Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 36
“Mrs. Fu?” Lu Junchi called her again, and Fu Mei finally wiped away the tears from her face. “This is the complete process of what happened that night.”

She worked hard to take care of her son, doted on her husband, and thought of devoting herself to family and children for a lifetime. She finally watched her son get married and have a child.

But what did she get in the end? They took her efforts for granted.

When something happened, she became the sacrifice of the family.

It was her fault. If she had disciplined her son strictly when he showed violent tendencies as a child, he wouldn’t have been so reckless.

If she had stood up for her daughter-in-law the first time her son hit her, maybe things wouldn’t have come to this.

If her daughter-in-law had insisted on divorcing when her son sent her to the hospital for the first time, instead of begging them to reconcile for the sake of the child, maybe everyone’s lives would be better.

Now thinking about it, the seeds of tragedy were planted long ago.

But now, it’s too late for anything.

“Regarding the three robbers, how did you find out?” Lu Junchi continued to ask.

Earlier, Fu Mei mentioned something about what happened at Wen Wen’s house. Lu Junchi had seen Fu Mei’s resume, she had a son named Li Congbo and a daughter named Li Yawen.
Sure enough, Fu Mei spoke up: “Wen Wen is my daughter. I met them over two months ago when I went to my daughter’s house in Qin City. It was a night with heavy traffic, and I arrived at nine o’clock in the evening…”

Fu Mei recalled, “Wenwen lives on the top floor. It was raining that day and I sent a text message to my daughter’s phone saying ‘I’m downstairs, please open the door for me.’ But she didn’t reply. At that moment, a neighbor came in and opened the door for me. I was afraid they would come for nothing, so I sent another message saying, ‘I met the neighbor from across the hall and we came up together.'”

“Then I met three people walking down from upstairs in the hallway. The man at the front was dressed in layers despite the summer heat, with all his skin covered, wearing a hood and a mask, leaving only his eyes visible. I remember he was much taller than me and brushed past me. Behind him was a woman with short hair, very thin, wearing a jumpsuit, and finally a young person who looked underage. I thought they were new neighbors and let them pass in the hallway.”

“They had a strong smell of blood on them, and their facial expressions were particularly strange. I took a few more glances at them. The man turned around and looked at me, and I was immediately frightened and dared not look at them again.”

“When I went upstairs and opened my daughter’s door, I found them tied up and locked in the room, with injuries on their bodies.”

Fu Mei wiped away her tears, “Wenwen told me that they had been robbed, and if I hadn’t arrived just then and come up with the neighbor from across the hall, they would have been killed by those three people. Or maybe if I had arrived earlier or been alone, I might have been caught with them. It was terrifying.”

Obviously, Fu Mei’s arrival ended the robbery process of the three thieves. When she sent the message, the robbers were probably looking at Li Yawen’s phone.

Upon hearing this, Su Hui flipped through the records of similar cases sent from various places, but there was no record of this case.

He asked with a puzzled frown, “Didn’t your daughter and son-in-law call the police?”

I encountered a life-threatening robbery, but didn’t report it, which is a bit strange.

Fu Mei nodded and said, “Later, I hurriedly went to the hospital with them. I mentioned reporting to the police, but my daughter stopped me. My son-in-law also said at the time that we should let it go since nothing serious happened.”

After listening to Fu Mei’s testimony, when Lu Junchi and Su Hui came out, it was already almost the end of the afternoon.

Lu Junchi called Qi Zhengyang and after listening for a few sentences, he frowned and asked, “The physical evidence is conclusive, why hasn’t he confessed yet? Fu Mei has already confessed here. Hmm, just as predicted before. You tell him directly and see how he reacts.”

They had formulated this strategy before entering the hospital room, pretending that Li Congbo had already confessed, and then attacking Fu Mei first. This was also the prisoner’s dilemma that made Fu Mei feel trapped.

Lu Junchi played the good cop while Su Hui played the bad cop, their goal was to elicit a confession from Fu Mei.

Before entering the hospital room, Lu Junchi had instructed Qiao Ze to send him a text message in five minutes.

After hanging up the phone, Su Hui followed Lu Junchi into the car and said, “Captain Lu, your expression management is really good. When you were deceiving Fu Mei just now, I almost believed it because of your reaction.”

Lu Junchi helped him fasten his seat belt and replied, “Professor Su, your acting skills are also good, and you cooperated very well.”

Su Hui put the wand in his hand aside and said, “Honestly, I didn’t expect you to come up with this idea.”

Lu Junchi said, “My interrogation skills were taught by Captain Luo from the city bureau in the past. They all praised Old Luo as a sly old fox.”

Lu Junchi is an honest person, but that doesn’t mean he adheres to the rules and doesn’t know how to be flexible.

Sometimes, when dealing with cunning criminals, it is necessary to use some tricks to make them tell the truth.

Lu Junchi’s actions and words are well controlled and never cross the line.

Su Hui thought of the current case again. Fu Mei was originally an ordinary retired woman, but under the influence of her family, she became an accomplice in the case.

Su Hui looked at Lu Junchi and suddenly said, “Captain Lu, do you know that in criminal psychology, there is a theory called the theory of universal crime?”

Lu Junchi started the car and said, “I’ve never heard of it.”

“It’s just a theory, and there aren’t many related documents. I don’t agree with it, but I think the idea is interesting,” Su Hui explained to him.

“This viewpoint holds that criminal psychology is inherent in human psychology, and everyone is a potential criminal. There are no innocent people. The reason why ordinary people don’t commit crimes is simply because they haven’t encountered the right opportunity. Time, place, and stress can make people evolve into criminals,” Su Hui lowered his head and looked at his hand. “Everyone has a dark side and hidden secrets in their hearts. That means you, me, and every ordinary person have the potential to become thieves, robbers, or murderers under specific conditions or extreme situations.”

“What are the specific conditions?” Lu Junchi asked.

“For example, being imprisoned, threatened, betrayed, misunderstood, feeling hopeless, facing danger, insurmountable difficulties, temptations of money and beauty, the death of loved ones, and loss of ideals…”

Lu Junchi said firmly, “I won’t do it. These are not reasons to commit a crime. No matter what situation we’re in, as long as we remain calm enough, there will always be a way to avoid committing a crime.”

Su Hui often could read the minds of criminals, but Lu Junchi clearly didn’t belong to that group of people.

He couldn’t sense any criminal factors in Lu Junchi.

Now Su Hui understood that people like Lu Junchi would prepare themselves before a crisis. He was rational and clever enough not to put himself in a desperate situation.

As the car passed through an intersection and stopped at a red light, Lu Junchi turned his head, and the setting sun shone on Su Hui’s eyes, making them look extremely beautiful. His pupils seemed lighter than those of ordinary people, like a fine stone, giving off a mysterious feeling.

Lu Junchi was very grateful to Su Hui. Thanks to him, they were able to see through the hidden secrets of this case today; otherwise, they might have gone down the wrong path.

Sometimes Lu Junchi felt that there was an edge to Su Hui, but at other times he felt that it was just his illusion, as Su Hui spent most of his time in a lazy state.

Just like now, after dinner, Su Hui changed into his pajamas, played with a puzzle for a while, and became a bit sleepy. He lay lazily on the sofa with a pillow under his head.

However, Lu Junchi took out his laptop and opened it on the dining table, ready to sort out some files.

Su Hui had only placed a desk on the side of the living room, and he felt a bit embarrassed about using the dining table as a temporary office. He pointed to the desk and said, “You can sit over there when I’m not using it.”

Lu Junchi looked at the desk, which was almost buried under various books, and felt that the books could collapse at any time.

He politely declined, “Thanks, but this is fine.”

Su Hui picked up a puzzle piece and carefully observed it. “Then you could consider getting a swivel chair. It’ll be more comfortable than the dining chair.” He had become increasingly accustomed to having this housemate around.

Lu Junchi made a sound of agreement and saw a call from Qiao Ze on his phone. He gestured to Su Hui to be quiet, but he realized that Su Hui might not be able to see it clearly, so he explained, “I’m going to take a call.”

Su Hui immediately quieted down when Aristotle approached. Su Hui reached out and wrapped his arms around Aristotle’s waist, holding the furry cat in his arms and petting it obediently.

The phone call from Qiao Ze was about the inquiry results of Li Yawen and her husband Xu Hui.

Both of them said that the incident happened two months ago, and there was no major loss at home. They were very anxious at the time and afraid of retaliation from the robbers, so they did not report to the police. They also stayed in a hotel for a period of time.

They could only recognize three of the robbers, and the description of their appearance was similar to Fu Mei’s testimony, but they did not provide any further useful information.

After listening, Lu Junchi frowned and said, “Such an obvious lie?”

To put it bluntly, they really took them as fools for being police officers.

The process of the robbery must have hidden secrets, and the more they refused to speak, the bigger the problem.

Qiao Ze said, “Captain Lu, they are victims. Saying ‘I forgot’ is enough to push us against the wall…”

Lu Junchi said, “Send me the information about this couple. Qin City is not far away, and we can just make a trip there.”

Qiao Ze agreed and quickly sent the information. Lu Junchi had just connected to Su Hui’s printer when Su Hui said to him, “Print me a copy too.”

The dream team pulled a good cop bad cop stitch and solved one case. Now time to move on to the next target. More questions have been answered and connections established. 
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