Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 27
Su Hui stopped in his tracks. This was the job that he had just turned down from Lu Junchi yesterday, and now it had come full circle to be presented to him by Director Tan.

“This… is a bit too awkward,” Su Hui thought to himself. He had been about to explain to Director Tan about his previous refusal of Lu Junchi’s offer, but Director Tan was already on a roll.

“As for the person we’ve chosen to protect, I’ve already found a suitable candidate for you within the team. This person is the youngest at our level within the bureau, and has the top physical fitness scores as well as high academic qualifications. He’s also one of the key talents that we’re grooming within the bureau’s younger generation. Moreover, he has previous experience in protecting witnesses, and is highly vigilant and experienced… And, he’s tall and handsome. Many leaders have their eyes on him as a potential son-in-law. I even tried to arrange a match for him, haha, but this young comrade has high standards and hasn’t found anyone suitable yet…”

Su Hui felt a headache coming on as he listened to Director Tan’s words. The more he listened, the more it sounded like he was being introduced to a potential partner for a blind date.

Just as Director Tan was speaking, the doorbell rang. He got up to answer it, saying as he walked, “Oh, by the way, you guys know…”

As he spoke, Su Hui suddenly had a strange feeling. He turned to look, but twisted his waist again and felt a pain, so he didn’t dare move anymore. He listened as Director Tan enthusiastically said, “Come on in, Captain Lu, let’s talk…”

Lu Junchi entered and sat next to Su Hui.

Su Hui could smell the faint scent of mint on Lu Junchi’s body. He remembered his firm refusal yesterday and felt a bit embarrassed.

The atmosphere became awkward for a moment. Su Hui didn’t dare to look up at Lu Junchi and covered his face with his hand while propping up his chin.

Lu Junchi recognized Su Hui just from his back, turned his head to politely greet him, and then nodded lightly at Director Tan.

Director Tan cleared his throat and said to him, “Captain Lu, you should also know Teacher Su. He’s the consultant we’ve found for the Major Crimes Investigation Unit that I told you about.”

Lu Junchi didn’t know why Su Hui had agreed to be a consultant now, but he guessed that Director Tan had persuaded him.

After Su Hui refused yesterday, he thought it was all over.

Now he suddenly heard this news and was quite surprised.

Director Tan continued, “I’ve read the report on the last case you submitted. You two worked together very well.”

Lu Junchi quickly nodded, unable to conceal his joy, “Thank you, Director Tan. I’m very satisfied with this candidate.”

Director Tan added, “Also, as I mentioned to you on the phone before, considering Su Hui’s personal safety, the headquarters will assign a police officer to protect him during his tenure as a consultant for the Major Crimes Unit. The protection period is currently set at about six months, similar to what you did before.”

Lu Junchi nodded. He knew that the job of a profiler was very dangerous, so if someone was willing to come and be a consultant, they would provide security protection. This seemed reasonable.

When Lu Junchi first entered the headquarters, he was assigned a three-month protection job by his superiors. At that time, he was protecting an important witness. He did an excellent job, was alert enough to resolve several crises, and was thus promoted in turn. That’s why he quickly became the head of the heavy case team.

Director Tan took out a witness protection agreement from his desk, “This is the official mission dispatch order. Captain Lu, you take a look at it. The bonus part of the salary will be reflected in your salary, just like before.”

The witness protection in Huadu is divided based on the level and duration of protection. The highest protection level is 24S+, which means around-the-clock protection by at least two people. The protection that Lu Junchi completed last time was 24A+, which means around-the-clock protection by a single person, and there are also 8+ protection during working hours.

This 12A+ is roughly the third level, which requires at least 12 hours of close protection, which means they will have to live together. Now, Lu Junchi finally understood what Director Tan meant when he told him not to renew his lease. It seems that Director Tan had already made plans and wanted to arrange it this way.

Director Tan explained, “Captain Lu, Professor Su has an empty room in his house, and you can move in. The summer vacation is coming up, and he doesn’t have any classes next semester, so he will cooperate well with your work.”

Director Tan’s plan worked well. With this arrangement, the protection time would be enough for twelve hours, and Lu Junchi would feel more at ease with someone living with Su Hui.

Director Tan continued, “Captain Lu, you don’t have to be so nervous. Professor Su is not in immediate danger, and there is no evidence that he will definitely be attacked. I just set the protection level high. What you need to do is to take preventative measures. Work and live normally, just be vigilant of suspicious people or things, and try to make him safer.”

Lu Junchi nodded and asked Director Tan, “When will the specific work start?”

Director Tan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It depends on when Professor Su is available for the consulting work. I calculate the start of the work from the beginning of the month, and it also depends on when there is a case.”

The arc of Su Hui’s reflex is a bit long. He lowered his head and calculated that the beginning of the month is…tomorrow? It sounds urgent…

Then Director Tan continued to speak: “Protective work is also better done sooner rather than later… Your team has just solved the case of the dismembered body. I can give you a day off to recover…”

Lu Junchi understood immediately: “Then I’ll go back and prepare today.” After speaking, he picked up a pen next to him and signed the agreement.

After they finished talking and quickly made an agreement, Su Hui, who had been listening on the side, finally reacted. It seemed like Director Tan had just sold him to the heavy case team…

Lu Junchi went home and packed his things, terminated his lease with the landlord, and soon drove to the downstairs of Su Hui’s home.

He had been to this place once before, so he knew the way well.

Su Hui received his call and came out to open the door for him. At the door, he warned Lu Junchi: “My house hasn’t been cleaned up yet, it’s a bit messy.”

Lu Junchi was prepared and thought of Su Hui’s messy desktop, so he casually replied: “It’s okay, I have a younger brother who always makes a mess at home when I’m not there.”

The door was opened and there was fresh air inside. The smell wasn’t bad and there didn’t seem to be much dust, but everything was just placed randomly, not in the right place. Clothes were spread out on the sofa, books were scattered everywhere, a few empty glasses were placed next to them, and there were various miscellaneous items on the floor, including plastic bags and uncollected delivery boxes, as well as crumpled up paper thrown around.

The only clean thing in the entire room was the huge coffee table in the center, which was stacked with countless small puzzle pieces and nothing else. At this time, the puzzle had just been half completed, and it could be seen that it was completely different from ordinary puzzles, with a circular edge.

Lu Junchi looked around the room, then glanced at Su Hui.

To be fair, Su Hui was good-looking. His skin was fair, his features were handsome, and he had slightly long bangs. He always liked to wear shirts or windbreakers, and his cold and refined temperament gave people the illusion of cleanliness and thoroughness. However, occasionally his tousled clothes and hair made him look a bit unkempt, and one might feel like reaching out to help him straighten up.

Looking at Su Hui’s residence now, Lu Junchi thought to himself that this Mr. Su had already tidied himself up pretty well…

Su Hui had always liked Lu Junchi’s style of doing things and had a good impression of him. He had a mysterious fondness for Lu Junchi and a kind of inexplicable familiarity. He would patiently answer any questions Lu Junchi asked him. He would ask him for help when it rained, and had even had three meals on his dime. When they worked on a case together, they had a tacit understanding.

But that did not mean they were suitable as roommates.

Leaving aside everything else, just in terms of personal habits, Lu Junchi’s desk, car, and even his whole person, as well as his living environment and work habits, were all in perfect order.

However, Su Hui was just the opposite. His life was messy, and he ignored everything as long as it didn’t affect the fundamental issues. He could tolerate anything, and even if he didn’t eat or drink, he would not die.

His sleeping habits were also irregular. When he had no classes, Su Hui often had a disrupted sleep schedule and slept for up to fourteen hours a day.

Now that they were living together, both of them needed to adapt to each other’s lifestyles.

Su Hui coughed a few times, went to the table to fetch his own cup, poured some water, and then pointed to a closed room, “That guest room has never been used, so I’ve been using it as a storage room. You can store things under the bed. There are some clean bedding and pillows in the closet, some of which are new and unopened. Feel free to use them.”

Lu Junchi hesitated for a moment, looked around the chaotic living room, and tentatively asked, “Would you mind if I tidy up a bit?”

He had always respected his roommate’s personal space, but Su Hui’s room was really messy.

Su Hui replied, “Go ahead and clean up. Students will often come and help me organize my things anyway. If you move in, I’ll tell them not to come anymore. Don’t touch my books, my bed, or my puzzles, but everything else is fair game.”

Lu Junchi opened the door to the second bedroom and looked inside. It was not small, and the bed was also a double bed. The environment was better than he had imagined. After estimating the cleaning time, Lu Junchi decided to start by picking up the clothes on the sofa, at least there would be a place to sit.

He asked Su Hui, “Are these clothes clean or dirty?”

Su Hui glanced at them, his eyes a little blurry, and couldn’t tell which one Lu Junchi was holding. “Most of them have only been worn once, so they can still be worn if needed. My students come once every two weeks, and if I don’t clean them up, I’ll send them to the dry cleaners.”

Lu Junchi remembered a saying he had seen online, “If you leave a chair for too long, clothes will grow on it.”

As he picked up the clothes, something suddenly jumped out from underneath.

Lu Junchi saw that it was a cat. The cat had obviously been startled out of its sleep and had its tail and fur puffed up. It arched its back and glared angrily at the stranger who had come into the house.

Aristotle: “Meow…”

Lu Junchi: “…”

Su Hui pointed to the cat’s bed hidden next to the TV cabinet. “Its bed is over there, but it likes to sleep on the sofa. Sometimes I bury it when I put clothes away and don’t notice it.”

Lu Junchi: “…”

What kind of life is this, both for the person and the cat?

In his view, both the human and the feline were living quite difficult lives.

After Su Hui finished speaking, he crouched down and imitated a cat’s meow, waiting for Aristotle to come over. He reached out and petted his fur.

After introducing them, Su Hui said to Lu Junchi, “I’m going to bed now. Let’s talk about everything else tomorrow.”

Lu Junchi looked at the time, it was only nine-thirty in the evening, but Su Hui already looked exhausted. He replied, “Okay, I’ll be careful not to wake you up.”

And thus the cohabitation of the power couple begins.

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