Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 28
Lu Junchi spent a long time cleaning outside before finally bringing the sofa in. Su Hui was sleeping, so he couldn’t use the vacuum cleaner. The cat hair on the sofa was clearly visible, so he had to clean it up with his hands.

Aristotle watched him from a distance, while the little cat stood on end, baring its teeth and claws, very wary, as if ready to bite this outsider at any moment.

When he turned around, he suddenly noticed that the bowl of cat food was empty. He went to the balcony and filled the bowl with some more food.

The little cat watched him warily at first, with its tail still erect. But when the bowl was filled with food, it turned its head to look at him for a moment, unable to resist the temptation of the food. It took small steps and approached him, and when it saw that he was still looking at it, the little cat stretched out its neck and licked its tongue, seeming disdainful of the food.

While he turned his head, the little cat hurriedly buried its head and began to eat. Listening to the sound of the little cat chewing behind him, he knew that the cat had been hungry for a while.

After bribing the resident, Lu Junchi was a little thirsty and decided to take care of himself.

He picked up a cup from the table that looked relatively clean, went to the kitchen to wash it, and then filled it with cold water from the water purifier.

Then he went to the kitchen to take a look and found that there were no fresh vegetables or fruits like in normal households, not even eggs. The most he had were various fast food items. The freezer was filled with frozen dumplings and wontons, some of which were already expired. Perhaps Su Hui was too lazy to cook.

Surprisingly, Lu Junchi managed to find two withered carrots and a sprouted potato from the refrigerator, which had already taken root and sprouted inside the fridge.

Instant noodles came in boxes, as did various kinds of biscuits, cat food, cat litter, and canned meat, all thrown in the corner of the balcony.

Lu Junchi cleared out the expired food from the refrigerator and tied up the garbage bag before placing it at the door. He then walked into the living room with a glass of water and looked at the jigsaw puzzle on the table.

The puzzle was huge, with many pieces, and appeared to be the 1000-piece type. Su Hui had already completed the circular border of the puzzle. Lu Junchi carefully examined it and discovered that the theme was the moon. All the pieces were black and white, and if completed, it would be a huge moon puzzle that would be quite impressive.

Then Lu Junchi walked over to the French window, lifted the corner of the curtain with his hand, and looked outside.

His determined and handsome face was reflected in the French window, and Lu Junchi’s expression was serious.

This was the tenth floor, and the view outside the window was excellent. As long as two more cameras were installed, the environment outside could be observed, capturing everything and keeping it under surveillance. The team had ready-made equipment for this, and Lu Junchi planned to call Qiao Ze over to check the safety and install the necessary equipment. Safety was a top priority, whether at home or in the car.

The neighborhood was quiet, with only a few people around. In the dark of night, the lights outside the window glowed like fireflies, illuminating the entire city.

Although Director Tan spoke casually, Lu Junchi couldn’t take it lightly. He hadn’t done witness protection work in a long time, but he had agreed to protect Su Hui.

This is because there was a case that happened in Huadu…

The victim of the case was Yu Yan, who used to be the number one calligrapher in Huadu.

On the surface, there was no connection between Yu Yan and Lu Junchi. When Lu Junchi joined the police force, Yu Yan had already passed away. However, in reality, there was a hidden connection between Yu Yan and Lu Junchi that outsiders were not aware of.

Lu Junchi’s mother’s surname was Yu, and this Yu Yan was his maternal uncle.

Lu Junchi and Lu Haochu grew up listening to stories told by this uncle, and even chose to become police officers due to his influence.

When Yu Yan was murdered five years ago, Lu Junchi was still studying abroad.

It was winter and there was heavy snowfall when Yu Yan had to go out for something important. After finally managing to hail a cab, he encountered road repairs halfway through the journey and was forced to get out of the car. He was then ambushed and shot by the assailant waiting by the roadside.

He was hit by three bullets, one of which struck his heart, while the other two hit his abdomen. He died without any time for medical assistance or leaving any last words.

At that time, Yu Yan fell in the snow, his left hand covering the wound, and blood quickly flowed out of his body, staining his fingertips and the snowy ground red.

Later, when Lu Junchi rushed back from overseas, he attended Yu Yan’s memorial service. His little uncle lay among the flowers, looking very young.

The police quickly found the killer, who was someone that Yu Yan had personally arrested in the past. The first thing he did after being released from prison was to buy a gun from his former cellmate and then set up an ambush to kill Yu Yan.

Compared to the police who carried out the arrests, the bad guys were more afraid and resentful of the profiler who could see through their hearts and predict their actions.

The killer who murdered Yu Yan was shot and killed on the spot during the police pursuit.

Yu Yan’s death caused a great sensation in the police world. The downfall of this genius profiler was a major loss and regret for the Huadu police, and nearly five years have passed since then.

Lu Junchi still often dreams of Yu Yan. Sometimes, he wonders how much pain and despair Yu Yan must have felt lying in the cold snow at that time.

If he had been in Huadu when Yu Yan was killed, would things have been different?

Perhaps at that time, there was a lack of someone like him by Yu Yan’s side…

Regardless, facing things together is always better than facing them alone.

Less than a year after Yu Yan’s death, four years ago, Director Tan, against popular opinion, established the Behavioral Analysis Unit according to Yu Yan’s wishes. It was precisely because of Yu Yan’s sacrifice that all profilers were anonymously protected, with no one knowing their true names or who would take on their code names in the future.

That small unit of just a few people was once the pride of the entire Huadu Bureau.

It was also during that time that he met that person…

Two whole years of time, from strangers to acquaintances, and even closer.

After that incident, that person seemed to disappear from this world, and they never contacted him again.

But because of these past experiences, every time criminal psychological profiling or the Behavioral Analysis Unit was mentioned, Lu Junchi couldn’t help but argue with Su Hui.

He wanted to defend the organization that his little uncle had sacrificed his life for, and the organization that that person had worked so hard for, even though it only existed for just over two years.

Lu Junchi was willing to protect Su Hui because he had a feeling that Su Hui was similar to his little uncle in some ways.

Lu Junchi even suspected that Su Hui and the mysterious behavioral analysis team had some grievances or connections.

Moonlight, Prophet, and Mockingbird, among which Mockingbird was rumored to be female, and Prophet was more steady.

So Su Hui is most likely the Moonlight.

After drinking a glass of water, Lu Junchi went to the guest room to clean up. It turned out that Su Hui had used it as a storage room. The wall was full of tissue rolls and various consumables. Su Hui seemed to like to hoard goods and buy multiple items of everything.

Lu Junchi found that many of the storage cabinets were empty. He sorted out the things one by one, classified them, and put them where they should be.

After putting away the miscellaneous items, the room was quickly cleaned up.

There were latex pillows and silk quilts in the wardrobe, and Lu Junchi had also brought some bedding.

He welcomed his first night in the new environment.

The next day, Su Hui slept until noon. He opened the door and saw everything was blurry, but he still felt that something was different.

First, the curtains that were always drawn were pulled open, and finally, sunlight streamed in.

A few small green potted plants were placed on the table outside, instantly beautifying the room.

The whole space was no longer messy and cold, it suddenly became soft and bright.

Su Hui carefully looked around, almost unable to recognize his own home. The interior was spotless, except for the jigsaw puzzles and his books on the table, everything else was neatly arranged.

Then his eyes fell on the pen holder on the desk. It seemed like there was something extra inside. He walked closer and saw that it was actually full of pens, with the ink almost full, making them look like new pens.

He turned back to Lu Junchi and asked in surprise, “Did you buy me pens?”

Lu Junchi replied, “No, I found them in your house.”

“So many?” Su Hui exclaimed, “Where did you find them?”

Lu Junchi pointed and said, “Some were in the books, some were in the notebook, some were on the floor, some were stuffed in the sofa cushions, and there were also several behind the cat’s bed.”

The mystery was finally solved. Some were pens Su Hui had forgotten or lost, but apart from those, there was a thief in the house stealing pens.

Su Hui narrowed his eyes and looked at the culprit, Aristotle.

Perhaps it was just his imagination, but Su Hui felt that Aristotle also looked cleaner.

Aristotle started acting cute as if nothing had happened, rolling around on the clean floor, doing a side flip of 360 degrees.

The suspect’s cute act was well executed, and Su Hui’s anger dissipated instantly. He ran his five fingers through Aristotle’s fur and found it had become soft and smooth.

Even the cat had been bathed and was now squeaky clean.

Liu Junchi asked him, “By the way, what do you want to eat? I can order some groceries from the market and have them delivered here.”

Su Hui asked while holding the cat, “Can you cook?”

“Yeah,” Liu Junchi replied naturally, “When I was abroad, I shared an apartment with some classmates, and we cooked for ourselves. I can make some dishes.”

Su Hui said, “I don’t eat much, and I’m not picky. Just make something simple for lunch.”

More than two hours later, Su Hui saw a table full of dishes, and the room was filled with the aroma of food.

Crystal shrimp with peas and broccoli, salt and pepper spare ribs, and a mushroom chicken soup. These dishes weren’t particularly fancy, but they were all homestyle dishes that were not easy to make in such a short time.

Su Hui couldn’t remember the last time he had such a sumptuous meal at home.

For a moment, Su Hui suddenly realized that everything in this room seemed to be different now, just because there was one more person, it had become lively and warm, and he seemed to have gone back to when his parents were still alive.

Seeing him in a daze, Lu Junchi took the initiative to serve him a bowl of chicken soup.

Su Hui then sat down and took a sip of the hot chicken soup, with a thin layer of oil on top, the taste was neither salty nor bland, very fragrant, and much better than takeout.

The principles of stewing chicken soup and making tea are similar. Even if the ingredients, process, and steps are exactly the same, the taste of the chicken soup stewed by different people and the tea brewed by different people will still be different.

Su Hui tasted a familiar flavor in the chicken soup as if he had drunk it somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where or when.

The two of them were eating their meal when Lu Junchi asked him, “I have to go to the General Bureau this afternoon. How do you want to arrange things?”

Su Hui drank the chicken soup calmly and said, “Originally, it was just 12+ guardianship. You don’t have to watch over me 24/7.”

Lu Junchi felt that Su Hui had become a different person when dealing with the case, with a sense of seriousness and responsibility, but this attitude only appeared when he was dealing with the case.

In his daily life, he was carefree, and casual, and took things as they came. If no one was watching him, he could sleep for a few days, or even stay indoors for a long time.

Lu Junchi said, “Ensuring your safety is also one of my responsibilities.”

Su Hui turned to him and said, “Then I’ll go with you. After all, I’ll officially start work in two days.”


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