Counterattack Strategy (Quick Transmigration) Chapter 1

In the magnificent hall, the piano and violin duet’s beautiful and melodious music echoes in the air, but few people pay attention at this time.

    Everyone was wearing custom-made tuxedos, holding wine glasses, smiling and talking with people around them.

    On the sofa in a remote corner, sat a man in a decent tux, but his perfect body proportions brought out a touch of nobility from his ordinary clothing. His hair was neatly combed back, revealing a smooth forehead and handsome facial features.

    The most fascinating is the pair of eyes, obsidian-like, like the starry sky in the dark night, at first glance they are breathtaking and very charming.

    The people attending the banquet this time are here to socialize and expand their contacts, and they are eager to stand in crowded places, so there is no one here.

    This also gave Chu Qianze time to become familiar with the script.

    He supported his chin with one hand, calmly accepted the plot, and took a bite of the little cake he had taken before.

    [The protagonist’s name is Yun Zhoujie, the president of Group A. Cold abstinence, workaholic, not cold to anyone. One of his anchors is named Zhong Mu, who looks feminine and exquisite, likes women’s clothing, and has a male sexual orientation. Because he likes women’s clothing and does not hide it, he has always dressed up like a girl, and has gained some fans who like his appearance or personality. Once attending a cocktail party, I did not expect to encounter the unspoken rules. When in distress, it was Yun Zhoujie who rescued him and fell in love with him at first sight. Later, when I learned that Yun Zhou was his boss, I felt that it was fate, so he became more concerned about him, and made a chance encounter in the dark, and wanted to pursue Yun Zhou. 】

【At first, Yun Zhoujie saved Zhong Mu just because he didn’t like the unspoken rules, and didn’t care about him, because he even felt disgusted by his sudden pursuit, but later experienced…】

    “Speaking of the point .” Chu Qianze ate a piece of fruit.

    He is not interested in the twists and turns of these people’s emotional experiences.

    [You are currently the anchor of the gourmet district live broadcast by Yunzhouju Company A, and you have never made a public appearance. You can be regarded as Zhong Mu’s predecessor. The character keyword is gentle and introverted, and the role is positioned as an assist.】

    [You only need to play your own role and wait for the end of the relevant plot, and then you can make your own arrangements. ]

    “After finishing the plot, time can be at your disposal? It sounds pretty good.”

    Chu Qianze said that he understood that there must be plot needs for airborne to such an occasion. “What am I going to do next?”

[Currently in the early stages of the plot, Zhong Mu just fell in love with Yun Zhouju at first sight and wants to pursue him. Hearing that Yun Zhoujie would attend this reception, he asked a friend to bring him. 】

    【At this time they are in the back garden, you need to go and push Zhong Mu into the hot spring pool. ]

    . “And so on,” Chu Qian Ze ordered a halt: “Why should I push him, or in front of someone else’s face, for fear that no one knows?”

    Systems silent for a moment, seemed to card a moment, then said: [you a long time ago I fell in love with Yun Zhoujie at first sight, and have been in love with him ever since. This reception was also agreed because he knew that Yun Zhoujie would come. After you see the two in the back garden, you are jealous that Zhong Mu can stand with him, jealous that he can wear women’s clothes so freely, because of various factors, his mind is dominated by emotions, and he has no mind to think about others, so he directly pushes him into it. Fountain in the pool. 】Is the amount of information a bit big?

“Is love at first sight such a bad street? Because of jealousy, I push people off the hot spring pool. What about the gentle setting?” Chu Qianze ate a piece of chocolate.

    [The plot needs. ]

    “Really.” Chu Qianze read it.

    [Yun Zhoujue is handsome] After

    all, I still look at my face, where there are so many modifiers.

    “What the hell is that jealous Zhong Mu can wear women’s clothes freely.” At this point, Chu Qianze thought of a possibility.

    There is a bad feeling.

    [Bingo~ Congratulations on unlocking the hidden plot. 】

    【The original body has always had a special preference for women’s clothing, but because of his own personality, he has been unable to break through the psychological barrier. There will be special rewards for completing the women’s clothing achievement~]

    “No, I’m not interested in women’s clothing.” Chu Qianze stood up and smiled and refused.

    【Where are you going? ]

    “Walk the story ah, I do not know where they will always point to do to prepare in advance an extended stay.” Chu Qian Ze sitting here, it has been thought to observe the separation of the venue, so it knows where the back garden.

    “You won’t be there all the time?” Chu Qianze asked in his heart between walking.

    [If the host needs it, I will always be there. ]

    “No need, the script is left, you can go.” The system feels choked, this host is very difficult to deal with.

    “I won’t find you for nothing. You can go anywhere, as long as you don’t break the law.” After a pause, Chu Qianze said: “It is equivalent to a combination of public travel and paid vacation.”

    [! ! ! ]

[Okay, call me if necessary. ] The system ran away in a hurry. It retracted the previous sentence, this host is very open-minded, it is simply an angel!

    Chu Qianze: It’s so coaxing.

    When he came to the back garden, Chu Qianze looked around. The night view was very good, and the area was very large, suitable for a walk after a meal.

    Anyway, I have come to get familiar with the environment, and there is still some time before the plot happens.

Thinking of this, just walk down the gravel road. The side lights dotted the ground, just illuminate the surrounding without being too dazzling. The melodious music of the venue floated to the back garden, and it became obvious without the sound of people’s communication. It’s not fun to walk with the beat. Chu Qianze admired the surrounding scenery, but he did not know that he had become the scenery in the eyes of others.

“President Yun, can I talk to you?” Zhong Mu walked onto the balcony with his skirt, looked at the person in front of him, and suppressed the admiration in his eyes.

Yun Zhoujie frowned and looked down at Zhong Mu according to his education: “You are?”

“My name is Zhong Mu. I attended a cocktail party before, but I didn’t expect it to do that. I almost got the trick, or you saved me. I. It’s a pity that you walked too fast to say thank you.”

Yun Zhouju thought for a moment, and recalled the scene at that time: “Hello.”

    Zhong Mu lifted the corner of his mouth, his eyes bent into shallow crescent shapes, that was because of being Fans praised it as the most contagious smile: “Mr. Yun, this is not suitable for conversation. How about we go to the back garden and talk while walking?”

    Yun Zhouju thought of the person he had just seen. He looked leisurely, and it seemed like a walk. It’s like a happy thing.

    He put his gaze into the back garden, but the man was no longer visible.

    Inexplicably, Yun Zhoujie said: “Ten minutes.” When he heard this, Zhong Mu’s smile became even brighter: “Okay.” The two walked off the balcony and toward the back garden, attracting some people to look sideways.

    They know Yun Zhoujie, but who is the woman next to him?

    Some people communicated quietly.

    One person saw it and pushed Yezhong: “Hey, Yezhong, isn’t that the person you brought? Why did you run with the kid Yun Zhoujue?”

    Ye regained a glance over there and took a sip of his drink. I brought the person here, so let him do what he wants.” The people next to each other glanced at each other and didn’t continue the topic.

    “Hey, this wine is good! Ye Zhong, come and taste it.”

    Ye Zhong took the wine and said after taking a sip: “It’s really good.”

    Yun Zhoujie glanced around, but didn’t see the person before. . He looked down at his watch, stopped and asked, “What can I do for you?”

“President Yun, thank you before, if it weren’t for your help, I might…” Zhong Mu gently gritted his teeth, his head Hang down a little, revealing a slender white neck.

    “Even others will choose to save people. I just did what I should.” Yun Zhoujie took a half step back.

    He naturally found the obsession in Zhong Mu’s eyes, and he saw too much of this emotion. I do not want to dwell on it, cloud mustard day and said:. “I still have things go first” ! “And fountain pool, the water flows from top to bottom, shining movingly under the lights.

    Standing beside the fountain pond, Yun Zhoujie and Zhong Mu were at the intersection of the lights. They were even more eye-catching at this moment.

    At the same time, it also sets off the dimness of other places. At least in the light, you can’t see what’s in the dark.

    For example, when I strolled around the back garden, I was standing next to the tree at this time, acting as Chu Qianze for the people eating melons. There is only this fountain pond in the back garden, so Chu Qianze locked it here early in the morning.  

It is obvious that the street lights are evenly distributed, why is there such a bright area?

 Wouldn’t it be dazzling when you stand there and look at each other?

 After observing the lighting arrangement, Chu Qianze returned his sight to the two of them.

He glanced at Zhong Mu: “Really looks like a girl, how did he do it.” Then he put his gaze on Yun Zhoujie and began to think about a question.

It seems that Zhong Mu has always lived in the image of a girl. Does Yun Zhoujie know that Zhong Mu is a boy?

If I thought it was a girl, when I did the actual operation, I found that it was actually bigger than myself…cough cough.

Chu Qianze waved away the theater in his brain, waiting for his opportunity to appear.

Although his identity is an assist, the atmosphere is so good now that the existence of assists is completely redundant.

 In fact, according to Chu Qianze’s own intentions, he didn’t want to get involved.

The two of them are troublesome at first sight, and if they blend in, they might even become troublesome for themselves.

It looks too early, wait a while.

When they are about to end, I will play again, so that the two can spend more time together.

Thinking about this, Chu Qianze took out the chewing gum from his pocket and chewed it on his own.

“If you have anything, you can contact my assistant.” Yun Zhoujie pulled the corner of his clothes back and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Zhong Mu looked anxious.

This is the chance to meet me that I finally found. If I miss it, I don’t know when I will meet next time!

Thinking of this, he took a few steps forward to hold Yun Zhouju again. The ground was originally uneven with pebbles, but now Zhong Mu is still wearing high heels, his feet crooked, and he fell to the side.

Everything happened too suddenly, Yun Zhouju felt a pulling force coming from behind, his body tilted and his center of gravity was unstable, and his whole body fell in the direction of the pulling force.

    Plops-There was a

    loud sound of water, and the two fell into the fountain pool, soaked and embarrassed.

Chu Qianze was taken aback by this development, Zhong Mu himself fell into the water, and by the way, he took Yun Zhoujie with him. Do you still have to play by yourself?

    He glanced at the progress of the plot displayed.

    [Push Zhong Mu into the water. ]


Chu Qianze silently wrapped the chewing gum in paper and threw it into the nearby trash can, and walked out a few steps quickly, with a little care on his face.

    “Are you all okay?”

Yun Zhoujie frowned, no matter who was being pulled, he would not feel any better after passing the cold water in the fountain for no reason.

For a while, his favorability towards Zhong Mu was even lower, and he fell straight to the bottom.

At this moment, Wen Run sounded with some concerned voices, and Yun Zhoujie raised his eyes to look up and put them into the eyes of that person.

It seemed like a long night, mysterious and ruthless.

Looking at it again, I saw that the other person looked at me positively with concern, spreading a hand to me, the bones are distinct, and it seems to be shining under the light.

    “Thank you.” A soft voice sounded, it was not my own, but from the side.

    Yun Zhoujie looked aside, and saw that the man had helped Zhong Mu up.

    “It should.” Chu Qianze retracted his hand and glanced at the progress of the plot.


    Just now Chu Qianze gently pushed Zhong Mu to show that the plot is complete.

    There are two elements to this progress. I pushed Zhong Mu and Zhong Mu fell into the water.

Zhong Mu has fallen into the water, as long as I push him down, even if the progress is complete?

It seems that a bug has been found. This review is quite interesting.

Chu Qianze thought about it, but he noticed that the line of sight had been falling on him. The owner of the line of sight was Yun Zhoujie. At this time, he was still sitting in the fountain.


Chu Qianze stretched out his hand to him: “Can’t you get up? The pool is very cold.”

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