in front of him. He quickly pursed his lips in a stoic manner and turned his head to look out the window.

He sighed and patted Yu Han, “It’s not easy for the old woman, just spend time with her in her last days.”

Yu Han asked suppressively, “Can you… continue the treatment? Grandma was still in good spirits yesterday morning. She said that the porridge I made wasn’t good, so she had to come by herself…” He couldn’t go on. He wiped the corner of his eye with the back of his hand and apologized to the doctor. He went out to calm down.

When he found out that Luo Lin Yuan’s photo was leaked, Yu Han wanted to find someone as soon as possible. But his legs were like iron, unable to move.

Yu Han looked at his grandmother who was still in a coma on the bed through the ward, and he called Luo Lin Yuan.

If he could, he would prefer it to be himself who was exposed, rather than having the people around him suffer.

If only he had been more cautious, Luo Lin Yuan wouldn’t have been photographed. It would have been better for him to be by his grandmother’s side on the day she had her car accident. She wouldn’t have suffered as she does now.

Endless guilt and powerlessness overwhelmed him.

He can’t protect anyone, he can’t do anything.

Yu Han stood in the hospital corridor and met the guardian of the little girl in the bed next to Grandma’s. It was her father. The little girl was also in a car accident and became a vegetable.[2]In a vegetative state She hasn’t woken up yet. Uncle came to take care of her every day, and Yu Han had known them for some time.

The Uncle looked at the expression on Yu Han’s face. That was the expression he would have when he woke up every morning and looked at himself in the mirror. He was desperate and suffering, frustrated by life beyond recognition.

Uncle patted Yu Han’s shoulder soothingly and took out a cigarette and asked him if he wanted one. He said, “It will be better to smoke a cigarette, people will feel more comfortable.”

This offer was quite tempting. Yu Han looked at it for a while but still refused. He said, “My lover can’t smell the smoke, he’s not well.”

Uncle saw that Yu Han is still a student and gave up smoking for his lover. He wanted to laugh and felt it was out of place, so he can only stiffen the corner of his lips, take the cigarette back, and gently pat Yu Han’s shoulder. “Good boy, remember to bring them to Uncle next time to see. We have known each other for so long that I can also count as your half-uncle.”

Of course, it was Uncle. In his most difficult time, Uncle helped pay part of the medical bills.

Uncle said, it’s not easy for everyone, and it’s a little bit to be able to help.

Obviously, they are all good people but life will not choose to be good to them.

Yu Han took out a candy from his pocket, Luo Lin Yuan’s favorite filling. He unwrapped the plastic, and put the sweet in his mouth, just like his taste.

It’s not only smoking that can slow down a little but also the sweetness that Luo Lin Yuan tastes of.

The sweetness scattered on the top of his tongue. Life always has to be faced. He took out his mobile phone and thought for a long time before slowly sending out a WeChat.

The hospital was very busy that day. Occasionally, when the nurse came out of the ward to change medicine, they could see the boy standing at the end, holding the window, and watching silently with his phone in his hand. The autumn sun was gentle, but it couldn’t warm him by half.

The heavy loneliness and sadness make people sad when they look.

Yu Han quit the WeChat software and dialed a phone number instead. It didn’t take long for the phone to be answered. Guan Shuofeng asked him what was the matter.

Times changed. He used to treat Guan Shuofeng coldly but now he is being treated the same. Yu Han didn’t feel anything. To him, Guan Shuofeng was still an irrelevant person, and he wouldn’t feel hurt because of irrelevant people.

He asked for help calmly, so calmly that Guan Shuofeng felt that the child was like himself.

Guan Shuofeng didn’t immediately agree, but put forward a condition, “Will you listen to my arrangements in the future?”

Yu Han: “It depends on what you want to arrange.”

Guan Shuofeng: “You are now the one who is asking for me.”

Yu Han: “You can also choose not to help me.”

Guan Shuofeng was speechless for a while, “You really have the guts to challenge me.”

He hung up Guan Shuofeng’s call and called Fang Xiao instead to understand the situation. In the photo, he only has the corner of his shoulder. Listening to Fang Xiao talk about the things that happened in the classroom, Yu Han silently remembered the names of those people.

Fang Xiao’s tone changed and said, “I was also enraged. After those people returned to the classroom, they were still all smiles, saying that he was doing harm to the people, it was Luo Lin Yuan who improperly engaged in homosexuality and why the teacher punished them.”

As a result, not long after they finished laughing, they were all called to the Director’s office and were punished with 5,000 words of self-reflect, fighting in school, and a big demerit. When those people came back, their faces were blue. They were warned and never dared to say any nonsense again.

Fang Xiao said, “Yu Han, Xiao Yuan was taken away by his mother. I don’t know when he will recover. If you can go, go and see him.”

Yu Han answered and turned back to the ward.

At the same time, he also received a text message from Luo Lin Yuan. He said he liked him more than he know.

Yu Han stared at the line of words and kissed it gently. So did he, he loved him more than he knew.

Luo Lin Yuan lay at home for a few days, and Lin Shu didn’t care about him. She came back to her old ways and shut herself into the studio. She left Luo Lin Yuan outside to wait fearfully for when Luo Ting would return.

He couldn’t say that his contact with Yu Han was broken, but it wasn’t also frequent. At that time, he didn’t know what Yu Han had done until Fang Xiao told him the shocking news.

At that moment, Luo Lin Yuan was still sitting in the back garden eating biscuits, watching a series of exclamation marks sent by Fang Xiao, and almost bit his tongue.

Yu Han got into a fight with someone and beat them up so badly that they were hospitalized, so the guaranteed spot was lost.[3]This is regarding YH’s admission to the university.

Luo Lin Yuan got up abruptly and almost fell down with dizziness in his head. He grabbed his phone and ran outside, calling Yu Han while he ran. However, Yu Han just wouldn’t answer his phone.

Luo Lin Yuan had to call Fang Xiao, who answered quickly. Once he picked up, Luo Lin Yuan broke down and said, “What did Yu Han do! Who did he hit! Is it the ones in the class! Is he crazy?! I don’t care what they say about me!! I only care about him ah!”

With these words, Luo Lin Yuan’s voice was filled with crying and was all angry.

Fang Xia: “Calm down, Yu Han didn’t hit them.”

Luo Lin Yuan had already run to the door. He was so anxious like a headless fly. He didn’t even look for a driver and just wanted to take a taxi directly.

Fang Xiao said on the phone, “Yu Han somehow found the person who secretly photographed you guys and beat that person.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t expect things to be like this. He froze and stopped unconsciously.

Fang Xiao said angrily, “It turned out to be that trash class monitor! He couldn’t chase Xia Fu by himself and deliberately screwed you!”

 Fang Xiao: “You haven’t seen his face. When Yu Han came to class to ask him, he was calm at first. It was the class monitor who wasn’t tactful… and said… forget it, there’s no need to listen to all his nonsense. Yu Han directly dragged him by the collar and took him out of the classroom.”

Fang Xiao: “Luo’er ah, you don’t even know if you’re not at the scene. Yu Han’s pressing red appearance was terrible and the class monitor was almost disabled by him. It’s just that although he did this impulsively, I think it’s justifiable. If it were me, I would also like to beat him to death.”

Luo Lin Yuan gripped his phone, and his voice could hardly be pronounced, “His recommendation is gone, it’s all my fault…”

Fang Xiao: “You can’t think like this, it’s not your fault. How can it be your fault? Calm down, and don’t waste your time on unimportant problems. Think about it ah, Yu Han’s grades are originally very good, and even if he is not guaranteed, he can go to a good school. All roads lead to Rome[4]idiom. Use different means to obtain the same result.. Life is more than just a college entrance exam. Pei,[5]To spit in contempt recommendations are not limited.”

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t much comforted. He stood on the side of the road and stopped the car, continuing to keep talking to Fang Xiao, “Where did Yu Han go?”

Fang Xiao said he didn’t know, but the class monitor’s parents came and said they wanted to call the police to examine the injuries and report Yu Han. Because of Yu Han’s behavior, everyone seemed to have guessed that the other person in the photo was him.

It’s not mainly because of Yu Han. Because Yu Han beat the class monitor before and the class monitor said some nonsense, saying that Yu Han should thank him for not exposing him, and also said that Yu Han is different from the rich second generation like Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan has a family to protect him, does Yu Han have one? Before he started, he had a clear mind, what means did he have to make an impulse?

The class monitor also told Yu Han why would he want to fool around with a scumbag like Luo Lin Yuan besides money.

Because Luo Lin Yuan has money, Yu Han sold himself ah.

Yu Han took action, cracking the class monitor’s face and breaking his left hand. Fang Xiao felt that Yu Han was still merciful. At least he left a right hand for the class monitor so as not to affect his writing in the college entrance examination.

However, he didn’t tell Luo Lin Yuan about this but said, “Don’t come to school, the school is in chaos now. The police are here.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart kept sinking, “Is it to catch Yu Han!”

Fang Xiao: “Yu Han is fine, he left with a lawyer. That lawyer is not small. My Dad knows him, he specializes in litigation for the powerful. Nothing wrong should happen.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t get a car and was hit by Luo Ting instead. He was standing on the roadside and just happened to bump into Luo Ting’s car.

After Luo Ting got out of the car, his face was ashen and he hit him for the first time.

A man’s strength is more than a woman’s. Luo Lin Yuan stumbled back and fell to the ground, his phone flew out.

He didn’t care about the pain that seemed to crack on his cheekbone, he walked on his knees to pick up the phone. He hadn’t contacted Yu Han yet. What if Yu Han called and he didn’t receive it?

Luo Ting’s angry voice came from above him, “Pick up the Young Master and send him back to his room. He is not allowed to come out without my permission!”

Luo Lin Yuan clutched his already broken phone and heard Luo Ting’s order again. “Who are you to lock me up! I don’t want it!”

Luo Ting ignored him. The driver and Luo Ting’s assistant had already gotten out of the car to grab him. Luo Lin Yuan wanted to run away, but his face hurt so much that he almost wondered if he had been slapped in the face and suffered a concussion.

In his dizziness, he was being held by his arms and he kicked his feet like a child, “Let go of me! Dad, let me go! Go away ah! I have to go out! Let go of me!”

Luo Ting ignored him until he was locked into the room. However, Uncle Wu was so anxious that he guarded the door, distressed by his injury, wanting to tread him but not being allowed to come in.

Luo Lin Yuan hit on the door until his voice was hoarse. Finally, he begged Uncle Wu to find Lin Shu and ask her to let him out.

Uncle Wu said yes and he left the door but didn’t come back for a long time. Luo Lin Yuan held his broken phone and felt that his head was about to explode with pain.

What happened to Yu Han? Who was the lawyer who took him away? When can he get out? and Could he still see Yu Han?

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1 If you’re the same as me who just learned of this term, this is a specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure.
2 In a vegetative state
3 This is regarding YH’s admission to the university.
4 idiom. Use different means to obtain the same result.
5 To spit in contempt

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