Close to You
Close To You Chapter 94

When Fang Xiao received Luo Lin Yuan’s call, he hurried downstairs from home and also asked his mother to cook. At this point, Luo Lin Yuan shouldn’t have eaten yet.

He never thought that Luo Lin Yuan would come to him at this time, let alone see such a miserable Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan, who was always clean and tidy, was dirty and wounded. He still has half a red bean bun in his hand. One side of his face was swollen, and his eyelids were red as if he had been crying for a long time.

Fang Xiao didn’t ask or say anything, he went into his house with someone in tow. Instead of letting Luo Lin Yuan run into his mother, he asked someone to go upstairs first. He went to the kitchen and washed a plate of cherries to bring it up, along with a medicine box.

Luo Lin Yuan was nestled on the carpet dazed and kept silent. Fang Xiao brought the cherries to him and shook them, the red fruit rolled around the snow-white plate, without arousing Luo Lin Yuan’s appetite and desire to speak.

Fang Xiao got up and put the cherries on the desk. He opened the medicine box and held his knees against Luo Lin Yuan’s back. “Go take a shower, you’re dirty.” After saying that, he also felt amazing. He didn’t expect that one day, he would think Luo Lin Yuan was dirty.

Luo Lin Yuan wiped his face and got up silently and said to Fang Xiao, “Remember to change the carpet, I’m really dirty.”

Fang Xiao: “……” It’s been hard on you but you still remembered to keep me clean at this time.

After Luo Lin Yuan took a shower and changed into a new set of clothes that Fang Xiao hadn’t worn, Fang Xiao had just finished with the carpet and took another bottle of milk to Luo Lin Yuan.

He didn’t have a lot of appetite, and he still shook his head. Fang Xiao said, “Drink as much as you can, the medicine will hurt later.”

Although he didn’t know what the medicine had to do with milk, Luo Lin Yuan obediently took it. He gritted his teeth and endured the entire medical process.

He suddenly jolted, “Where’s my red bean bun?!”

Fang Xiao: “You’d still eat it ah. I thought you won’t it eat anymore so I threw it for you.”

Luo Lin Yuan got up abruptly to find it. Fang Xiao hurriedly held the legs of the person, “Don’t be crazy! Isn’t it just a red bean bun?! Isn’t it too dirty to eat?! Aren’t you afraid of having a bad stomach!”

As soon as his words fell, Luo Lin Yuan’s movements disappeared, and he was completely and utterly quiet.

Fang Xiao panicked, “What’s wrong with you? Was there really something wrong with Teacher Yu?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “He will be fine.”

After a while of silence, he added, “You’re right. That’s so dirty that it will upset your stomach and can’t be kept, you can only throw it away.”

Fang Xiao took in Luo Lin Yuan that night. He didn’t sleep very well. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he found Luo Lin Yuan wrapped in a small blanket and huddled there by the window.

Fang Xiao rubbed his eyes and said with deep drowsiness, “Why are you still awake?”

Luo Lin Yuan said softly, “I need the blanket.”

Fang Xiao: “Wasn’t it the one you’re using.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s not this.”

Fang Xiao wanted to turn on the light but Luo Lin Yuan stopped him, “No need, go to sleep. I just need time to think about something.”

What was he thinking about? He was thinking about all the details, only to suddenly find that his need for a blanket to sleep with him was perfectly with Yu Han, he could sleep with Yu Han.

He likes to hold Yu Han more than the blanket.

Thinking about it, his heart was crushed to pieces. His eyes hurt so much that he couldn’t cry anymore, but he couldn’t help it.

No matter how much he liked the red bean bun, he couldn’t eat it anymore. He likes Yu Han a lot so he can’t keep Yu Han. He didn’t want Yu Han and him to regret it in the future.

If he told the matter and his own concerns, he can probably imagine how Yu Han would choose. Yu Han wouldn’t accept this so-called breakup that he was doing for his own good.

Yu Han preferred to handle these things by himself.

How to deal with it? They’re still young. Do they sacrifice their family and themselves?

In Yu Han’s bitter life, he didn’t bring a little sweetness but dragged Yu Han down the abyss and let him move forward with a burden.

If you really like someone, how can you be willing to ruin him?

He hoped that Yu Han can be well, get into a good university, and take good care of his Grandma, just like… Before he met him, Yu Han should’ve had a life.

The darkness by the window faded and the hazy morning light with a line of early rainbow pierced out of the thick clouds, just like the sunrise. Yu Han opened the closed tent and looked back at him with a smile.

He has made a decision.

Luo Lin Yuan used Fang Xiao’s phone to log in to WeChat, edited the breakup message to send, and deleted Yu Han without waiting for his reply.

It was still quite early when he left the Fang’s house quietly. He thought that the milk candy he left at Yu Han’s house hadn’t been finished yet, the drawing he had given Yu Han wasn’t also finished, and he hadn’t even been able to spend a birthday with Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan returned to the Luo family at nine o’clock in the morning. Luo Ting didn’t have time to be angry, Luo Lin Yuan collapsed with a pale face.

Luo Ting was taken aback, he didn’t have time to violently criticize him. He hurriedly took the person to the hospital for an emergency.

Fortunately, he was sent on time. No one expected that Luo Lin Yuan had acute myocarditis[1]Inflammation of the myocardium, which is the muscular tissue of the heart., and he might be gone a second late.

Even if he was sent to the hospital in time, he went in and out of the emergency room several times in just one week. His life was on the line, half of his foot stepped into the Palace of Hell and was dragged back.

The person hasn’t woken up and was still in a coma.

After this encounter, Luo Ting’s temple hair turned white a lot and his whole person was much older.

Lin Shu also rushed to the hospital every day, but she wouldn’t stay for a long time. Because she really couldn’t see Luo Lin Yuan lying in bed breathing in and out.[2]The one where you have an oxygen mask on your face to breathe in and out.

Luo Ting took out his anger on her, “Can’t you just properly keep him company?!”

Lin Shu’s face was blue, “Am I a doctor?! Would it be useful for me to accompany him?! If you have time to get angry with me, why don’t you think about who beat, scolded, and locked him up! Now that your son is like this, you have the nerve to be angry!”

The doctor was still awkwardly mediating the quarrel on the side, “This gentleman and madam, the patient needs quiet.”

Lin Shu calmed her anger and turned around, leaving the hospital. She took the car back to Luo’s house and once again saw the male student in front of the house.

By now, she already knew that the one Luo Lin Yuan with was this student named Yu Han. It turned out to be Luo Lin Yuan’s tutor, but it was really good, just hanging out under his parents’ noses.

Lin Shu originally intended to ignore him and also ordered that no one should let this male student in.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han came every day, rain or shine, often standing outside for a long time, and didn’t go back until it was late at night.

Lin Shu initially didn’t want to care, but she couldn’t stand it. She was really angry today, so she asked the driver to stop at Yu Han’s side and lowered the window, “If you continue to pester, I’ll call the police.”

Yu Han’s tired-like vision focused on her. It was actually bright. He hurried over, only to restrain himself and stop until he was close.

He looked tired with deep sunken eye sockets, and his lips were dry. He looked very similar to her son lying in the hospital, looking haggard.

He apologized to her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to see Xiao Yuan.”

Lin Shu said unceremoniously, “He doesn’t want to see you, don’t come again!”

Lin Shu was about to raise the car window but the male student reached out and clasped the edge of her rising window, refusing to let go. “I just want to see him, just one time!”

His eager voice made Lin Shu even more annoyed. She was furious when she thought that the boy in front of her was responsible for most of Luo Lin Yuan’s illness.

She got out of the door and slammed the door with the back of her hand. “What will you see him for!”

Yu Han refused to back down in the face of her anger, “See him and talk clearly.”

Lin Shu couldn’t bear it anymore, “Make what clear! What’s there to talk about! Isn’t it enough that you ruined his reputation? Didn’t your parents teach you etiquette and honor?!”

After that, she suddenly remembered Yu Han’s background and said sarcastically, “I forgot, you’re an illegitimate child. How could you know this?”

Yu Han wasn’t angered by her words, but said quietly and persistently, “I want to see Xiao Yuan.”

Lin Shu: “How many times do I have to say it? He doesn’t want to see you, and you can’t be together.”

After that, she raised her hand to call the security guard to get rid of the person, but she was caught by the wrist. Lin Shu was shocked. After all, he’s also half a big boy, tall and with a lot of strength. It was more than enough to do something to her.

But Yu Han didn’t make a move, but repeated his words, “I want to see Xiao Yuan.” His eyes were slightly red as he said in a hoarse voice, “Even if he wanted to break up, he has to say it in front of me. This is the most basic respect.”

Lin Shu didn’t expect that his son had dealt with it cleanly. The boy had already been dumped, and now he was just unwilling to be reconciled.

It turned out to be so… Lin Shu shrugged off Yu Han’s hand, “He said he didn’t want to see you, even if you wait here for a long time, he won’t see you. If you don’t believe me, you can try waiting here. Maybe if you wait a day and a night, he’ll come out, right?”

Lin Shu passed by the boy and entered the Luo residence. That night, she almost drank half a bottle of red wine to ease her emotions, and she stayed in the studio for a long time.

As the night wore on, she couldn’t resist giving the security guard a call, and it came back to her that he was still waiting there.

Lin Shu clutched the microphone, wanting to laugh sarcastically but couldn’t. She really doesn’t know this so-called deep love, young and frivolous.

She couldn’t sleep so she finally got up and went to Luo Lin Yuan’s bedroom.

She thought she should pack up a change of clothes to the hospital for the little enemy. Maybe changed his clothes and be more comfortable without wearing a hospital gown. He would wake up as soon as possible and won’t lie down.

Lin Shu rarely came to Luo Lin Yuan’s room. There were some unfamiliar, many furnishings she didn’t know who sent.

After packing a few clothes from the closet, Lin Shu sat on the edge of the bed and folded them, only to find that half a photo frame was exposed under Luo Lin Yuan’s pillow.

She took the frame out. It was a framed drawing of another boy sleeping in the light, warm as a dream.

The drawing was full of strong emotions that almost dragged the person viewing it in to feel a deep love inside.

She never knew that her son had such a talent.

Lin Shu looked at the drawing for a while and finally put it back in its place. She put on a thin jacket and walked out of the Luo residence, only to find that it was raining at some point.

She opened an umbrella and felt the scent of the coming winter in the wind from the shower. When she walked to the front door, she saw the boy standing in the dark and waiting.

Lin Shu walked over, “Leave, he really won’t see you.”

The boy in the rain didn’t speak but only looked at her in silence.

Lin Shu said, “Since he chose to break up with you, you should understand what he means.”

Yu Han’s voice was hoarse as if he hadn’t spoken in a long time, “I want to hear him say it.”

Lin Shu: “Does it make sense?”

Yu Han didn’t answer her. He probably heard the softness in her tone and said, “Auntie, help me tell him… Let him come out to see me. Regardless… Regardless of what he thinks, I want to hear it from him personally.

Lin Shu turned around and went back to the Luo residence, ignoring the boy who stood by the door. She only ordered the people in the security room to send him an umbrella, and not to worry about anything else.

When she woke up the next morning, she went downstairs and saw Luo Ting sitting with a bad expression while eating breakfast and still instructed Uncle Wu to strengthen security.

Lin Shu frowned and said, “What are you tossing about early in the morning.”

Luo Ting slammed his coffee cup on the table, “That brat thinks since he’s Guan Shuofeng’s illegitimate son, I’ll be polite to him! How dare he come here!”

Lin Shu: “What can you do to him anyway?”

Luo Ting smiled insincerely, “What else can I do? Just beat him up and drive him away, I can’t even k!** him.”


1 Inflammation of the myocardium, which is the muscular tissue of the heart.
2 The one where you have an oxygen mask on your face to breathe in and out.

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