Devil Chapter 60.2


Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60 :矮个子魔物

(Short Monster) 

“This place has meat the most, it’s not expensive and it’s all hunted early in the morning, fresh from the desert in the south so you don’t need to worry whether the meat is fresh or not.” Ah Jin’s voice came to his ears once more. 

Ji Huan carefully observed the “goods” on the stall and found that the most common was a kind of beast with sharp teeth and claws that looked a bit like a wolf. In order to distinguish it from the beasts in the human world, he decided to call it a magical beast.

Besides the wolf-type beasts that were everywhere, Ji Huan also saw a snail-like beast. It was a mollusk that looked like a snail, only the body type could be compared with a goat, with an entire body pink in color and sticky liquid which was extremely disgusting to look at.

“Oh! It’s a Karlterra, usually it lives deep in the sand and is rare to see.” Taking a look at the magical beast, Ah Jin said.

[Tl confused: 卡尔特拉: Karlterra or Karltra? Which one is good? ]

The magical beast named Karlterra was actually especially popular. Ji Huan only looked at it twice before it was bought.

“Within the body of Karlterra contains a lot of water and its meat and blood can almost be used as a substitute for drinking water, so it is very popular.” As if sensing Ji Huan’s confusion, Ah Jin immediately explained it to him. 

Next, they passed by the stalls selling water. There were only two stalls selling water in the whole market, two stalls next to each other, each with a long queue in front of them. Some with only buckets in their hands, while others were carrying prey in addition to the buckets.

“Is the water … very scarce here?” Thinking of the water he used up while cleaning, Ji Huan was baffled.

“Hn, it’s very scarce. Water is the most expensive food here.” Ah Jin gave him a certain answer.

They continued walking forward.

Just as Ah Jin had described, the most popular ‘commodity’ here was still ‘meat’. From the beginning to the end, Ji Huan only saw a small handful of green vegetables offered for sale at one stall.

The goods were not carefully selected for the quality, they were just what they were when they were hunted. It was also the way it was put on the stall. Water was so precious that no one would use it to clean the prey so that the whole market’s outward appearance was in a very bad state.

Ji Huan also noticed : In addition to the stalls of people living on both sides of the lane, there were also people who set up the stalls in the middle of the road. These stalls usually contained only one or two heads of goods in it. Occasionally, there were good hunting trophies. However, most of them were rather shabby and miserable. 

These types would be considered as ‘the temporary stalls’.

Among one of these stalls, Ji Huan saw the demon that had attacked him last night.

At the very beginning, Ji Huan didn’t notice him. The demons were naturally good at hiding and everyone here seemed to be especially good at it. Even the stall owner had a weak presence, unless someone inquired about the goods, their presence was infinitely close to zero.

Ji Huan didn’t notice this small and unremarkable stall at first. Blended in among the temporary stalls, it was even more shabby and miserable than the other temporary stalls around it. This stall didn’t even have a curtain, just a circle drawn on the ground with stones. Inside the circle there were few pathetic ‘goods’ displayed. 

One item was a rat-sized magical beast, while the other was a bar of green candy. 

Having been trained by Hei Dan, Ji Huan was very sensitive to the green color. In the midst of the grey and brown, the green somehow caught his eye.

Surprised, Ji Huan looked over to where the stall owner was. Sure enough, he saw that grey shadow.

Crouching noiselessly there, the small demon was only a fifth of the size of the surrounding demons.

But it could have been because the body type was small ; the body type of a demon and its age did not necessarily equate.

But Ji Huan eventually squatted down.

Crouching down opposite the diminutive demon, he looked at the green candy. The brand name on it was familiar; it was precisely one of the candies he had bought for Hei Dan. 

Going through a night and a morning of tossing and turning, not knowing if it was because it had been in the sun, that piece of candy had started to melt.

Ji Huan looked at the demon across from him and wondered if the demon had recognized him, but the other party didn’t say a word.

Without a trace of shyness by selling the stolen goods, he remained crouched there, motionless.

After watching him for a while, Ji Huan stood up.

There was no point in stalling with the other man. The time was getting late, since Ah Jin had already shown him around, so they had to get their shopping done and go back.

Just as he was ‘buying meat’ at the next stall, there was a sudden noise where he had just walked.Ji Huan turned his head and saw that the noise was coming from the very spot where he had just been squatting.

That was the stall of the diminutive demon!

Carrying the meat he had just bought, Ji Huan went over and saw a tall demon covered in cloaked fighting with the shorter one.

The reason for the fight, he understood with just a glance: the tall demon seemed to have taken a fancy to the candy, but instead of paying for it, he wanted to walk away with it for nothing.

The reason for the fight, he immediately understood: the tall creature 

Of course the short creature was unwilling. 

He jumped up and firmly grasped the taller demon. He was very fierce and with one bite from him, the tall creature was furious.

The fight between the monster ended rather quickly, the tall and big demon only swung his arm and the shorter demon was swung to the ground by him. The candy naturally fell into the hands of the tall one, but before he left he dropped a sparkling object, which Ji Huan thought was probably the money.

Ji Huan didn’t know how much a ‘shiny crystal’ was worth but looking around that no one was picking it up at all, he knew it was not worth much. The commotion came and ended as quickly as it came. The demons quickly dispersed and those who set up stalls continued to set up stalls and those who bought things continued to buy things.

It was against the rules of the trade to take things by force, but it was always a truth here that the weak had no right to own anything. No one paid any attention to the bitter experience that happened to the short and small creature.

The short and small creature was likened to a broken pocket, lying still in the mud for a while, just when Ji Huan thought he was done for this time, he got up again.

He quickly picked up the ‘rat’ from its original ‘stall’. Immediately afterwards, he went back to the mud next to it and felt around. After poking around for most of the day, he found the coin that the tall man had left behind.

Without wiping it, he slipped the money into his pocket.

Then he re-drew a new circle on the ground using his paws and threw the ‘rat’ in it. He continued to set up his vendor’s stall on the street. 

Ji Huan tugged on Ah Jin and led him to the small fellow demon’s stall. He asked Ah Jin to pay for ‘the rat’.

This time Jin paid with not gold coins, but the same ‘shiny crystals’ as everyone else in this place. After paying for three in total, the short and small creature’s only item was in their hands.

The small fellow demon who had received the payment immediately left. Ji Huan, carrying the ‘rat’, watched as he silently walked to the water stall and lined up. When it was his turn, he took the four ‘shiny crystals’ out of his pocket and received a bottle of water the size of a cap.

Gulping the water down in one gulp, the small fellow demon left without even looking back. 

“Everyone here grew up like that. Let’s go!” Standing next to Ji Huan and whispering to him, Ah Jin turned and left.

Thus, is this how Ah Jin had grown up too?

In a daze, Ji Huan was distracted for a moment, he immediately chased after Ah Jin who was ahead of him.

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