Devil Chapter 59


Chapter 59 : 新家

[ New Home ]

The sky was already very dark, but there were almost no street lights outside, only the eyes of the demons occasionally flashing in the dark to remind them that they were here.

Ji Huan smelled the rotten smell.

With the help of the headlights, he found that there was a lot of garbage outside on the roadside, which was full of countless hills. There were many demons rummaging through the garbage and picking it up. Noticing that there was a car coming, those demons fly and escape quickly into the dark shadows. 

Ji Huan immediately felt the sense of being watched from all sides.

“пнЭсвф!” The driver at the front cursed.

Due to too much garbage, their car finally couldn’t move anymore.

Just as Ji Huan was looking out to survey the road. Suddenly——

Followed by a bang sound, a phantom suddenly hit the window glass next to him. The power of the phantom was so great that the window glass shattered in response to the sound. Everything happened really fast, Ji Huan had no time to react. The next second, a golden shadow flashed, but the brawny blond man who was originally sitting in the driver’s seat suddenly teleported to the window near the car!

The palm-leaf fan fiercely slapped over. Ji Huan heard the ‘Pa!’ sound, the phantom that suddenly attacked him had been slapped to the ground by him!

“φ!” Without even looking at the demon he had slapped away. The blond man utterly discomfited as he cursed furiously and he immediately pulled out …a roll of transparent tape from his pocket? 

He crudely taped the broken glass with the scotch tape. 

Over his shoulder, Ji Huan looked towards the magical creatures on the ground that he had knocked down: That was a very petite demon. He looked about the same size as a human child of three or four years old. He was draped in a tattered gray cloak, lying motionless on the garbage on the roadside. Just when Ji Huan thought he was either seriously injured or dead, the demon suddenly jumped up, spitting a mouthful of blood, he quickly picked up something from the ground. Immediately after that, his figure quickly disappeared from the spot.

Lowering his head to look at Hei Dan, Ji Huan then found out that the candy which originally grabbed in the small claws of Hei Dan was no longer there. 

Just now that demon suddenly came over to attack him, it was actually only to rob a candy?

Ji Huan was stunned.

Hei Dan also realized that his “toy” was gone, Ji Huan was looking at the little guy’s white ring eyes that began to look around, then he hurriedly stuffed a piece of candy on his palm again. 

“φ!!!” The blond man cursed a few more times outside. Ji Huan didn’t know if the slap was too powerful, after that, the black shadows that were lurking around disappeared.

Perhaps it did not disappear, but at least Ji Huan had not been attacked again.

Quickly reminding Grandpa to hold tightly the seat in front of him, Ji Huan then tied Hei Dan again to his chest in the baby pocket: Previously in order to make Hei Dan feel more comfortable, Ji Huan had already untied it. 

Just at the time Ji Huan finished doing all these things, the blond man suddenly walked to the back part of the car and shouted.

“He said to fasten the seat belt.” Ah Jin translated it for him, sitting beside him. 

Immediately after that, without waiting for Ji Huan to react, the car suddenly hung in the air.

From the suddenly raised field of view, Ji Huan still discovered this thing, as he was surprised and looked down, he could not see the blond man’s figure. However, now this has happened …

The car was lifted up by the blonde driver —— Although this idea sounded inconceivable, it was the most fitting description of the current situation that Ji Huan could think of at the moment. 

Looking around at his surroundings in panic, in a great rush, Ji Huan finally found the greasy seat belt beside him to tether himself.

The next second, Ji Huan felt his buttocks left the seat slightly ——

The scenery around him quickly left his field of vision. Ji Huan was frightened as he found himself flying!

No! It wasn’t him that flew, it was the whole car that flew!

The blond man had actually thrown the minivan they were riding in -——

“Grandpa, fasten your seat belt …!” Drily, Ji Huan only had time to say such a sentence.

Both of his hands clinging to the chair in front of him, Ji Huan’s entire body stiffened while he waited for the moment of landing.

However, not waiting for the minivan to hit the ground, not too long, just before they began to fall, Ji Huan then felt a huge push in the direction of the car’s buttocks again.

The driver probably pushed the car again —— he thought.

For the next moment, the car they were riding in flew through the night sky, looking like it was driving through the air!

Whenever the driving force was about to disappear, not knowing where the driver was behind the back part of the car made it up. The ‘flying’ speed of the car was quite fast, even faster than before. Repeatedly over and over for several times, before the car fell down again, Ji Huan did not feel the driving force from behind. Just when the car was about to fall to the ground, the ‘go down process’ suddenly stopped.

Like being caught steadily from the air, the next second, Ji Huan felt himself and the car was thrown to the ground.

The blonde driver then suddenly emerged from the air next to him. He walked to the front of the driver’s seat, opened the car’s door and restarted the car.

Squinting his eyes and letting himself adapt to the current situation, Ji Huan once again looked at the scenery outside the car window. Only then he realized that there was actually a road around.

When he looked backwards and saw the high and low garbage hills, he realized that the garbage hills that made their car couldn’t pass through before, had been thrown and left behind them.

No wonder the other taxi drivers refused to come here before —— At this moment, Ji Huan suddenly felt he probably knew why.

Compared to the overwhelming stench of garbage mountain just now, the place they are walking now was much more normal, at least there were street lights, although most of them were out, but Ji Huan at least could see the surrounding scenery clearly.

Along the sides of the road were the very short houses, very shabby and also very simple. There was not even a single passerby on the road, when the car passed in front of the doors of these houses, Ji Huan felt the feeling of being watched.

The brightly colored ads were posted everywhere. The text on the ads, almost none of it was recognized by Ji Huan. The car was driving fast, so before he could see anything clearly, the car had already driven past this district.

They passed through several districts. Each district gave an exceedingly different feeling. They even passed by an extremely lively area, like a metropolis city in human society, feasting and pleasure-seeking, happy laughters and cheerful voices, that was the most lively place Ji Huan had ever seen for today!

But they were just passing by, the blonde driver didn’t even mean to pass through it at all. He quickly turned to go to the other areas from the next alley.

“ⅦδυЙШξ?” Just as Ji Huan was concentrating on surveying the surroundings, the driver’s voice suddenly came from the front.

“ξДСΥΤΣымьιАП.” Ah Jin answered him.

Ji Huan guessed that the driver supposedly checked the house number with Ah Jin.

He presently got a little nervous: if his guess was correct, the destination of their trip was finally coming up as well.

The place where Ah Jin said he would give them a future home was coming up.

The situation in the few neighborhoods they had just passed, Ji Huan took it all in his heart. This made Ji Huan feel extremely worried about their future living situation.

What will Ah Jin’s house be like? Will it be an exquisite oriental courtyard like the one in Bade Town before?

But this place should not be possible.

Then … will it be the kind of shabby little house that he just saw now? Ji Huan didn’t mind living in a shabby place, but the public security didn’t look very safe… 

Or would it be in an apartment on the same lively block as the one they just passed by?

Trembling with fear, Ji Huan found himself in a car that drove into a small alley with dim street lights. The surrounding houses were very peculiar in shape, but not luxurious nor shabby.Compared with the previous houses they had seen along the way, it was extraordinarily normal.

Ji Huan saw the metal sign hanging on the wall. The half-used metal sign had the words “ымь” written on it in fancy characters. 

Yefar Street—— if Ji Huan had known more words, he would have known what these three letters stood for.

The small street that appeared within the field of view of Ji Huan at the moment was not wide, nor was it new. The buildings around it were half new and also not quite old, it looked nothing special. However, this very peaceful and harmless-looking street was one of the ten most famous streets in this world.

The top ten famous streets in this world – Third place: Yefar Street.

Line above it, Youlebi Street and ‘Small Forest’ Street had one of the most beautiful mountain and sea wonders in the world where you could enjoy the five seasons in one street. The other one was said to be the place where the demon king died, the street was stained with the blood of the most powerful demons. Even until now, it was still a pilgrimage place for demons who are thirsty for power.

Yefar Street, on the other hand, had nothing.

It didn’t have the beautiful scenery and the historical sites, Yefar Street had only this world’s greatest “malice”.

This small street in the most deserted area of the world had given birth to the world’s most vicious criminals over the centuries.  Without resources, they themselves were the only “commodity”, they sold their “labor” to the whole world.

It has been said by people that if one day Yefar Street will be blown up, In that case, the person who threw the weapon could get one third of the money offered from the total amount of bounty criminals in the whole world.

This was the darkest block (between streets) in this world.

And now Ji Huan was standing on this street. After the settlement of the final payment was done, the blond driver left a piece of paper and drove away quickly. The silent street was now only Ji Huan and his group.

“This is where we’ll live from now on?” Stepping out of the car, looking at the black door with exquisite decorative patterns carved in front of him, Ji Huan was dumbfounded. 

“Hn, from now on, this is your home.” Ah Jin came from behind, smiling and took out a set of keys from his arms and put them into Ji Huan’s palm: “Open the door and take a look!”

After he glanced at Ah Jin, Ji Huan picked up the keys in his hand, aligning it with the keyhole, he opened the door. 

Accompanied with a “creaking” sound, the gate opened.

Inside the gate was a small overgrown yard. There was nothing but grass, but that was what made it so good! Ji Huan had already seen a place where a greenhouse could be built in the future! He even helped Xiao Bai find a very suitable place to build a nest! 

There was also a small two-floors building in the yard.

The outer wall was completely covered with vines but after opening the door with the key, Ji Huan saw a very normal house.

The walls and floors were all wooden and it seemed comfortable to walk on it …

Ji Huan placed the heavy luggage on the floor inside the house.

“Can I … start cleaning?” Turning around, Ji Huan cautiously asked Ah Jin’s opinion.

Ah Jin nodded gently.

Seeing that he agreed, only then Ji Huan moved. He took out the most worn out T-shirt from his bag and fetched a bucket of murky water from the well in the courtyard and began to clean up.

He moved very quickly. In a short time the first floor was generally cleaned up. He gave the cleaner bedroom to Ah Jin. The three of Ji Huan’s family members temporarily stayed in the smaller bedroom next door. He also cooked a pot of rice with the food they brought. After having a simple dinner, Ji Huan and Grandpa simultaneously lay down together on the big musty bed, with Hei Dan lying between the two of them, sneezing from the musty smell.

Ji Huan whispered to Grandpa about everything he had seen: he talked about the car in the air that the driver kept knocking over, about the various neighborhoods he had seen on his way here and about the two-story house that they were here right now … In the end, he told Grandpa about the purple moon that now could be seen outside the window.

Grandpa fell asleep in a daze. His injuries were not yet fully healed. Following Ji Huan all the way around seriously was more than he could physically handle. Not long after being put to bed by Ji Huan, Grandpa fell asleep. 

Gently patting Hei Dan’s back, Ji Huan stared at the purple moon outside the window, thinking about his future life, his gaze became more and more determined.

The author has something to say:

Yefar ( Yefaer in Chinese. It could be read as Yefal / Yefar, Yefale, etc) is probably similar to the black star where the afterlife doesn’t exist, that kind of place ~! 

Uh … the story finally reached this part, the process description is relatively in detail, for the purpose to let everyone to see clearly the surrounding scenery ~

Ah Jin’s property, four rooms and two bathrooms, there is also a well!

By being together, the very happy Ji Huan family >

Hei Dan who love reading books.


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