Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 37
Lu Junchi went to retrieve some information and handed it over to Su Hui, who was lying on the sofa. Su Hui looked at the information, which included some bank statements. The couple had recently sold a house and earned three million yuan, but there was no record of the money leaving their account.

Lu Junchi said, “If they’re afraid of retaliation, calling the police is the safest option. But these two are using it as an excuse not to call the police.” He paused and then asked Su Hui, “Do you think they might have their own motives for not calling the police? Maybe they’re afraid that the tenants will find out someone broke in and the house is not safe?”

If the tenants found out about the attempted murder in the house, and the landlords were eager to sell the property, it would not be in their favor.

But then Lu Junchi shook his head, dismissing his own idea. “Something doesn’t add up. They only regained their freedom when Fu Mei went upstairs that night. At that time, the couple was still traumatized and made the decision not to call the police.”

Selling a house is a big deal, and they might not have even decided to sell the house at that time.

The reason the couple did not call the police must be more complicated than that. During the investigation, they had yet to uncover what had happened that the couple did not want them to know.

Su Hui put down the jigsaw puzzle in his hand and petted the cat with one hand while holding the information with the other. He looked at it for a moment, then said, “Interesting.”

Lu Junchi had not yet noticed what was wrong and asked Su Hui, “What did you find?”

Su Hui replied, “Divorce.”

Only then did Lu Junchi notice that both people on the form were currently single. Looking at the back of the form, he saw that the couple had quickly divorced after selling the house, just a few days ago.

He couldn’t figure it out and frowned, “Strange, divorce too close to the robbery case.”

A couple who had just experienced a dangerous home invasion and didn’t report it was a normal reaction to selling their house afterwards. But divorcing immediately after the hardship was a bit strange.

Taking into account the cooling-off period for divorce, they began the procedures soon after the robbery.

Lu Jun Chi organized his thoughts, “I went through the files of several previous cases sent by other police stations today. Including the one before with Li Yawen, the pattern is almost the same: two incidents at the same location. The perpetrator is a serial offender who selects ordinary residential areas with 2-4 victims. They control the victims and then kill them after some time.”

Su Hui recalled the crime scene photos and added, “They cleaned up thoroughly.”

Lu Jun Chi nodded, “There were cigarette ashes in the trash can, but no cigarette butts were found. They were probably taken away. They ate some ice cream and food, and then washed the dishes. These people are very careful.”

Su Hui placed the form on the coffee table and continued to leisurely stroke Aristotle. He recollected, “Their habit is that before leaving the scene, they turn off the victim’s phone and leave it on the table. They also wipe off the fingerprints on the phone.”

Lu Junchi nodded and said, “The robbers must have tampered with the victims’ phones, and they likely searched through the data. Otherwise, there would be no need to erase fingerprints. Among the robbers, some must have the skills to pick locks, and others are responsible for the investigation and lookout. Unlike typical burglars who target empty houses, they specifically choose victims who are at home. Several households lost their bank cards, had their PIN codes extracted, and were subsequently robbed. Although they broke into homes, no precious items such as jewelry or valuable goods were stolen.”

“These are strange robbers. Their motives for killing, methods of killing, and choice of victims all indicate a peculiar and inexplicable behavior that is completely irrational.”

Su Hui asked, “Has there been any progress in identifying the robbers?”

“I have already instructed my team to conduct extensive searches, particularly focusing on ex-convicts who have been released from prison. First, we need to confirm the names and identities of these three robbers,” replied Lu Junchi.

After thinking for a while, Su Hui could not explain the strange behavior of the robbers. He suggested, “Why don’t we go and ask Li Yawen in person tomorrow?”

Lu Junchi considered the idea. Instead of sending subordinates who might end up empty-handed, it would be better for him to go himself. However, he was still concerned about Su Hui’s health and asked, “Can your waist handle the trip?”

*TN: Out of context this sounds very…uhm… risqué(google that if you don’t know the meaning)

When he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor advised him not to sit for long periods recently.

Su Hui turned over and changed from lying flat on the sofa to lying on his side. He was too thin, and the bones in his wrists protruded noticeably. The indoor light shone on his cheeks, making them look like fine jade.

Su Hui’s fingers were pale and slender. At this moment, they were buried in Aristotle’s fur. He spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “I’ll wear a waist brace.”

Lu Junchi nodded and added, “If we are going to Qin City tomorrow, we need to get up early.”

“Then I’ll rest early,” Su Hui said. He seemed very eager to go, sat up straight, lazily pushed Aristotle aside, and walked into the bedroom. Aristotle was comfortable being petted by him and protested a little when pushed away, meowing twice.

Lu Junchi wanted to reorganize the characteristics of the previous case files, so he opened the files one by one and reviewed them. He then arranged tomorrow’s work for his subordinates.

Unknowingly, he had been busy for more than two hours, and it was now late at night. Lu Junchi stretched and realized it was time for him to rest.

Suddenly, a soft meow came from the sofa.

Lu Junchi turned his head and saw Aristotle pacing on the sofa, seeming unhappy that his paradise had been moved.

Lu Junchi looked into Su Hui’s room, which was still quiet, and then looked at the furry little creature. Aristotle the cat tilted her head and looked at him with big eyes.

Suddenly, Lu Junchi had an idea, took a few steps and sat on the sofa.

He confirmed that there was still no movement in Su Hui’s room and reached out to pick up the cat, whispering to her, “Little kitty, are you Aristotle?”

Aristotle blinked at him and then meowed, revealing a sharp tooth.

Aristotle followed Su Hui and had a laid-back personality. He could endure without food or drink, but the only thing he hated in his life was taking a bath.

Now being held by Lu Junchi, Aristotle remembered the unpleasant experience of being thrown into water, being scrubbed with shampoo, and having his tangled fur combed out. The feeling was just too exhilarating.

Thinking back to this, the little cat exerted all its strength to resist and struggled desperately, trying to escape Lu Junchi’s “claws”.

However, Lu Junchi was not willing to let it go so easily. He held it in his arms and stroked its fur, whispering softly, “Do you know who’s been feeding you recently? Who’s been changing your litter box?”

Su Hui’s free-range method was basically to let Aristotle go hungry and then feed him until he was full. It wasn’t until Lu Junchi moved in that the cat received regular meals. And when Lu Junchi first moved in, this cat hadn’t been washed in who knows how long. Its fur was tangled and it was being kept like a stray cat.

Now Su Hui has entrusted everything to Lu Junchi and even gave him the task of picking up the cat food delivery, while he just focuses on playing with the cat.

Lu Junchi was busy with all the tasks but surprisingly the cat still resisted his actions.

Since Lu Junchi wanted to have a peaceful coexistence with Aristotle, he tried to recall Su Hui’s gentle movements when he was petting the cat on the sofa and imitated them.

Whenever Aristotle tried to run away, Lu Junchi grabbed it and held it tight.

He buried his face in the soft, clean fur of the cat and enjoyed the smell of lemon-scented pet cleaner.

However, Aristotle became more and more resistant, arching its back, fluffing its fur, and meowing.

Lu Junchi tried to coax the cat and promised to give it a can of food as a reward. He also told it not to bite, accusing it of being hypocritical.

While they were playing, Su Hui suddenly appeared with a glass of water, and Lu Junchi immediately straightened up, put Aristotle aside, and pretended to be reading his phone.

Aristotle was confused by Lu Junchi’s behavior and wondered why he suddenly changed his attitude.

Lu Junchi kept his calm and acted as if nothing had happened. He couldn’t believe he was playing with a cat and trying to get along with it. He thought such behavior was out of character for a serious, clean, and celibate police officer like himself.

Su Hui walked past them and told Lu Junchi that he hadn’t heard anything, but Lu Junchi felt embarrassed and wondered if he was pretending not to hear or see things.

He recalled how he sang in the shower and watched movies in his spare time and felt like he had lost all his social skills.

Author’s note:

Lu Junchi: Professor Su, don’t you know that your bathroom glass is see-through?

Su Hui: I can’t see clearly even if I try, but…

Lu Junchi: … (has a bad feeling)

Su Hui lowers his voice: You have a nice “mermaid line” and sing well.

Aristotle reminds me of my kitten, Suga, he’s a tyrant. He would rather go hungry and sleep outside than let anyone touch him. Any time someone tries to approach him he’s possessed by Usain Bolt. You just see an orange streak and to make matters worse, he’s the same color as our floor tiles so he can basically camouflage. I’m so disappointed in him *hing* If I can’t pet the cat then what’s the point of being a poop-shoveling officer. #aggrievedcat.jpg.#


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