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Their marriage was in the United States. Lin Shu arranged the church. Yu Han was responsible for the payment, and Luo Lin Yuan was responsible for the communication between the two sides.

Lin Shu was powerful and Yu Han attached great importance to this matter, and the two had conflicts from time to time.

Luo Lin Yuan was soft-tempered. Feeling that the atmosphere in the air was wrong, he couldn’t slip away yet. He had to stay and bear. It was unbearable.

Fortunately, there was the little baby Taro Ball. When he woke up, he looked for Brother Luo. The child was here, and Lin Shu and Yu Han stopped fighting.

For the existence of Taro Ball, Lin Shu was simply a large-scale fragrant[1]Internet slang used to describe someone doing something that they had previously sworn they would never do. scene.

When she first met the child, Lin Shu was quite mean. She disliked Yu Han’s marriage to Luo Lin Yuan. She even bought one and got one free. She behaved like Snow White’s stepmother, arrogant and poisonous.

However, Taro Ball was too cute and captured Lin Shu for most of it. While disgusted with her hard mouth, she couldn’t help but keep her eyes on Taro Ball.

Taro Ball ran then fell. Taro Ball didn’t cry himself but Lin Shu was angry. She was still sulky, and she locked herself up in the studio to vent all afternoon.

The paintings were all colorful and diverse.

Luo Lin Yuan looked sour when he watched it. He ran to ruin Lin Shu’s back garden alone. With scissors, he cut blindly and got a bunch of roses, some Indian Azaleas, and a popsicle in his mouth. The corners of his mouth flushed while sucking.

Yu Han came to the back garden to look for him. Seeing that his face was sullen, he felt that he was unhappy. He squatted in the big sun with him and coaxed softly, “Yuanyuan, Baby, Darling, look at me.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at him aggrieved, his eyes softened Yu Han’s heart into a ball. He repeatedly promised that after the wedding ceremony, he would never quarrel with Lin Shu again. Thinking in his heart, anyway, when they returned home, he wouldn’t meet with his mother-in-law again.

Luo Lin Yuan felt the need to make it clear, “I didn’t quarrel with my mother because of you. Besides, you guys have disagreements at best which can rise to a quarrel.”

Indeed, Yu Han would never speak disrespectfully to his elders in any case. Lin Shu has also been red-faced with Luo Ting in her life and tore his face.

She was usually arrogant and cold to the outside world. She was extremely upright and wouldn’t do anything like yelling at her throat at all.

Therefore, the two of them spoke in a steady tone and a quiet atmosphere. The words were well said, and there were a lot of thoughts hidden in them. After some torturous turns, he understood and choked in his heart, but he couldn’t refute it.

Luo Lin Yuan was tired of listening, so he stopped listening. When Taro Ball came, he held the child to play, and his ears didn’t hear about the matter of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Yu Han thought he was angry because of the marriage at the dinner table, but in fact, Luo Lin Yuan was just jealous.

Such a big person, he was embarrassed to say that he was still eating Lin Shu’s vinegar with Taro Ball.[2]He was jealous of Taro Ball and Lin Shu.

Yu Han hugged and rubbed his shoulders, and kissed his cheeks and temples again. Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help laughing, “What are you doing, don’t kiss, my face is sweaty.”

Yu Han: “In the end, why are you unhappy? Say it or I’ll still kiss you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Dirty ah.”

Yu Han: “Not dirty.”

Yu Han really didn’t think he was dirty. Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks were as red as a peach from the heat.

The pink velvet, coupled with the remaining peach flavor in the mouth, was terribly sweet.

Luo Lin Yuan was helpless, so he had to tell the truth that he was jealous. Lin Shu likes Taro Ball ah. Who doesn’t like a child such as Taro Ball? It was also possible that Lin Shu also had grandparental love. Don’t old people love their grandchildren more than their children now?

It was just that when he was a child, Lin Shu really didn’t like him much. When he grew up, he would be a little better these years.

So seeing that Lin Shu likes Taro Ball, Luo Lin Yuan always felt his heart was empty and missing a piece.

He felt pretentious when he said these thoughts. Yu Han hugged him tightly regardless of the heat of the day. “How could it be pretentious? Who doesn’t like their mothers ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought of Yu Han’s mother and felt that he ran into a taboo and regretted that he had brought up the subject.

Yu Han took the popsicle in his hand, chewed it off a few times, and then gave him a peach-flavored kiss. “Don’t eat too many cold ones.”

Yu Han got up and stretched out his hand to pull him. “Let’s go, let’s go for a stroll and relax.”

The two of them sneaked out. For fear of waking up Taro Ball, they would be glued to a little baby, and it would be inconvenient to kiss and hug.

Luo Lin Yuan felt guilty and felt that it wasn’t good to put Taro Ball at home, but Yu Han said, “Aunt Liang is here, and so is your mother. She will take good care of him. Besides, he is almost four years old and can take care of himself.”

Luo Lin Yuan laughed out loud, “Why are you like this?”

Yu Han: “Didn’t you just get jealous of him?”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed.

Yu Han added, “I’m also jealous of him, he sticks to you all day and night.”

Luo Lin Yuan knew that Yu Han was coaxing him, thinking of ways to make him happy. He was indeed very happy and satisfied in his heart. He took Yu Han’s hand and couldn’t help swaying them on the road, like two elementary school children who had just fallen in love.

Originally, Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t understand why some couples liked to get tired of being on the street, and only when he fell in love did he know what it meant to be in love, and what it meant to be in the eyes of a lover.

They both have rings, Luo Lin Yuan wore the one Yu Han bought, and the other was a necklace hung around his neck. Yu Han wore the one he bought, and the other one also rested on his clothes.

After eating, watching movies, and visiting the school, Luo Lin Yuan took Yu Han to the school where he graduated and the gallery where he once worked.

It wasn’t accurate to say that it was a gallery because there were still sculptors in it. There are a few in the corridor at the entrance, and there are also introduction signs below, showing the English name of the creator and the name of the work.

Yu Han saw a sculpture. The sculpture had only a half-body, no face and no arms, only a smooth and glossy back curve, and a full chest, and even the texture of the waist and abdomen were finely depicted and lifelike.

The love that the author poured into the work was also strong enough to be seen at a glance.

Luo Lin Yuan barely took Yu Han’s hand and dragged the person away from the sculpture.

Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan’s reaction was wrong, Yu Han had to stand still even more.

He noticed that there was a shallow engraving on the left shoulder blade of the sculpture. It was Chinese characters. The carving was too shallow and smooth. You have to change the angle to see those two characters under the refraction of light.

Han Yuan.

Yu Han kept those two words in his mouth and spat them out slowly. He asked knowingly, “What is this?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was redder than it had been in the sun. How could he know that after so many years, the works placed at the door hadn’t been changed?

Yu Han said, “This is me.”

Luo Lin Yuan could barely lift his head, but Yu Han leaned into his ear and asked, “How long did it take you to make this?”

How long? From the drafting to the finished product, it took two years, intermittently. When he came to this gallery, he followed the gallery owner to learn sculpture and started to do it.

At first, he was not trying to do Yu Han’s, but no matter how he started to draft, no matter which one, it would be unintentionally, more and more like Yu Han.

The boss said he had a talent, the first finished product surprisingly didn’t roll over, and it was still decent.

Only Luo Lin Yuan knew that this was not a talent, it was because, in his heart, this was a person whom he had thought about thousands of times.

He once forced himself to forget, but he woke up countless midnight. Whether he was crying or laughing in his dream, or happy in vain and melancholy, the last image that remained in his mind when he opened his eyes was Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan pursed his lips and didn’t speak, and Yu Han didn’t force him. He kissed Luo Lin Yuan’s soft earlobe. “Have I ever told you?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “En?”

Yu Han: “I love you.”

In the spring, in the flowers, in the kisses, in the lips, in the hands, in the eyes, in the heart.

It’s all I love you.

Later, Yu Han went to get a tattoo and covered it with the word Han Yuan on the old tattoo.

Yu Han told Luo Lin Yuan that in fact, he originally wanted to tattoo a pink dolphin.

Luo Lin Yuan felt a little strange and said, “Why is it a pink dolphin?”

Yu Han smiled without saying a word, it was just because of a dream back then.

In that dream, Luo Lin Yuan became a pink dolphin and fell into his arms, asking him if he wanted the golden Luo Lin Yuan or the silver Luo Lin Yuan.

Now his answer is that he wants them all.

Whichever Luo Lin Yuan it was, it was his.

From the sea, but also from the sun, he jumped into his heart and held him tightly, never letting go.

Jie Jie: I finally finished this project!! Yaaay! After xx years…? orz

Still, thank you for staying with this novel!! I really appreciate it! Hope you liked your journey with Luo Lin Yuan and Yu Han in Close To You~


1 Internet slang used to describe someone doing something that they had previously sworn they would never do.
2 He was jealous of Taro Ball and Lin Shu.

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